Australian Court Allows Muslim Terrorist to Avoid Prison Time


White judges are too trusting.

The Australian

A Melbourne pizza maker who sponsored a Jabhat al-Nusra fighter in the Syrian war has been spared a jail term after pleading guilty to terror offences.

Hassan El Sabsabi, a 25-year-old who provided a foreign jihadist with payments totalling nearly $16,000 to fight against the Assad regime, today walked free from the Victorian Supreme Court with a two-year, community corrections order.

The sentencing judge, Justice Lex Lasry, said if not for El Sabsabi’s guilty plea, he would have been sent to jail to three years. As part of his punishment, El Sabsabi is required perform 252 hours of unpaid community work.

The non-custodial sentence is the culmination of a covert, seven month investigation by the Australian Federal Police which involved extensive electronic surveillance of El Sabsabi, his wife and an American jihadist named Abdellah Karram.

Karram, who travelled to Syria to fight with the Al Qa’ida spin-off group prior the establishment of Islamic State, communicated regularly with his sponsor and sent him gruesome pictures from the battlefield.

El Sabsabi made 11 separate payments to Karram between July 2013 and September last year, when he was arrested by federal police. In a recorded conversation with Karram in December 2013, he spoke wistfully of joining the Syrian war himself, killing non-believers and perhaps becoming a martyr.

Counsel for El Sabsabi, Stewart Bayles, told last year’s pre-sentence hearing his client did not hold extremist or anti-Australian beliefs, that he had been misguided by a naive infatuation with Karram and he now realised he had been an idiot.

El Sabsabi pleaded guilty to two counts of funding terrorism, a federal charge which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years jail. The prosecution asked for a lengthy prison sentence to deter others from funding terrorist activities.

Justice Lasry said he was troubled by a letter that El Sabsabi wrote to the court in which he appeared to consider himself victim of circumstance instead of taking full responsibility for his “foolish and potentially very dangerous offending.’’

However, the judge said that in the two years since El Sabsabi’s arrest, it was “acceptably clear’’ that his rehabilitation was well advanced.

“In my opinion it would not only be counter production to you but also to the community to return you to custody because, in all likelihood, it would set back your rehabilitative process,’’ Justice Lasry said.

Where’s the deportation order, Judge?

7 thoughts on “Australian Court Allows Muslim Terrorist to Avoid Prison Time

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  2. Victoria is run by what you Yanks would call a liberal (small L) State Premier (Labor Party in Australia…the Socialists, mostly closeted Greens and light-fingered Unionists). Victoria has a huge and still worsening problem with African invaders such that they are trying to make Police turn a blind eye to it because, well we can’t have Blackie looking bad can we…that would be racis’. We all know a good one after all.

  3. Believe it or not. I read in the reliable MSM Daily Telegraph a few days ago that Africans living in Victoria (where Melbourne is) are actually sending their kids to private boarding schools in AFRICA because of the (mostly unreported) crime wave of black violence in Victoria, Australia. Source – Journalist and right wing MSM radio personality Ray Hadley who swears this is a true story.

    Soft cock Australia is going down the gurgler.

    • I try to bring in stories from around the world, although my focus is the U.S. A cop was shot in the head in Denmark (a dog handler), but the cops are mum on who the arrested suspect is. I’ll hold that story back a day or so to see if I can get some confirmation that it was a Muslim. If I don’t get confirmation, I’ll post anyway and call him a Muslim and dare a liberal to prove otherwise.

      The point is, it’s a struggle to get the truth out anywhere in the West now.

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