American Tourist Gang Raped in Savage Attack at Resort Hotel in India “after being given drug-laced drink”


I’m not going to say anything bad about Hindus here. Rather, this post is a warning to Western women about the dangers of traveling to other countries.

Don’t expect the males in many nonwhite countries to treat you with the same respect that white men show you. You might even be gang raped.

The Sun

AN American woman was drugged and gang-raped in a five-star Indian hotel with one of the suspects her tour guide, it has been alleged.

New Delhi police confirmed they are investigating the horror attack against the tourist, aged in her early thirties, back in April.

She is believed to have been part of a tourist group when the alleged assault took place in her hotel room.

Police spokesman Dependra Pathak told CNN: “She says she was given something to drink that was spiked.

“When she gained consciousness, she knew she had been violated.”

Investigators in the Indian capital confirmed they have already brought a suspect in for questioning.

He is alleged to have worked for a popular global tour company the victim was travelling with.

The man denies the allegations, which are said to have taken place at a plush hotel in a popular tourist district of the city.

Pathak added: “Details are still fuzzy. We are hoping she can come here and testify in front of a magistrate.

“We have already reached the main person accused and he has agreed to join the investigation and testify.

“Such cases are deeply troubling. We are looking at all the angles and seeking expert and legal advice as well.”

Responding to the allegations Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj urged police to “register a case and bring the guilty to book.”

She added: “I have also asked Indian Ambassador in US to contact the victim and assure her that we will not spare the guilty.”

Perhaps after hundreds of years of British rule, the Asian Indians understand at least part of the Western ideal of the rule of law.

India, according to this story, is not going to allow the rapists off the hook. Indeed, in recent years there have been cases in which Hindu villagers lynch rapists. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not a bad idea.


8 thoughts on “American Tourist Gang Raped in Savage Attack at Resort Hotel in India “after being given drug-laced drink”

  1. The left loves helping shitskins gang rape Western women
    Sometimes that’s by inviting shitskins into the West
    Sometimes that’s covering up the crimes of shitskins
    Sometimes it’s getting Western women to visit 3rd world shitskin-a-stans without armed White men riding shotgun

  2. Well at least the Indians have some compassion, unlike many within the so-called movement of WN, which anyone with a brain knows is bullshyte.

    Daily Stormer is affililiated with 8 chan, which used to be 4 chan. Anyway, turds with dicks post pictures of naked white women there. There is a link to a 25 year old mom of two using the bathroom: There are also links to her being gang-banged, which I suspect was an incident where she was ‘set up’. Probably a bitter ex laced her drink and then tag teamed her with his friend.

    What the hell? These losers install cameras in these women’s bathrooms? Do not these men have jobs or hobbies?

    We can learn from the Indians

  3. The White-Man’s Burden was a fools errand, but at least the Europeans, in this case the British, kept the untermensch in line everywhere they went.

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