Wife of Missouri’s Governor-Elect Robbed at Gunpoint: 3 Black Teens Arrested

The spouse of Republican governor-elect Eric Greitens was robbed at gunpoint Monday night, not far from her home.

It’s unfortunate that the victim was not the wife of a high ranking Democrat. Let those who have been the softest on crime suffer the most.

Greitens surely understands just how close to being murdered for her cell phone and lap top his wife was. It may make him a little more eager to keep the citizens of Missouri safe from the black attack.

ST. LOUIS — Missouri Governor-elect Eric Greitens said on Facebook Monday night that his wife was a victim of a robbery at gunpoint not far from their home.

“She is safe—but shaken. We are grateful for the men and women of law enforcement. Their response was swift and skilled, and we thank God for their presence tonight,” said Greitens in the post.

Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis, said in an incident summary that the wife of the governor-elect had just left a restaurant, and was seated inside her vehicle in the parking lot looking at her cellphone when her car door was suddenly opened.

“The suspect pointed a gun at the victim and demanded her property. The victim complied and gave the suspect her laptop and cellphone. The victim then observed several black males running from the scene,” the statement read.

Police were called to the scene. Further investigation revealed another vehicle on the parking lot had been broken into, and a cellphone was taken.

Police said that the male victim in that case began to track his cellphone, which led officers to the suspects. Three males are in custody, and ages are 14, 15, and 19, according to police.

Greitens, a Republican, is to take over for term-limited Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon on Jan. 9.

The photos I’ve seen of Sheena and Eric sometimes show two young children. Both children are pictured below with mom and dad.

God or luck or whatever you want to call it was with Sheena. The kids will grow up having a mother.

Dad has quite a resume:


Eric Robert Greitens (born April 10, 1974) is an American politician, author, humanitarian, former Navy SEAL, and the Governor-elect of the state of Missouri.[2] Greitens is the former president and founder of The Mission Continues, a nonprofit organization for veterans.[3] In 2013, Time Magazine listed him on its list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World,[4] and in 2014 Fortune Magazine listed him as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders.[5]

3 thoughts on “Wife of Missouri’s Governor-Elect Robbed at Gunpoint: 3 Black Teens Arrested

  1. “parking lot looking at her cellphone when her car door was suddenly opened. “.
    1. Parking lot – dangerous at night especially and more so if Coons live nearby or if any of their favorite fast food shops are nearby, or malt Liquor outlets, or pawn shops.
    2. Looking at cellphone, everybody does it, but is a vulnerable and dangerous distraction.
    3. Door suddenly opened, my guess it was not locked. Unwise if niggers have access to the parking lot.

    In summary, check the cellphone while inside the restaurant. Go to the car and get the hell away form teenage niggers. If they open your car door, shoot them. But you must lock the doors to allow this shooting to be legal.

    The wife of a Governor elect in a nigger state should be Coon aware.

  2. I am sure that this nice evil YT couple with their 2.5 kids will be hearty advocates for the evil white man’s agenda and interests. Anyone want to place a bet that they will issue a statement forgiving the poor, down-trodden negroes who terrorized them? After all, the groes were just clownin.

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