Texas A&M Explodes in Outrage Over Richard Spencer Speech Tonight


The Red Ice streaming video originally embedded was a disaster and has been removed by Red Ice.

Tweets from anti-Spencer lefties are dominating Twitter tonight. I’ve responded to 8 or so and reported a Rabbi to Twitter for encouraging others to beat up Spencer.

IB Times

With protestors for both sides engulfing the campus, white nationalist and “alt-right” movement leader Richard Spencer has been scheduled to speak at Texas A&M University Tuesday night in College Station, Texas.

Spencer, who recently gained national attention both for his speech at the National Policy Institute’s national conference in Washington, D.C., last month and the Nazi salutes in the crowd that followed, is a journalist, writer and founder of ultra-conservative website AlternativeRight.com. His pending presence on the Texas campus has sparked protests both for and against his views. He was slated to speak at the school’s Memorial Student Center.

Go on to Twitter and give Spence some support.

To quote Richard, for us it is “CONQUER OR DIE.”

9 thoughts on “Texas A&M Explodes in Outrage Over Richard Spencer Speech Tonight

  1. Since the video above is no longer available, here’s one that worked for me.

    Found it very tedious to get through Spencer’s speech and question and answer session.

    I’m hoping his content will get better, much more to the point and polished, that he recognizes how his arrogant quips, frequently stopping his speech to respond to ‘useful idiots,’ and giving Nazi salutes seriously hurt our movement. Not sure he comprehends the damage he’s doing to Trump when he says he was addressing Whites specifically during his campaign. He is confirming that CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and Washington Post are correct.

    Based on the quality of the questions and expertise in communicating them with clarity, I come to the conclusion these students aren’t qualified to be in college. Richard did a poor job of answering them.

    But I congratulate him for having the ‘nerve’ to speak to a hostile audience of mostly liberal students, quite a few of them blacks.

    • Thanks. I’ve replaced the original with your link with attribution to you. I’ve watched about 15 minutes of it. The live streaming was a disaster for Red Ice. Glad you found this one.

      Spencer could take lessons from MILO in how to give a public talk. MILO does it better in terms of style. In fact, I would rate MILO as peerless in his ability to get the job done.

      I’ll watch the rest as I take breaks in doing my posting tonight and may have further comments to make.

  2. “Spencer, who recently gained national attention both for his speech at the National Policy Institute’s national conference in Washington, D.C., last month and the Nazi salutes in the crowd that followed,”

    No he gained attention only for the Nazi salutes. Probably he himself inserted the Jew stooges who did the salutes on cue. He seems to be an egomaniac and self publicity is more important to him than helping Trump move the country to the right.

    Spencer (and his three Jews saluting) single handedly got Trump to ditch the entire alt-right movement who all voted for him! Well done, Spencer, you are a traitor, or a fool.

    This man is grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Hillary and her team must be amazed at what he is doing, unless they advise him. The best thing he can do is shut up until after Inauguration Day. Then ditch all the Nazi salutes and WWII stuff, and Golems too

  3. Reply to a Tweet
    Tweet Text

    Rabbi Matt Rosenberg @rabbimattr
    Richard Spencer, the boyish & eminently punchable face of the “alt-right” movement that espouses white supremacy… houstonpress.com/news/alt-right…
    9:43 PM – 26 Nov 2016

    @rabbimattr How could we forget it’s the jews that are supreme, right, rabbi???

  4. Regards the butt-heart precious snow-flake protesters and their delicate constitutions, I will say that I am all broken about their hurt feelings.

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