Communist Oakland Turns on Jewess Mayor and Ghost Ship (Rave Cave) Creator for Failure to Provide “Safe Spaces”


Three of the top stories in today’s American edition of the Daily Mail offer outsiders a glimpse of the mindset of the retarded citizens of the People’s Republic of Oakland California.

It’s really quite amusing to watch liberals turning on liberals in the wake of the Ghost Ship (Rave Cave) fire that roasted 36 hipsters to death over the weekend.

Fury has been turned toward the mystery meat (allegedly Puerto Rican) creator of the enclave housing degenerates that the press calls the Ghost Ship.

Daily Mail on Derrick Ion Amena

The man who ran the artist enclave that went up in flames on Friday night has spoken out about the tragedy that has claimed at least 36 lives and says he believes he is being unfairly blamed.

Derick Ion Almena, 46, and his wife Micah Allison, 40, spoke through tears about the aftermath of the warehouse fire in an interview with NBC Nightly News.

Almena said that he ‘can’t explain who I am anymore’.

He posed a rhetorical question: ‘Do I take blame or responsibility for this?’ as he dropped his head and refused to answer.

Uhhh, yes you do take blame for it, Derrick. Now that a criminal investigation has begun and because your fellow hipsters have turned against you, you’re going to be going to prison. Better start showing some remorse, pal.

Derrick’s wife, Micah, pictured below, is also likely to be criminally charged.


OK, let’s turn away from the narcissist and his excuses, which are detailed in the DM’s story, to a second story in the DM that focuses on hipster outrage toward Oakland’s Jewish woman mayor. The Communist follower of California’s nutty governor, Jerry Brown, is confronted with childish adults who are pissed that there are no “safe spaces” in life.

Daily Mail story on Mayor Libby Schaaf

The mayor of Oakland was booed and jeered at a vigil last night for those who died in the warehouse fire after being accused of ‘victim blaming’.

Hundreds of people gathered for the candle-light vigil in Oakland’s Lake Merrit to honour the 36 people who died in the blaze at an artists’ enclave.

Those in the crowd were seen embracing as well as laying floral tributes and chanting aloud the names of people they lost in the inferno.

Fake, phony togetherness: Exactly what you expect from liberals!

Schaaf had already come under fire as previous speakers at the vigil had urged the city of Oakland to protect ‘warehouse’ residences where some people have apparently been forced to live due to skyrocketing housing prices.

The memorial briefly turned into a political confrontation when Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf began to address the crowd as was booed. She is pictured at the warehouse on Sunday

She had also been criticized for emphasizing the warehouse’s code violations in the immediate aftermath of the fire instead of addressing the need for affordable housing.

And as she began addressing the vigil, NBC reported that some started shouting ‘stop victim blaming’ and ‘step down’ as she took the microphone.

This lead to one of the vigil organizers having to step in to ask people to be respectful.

But Schaaf said: ‘It’s OK. It’s OK. This city is going to go through a lot of emotions, and one of those is anger, and that is my job to hear that.

‘As we move forward right now, our focus has to be on those who we know are lost and those we are going to learn have been lost,’ she said, according to NBC.

But after she resumed her speech, which was captured on camera, the crowd shouted her down once again, hurling a barrage of abuse at her.

Schaaf, a Democrat, was elected mayor of Oakland in November 2014 after being endorsed by Governor of California Jerry Brown.

Decades of high taxes and liberal Democrat rule have made the cost of living in California high. Expecting a liberal democrat to fix that is borderline clinical insanity.

One wag wrote in the Dm comments that Schaaf is a Nancy Pelosi in the making.

Her drug addled constituents, infected with Marxist ideology, are going to prove too much for her to govern. The whole damn state is bankrupt because of these idiots, which is another story.

Every moron in that artist’s fire trap that was roasted knew the danger, but was too drugged out to care.

Finally, another leftist theme is emerging. The lazy bums who call themselves artists as they scratch out a living blame gentrification for the fire.

Daily Mail story on hipster thinking

One of the last people to escape the deadly fire that killed at least 36 people in an Oakland warehouse says that gentrification is to blame.

The artist, Bob Mule, tearfully told NBC Bay Area on Monday that the high cost of rent in the city is leaving the hipster community with fewer outlets of creative expression.

‘I think this has a lot to do with the gentrification issue in the city,’ he said.

‘Us artists are forced to live in these spaces. We do it because we have nowhere else affordable to create.

‘We need more help. We need more of a voice in the city as artists because we are a very important part of this culture that’s being pushed out of the city.’


F*ck you Bob. Get a job.

Other people roll their asses out of bed early each A.M. and this guy wants those people to support him and his pathetic excuse for art that is typical hipster.

Hipsters are a waste. Since no one with any sense wants their “art,” they sell drugs and steal to have a bit of money to spend–on more drugs.

Send them all to work camps. In work, there is joy and freedom.

9 thoughts on “Communist Oakland Turns on Jewess Mayor and Ghost Ship (Rave Cave) Creator for Failure to Provide “Safe Spaces”

  1. That fuck stick’s negligence killed 36 people and those fucktards are worried it will negatively effect the local art scene…..

    I don’t even like hipsters and that’s bullshit

  2. Odd that all Communist, Marxist, Socialist at some point begin to eat each other like rats crowded into a small cage. It is entertaining though for us evil YT deplorables.

  3. The hipsters are not short of money, they chose to live there paying extortionate rent to a guy that should not have been sub letting. They thought that it sort of elevated them above the rest of the lazy bastards that call themselves “artists”. Everyone is looking to blame someone else for their total ineptitude over the years, where nothing was done to ensure the safety of the citizens as they perceive laying down the law as fascist. Screw them, they were worthless trash anyway and I love it when they turn on each other. Shit will eat itself.

  4. “protect ‘warehouse’ residences where some people have apparently been forced to live due to skyrocketing housing prices.” California, home of rich tax dodgers and poor people.

    USA is the richest country in the world, where tens of millions live in poverty. What happens to all those fake hundreds of billions created by the Fed every month? This money could create a socialist paradise. Without any Bob Mugarbage (or Weimar) hyperinflation, because the US military will blast any country that says the US dollar is worthless, or tries to trade oil in Euros, like Saddam, or tries to restart a gold standard as Gaddafi did. . But the US Fed does not share these fake billions around equally, nor is there a socialist paradise anywhere. I have read on reliable sources that more than half of working US adults pay no income tax whatsoever and are all eligible for a 3K rebate on tax never paid. It baffles me that a Western country can survive with such a low worker participation rate. There must be a lot of black money jobs in the USA, very often at low wages, where the 40 million illegals work, and tourists and anybody else that wants to can make about $6 an hour, no questions asked. Everybody thinks low wages are good. They also think they should get tips. This is panhandling and tax dodging on a nationwide scale. How about ending tipping and start to pay a decent wage for all workers? US people are friendly and love to serve others, so ending tipping will not end the wonderful service and smiles? (Possible sarcasm here).

    How much money is wasted (or stolen) by the US military and pocketed by billionaires? Trump said 6 Trillion dollars have been blown in the 21st Century US wars. Trump also said this money could have rebuilt the US infrastructure twice over. The money also could support struggling young artists. I was once a young lefty though never a raver or a hipster or an artist. I was just a quiet working guy living a normal life who believed the letfist bullshit I was force fed at school. Now I am redeeming myself one hundred times over. My own daughter is an artist so I do not favor artists all being burned in a bonfire. OTOH she works and supports herself and pays rent. And never goers to rave ups.

    I do not agree that all the young people killed would have known they had no chance to escape. it is not something most people think about, they trust the host or landlord. For example, when checking in to a hotel, or an airport or movie theater, how many people check the fire exits? Same for working office buildings like Larry Shekelsteins. Many such office places have signs saying the Fire Exits are alarmed, so if you want to test the door you might lose your job. All those Liverpool UK soccer club fans who died after a fire years ago were crushed because the exits were locked and barred to stop non payers from entering. It is mostly not fair to blame the victims.

    The landlord, his wife, the Mayoress, and the Police Chief should all go to jail. The Governor of California should get a censure from the President for running a Third World State.

  5. I’ve been professing the following for so many years now: Liberalism is an affliction, a behavioural/psychological pathology that can only be dealt, with therapy/medical treatments.

    Governments, Media, and Academia (GMA) will never, ever, acknowledge this. On the contrary, GMA will only reinforce this pathology, kinda like a pimp telling everyone that prostitution is the safest sex available…

    As this current story unfolds, it is always a salivating sight to behold when witnessing liberals going at each other like that where you can just sit down, take out the popcorn and just gently let’m stew in their own juice.

    Post Script: A good book about this liberal pathology:

  6. The artist did his best to help people who were down and out. This is just an horrific tragedy. People took the only thing that was offered. What else could they do? You would have done the same. People need to offer better than what was. God gave all that we see without price. We put a price on it. People hold a debt above the head of a person that they cannot pay. God says forgive those that cannot pay. He will forgive those that forgive. Eternal life will be theirs.

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  8. & to think, that among the 36 victims, there could have been some who would have found a cure for cancer ?? Or the free energy for the people, maybe even a solution to “global warming”??? Or “Climate Change” ?? Now this opportunity is lost for humanity in that fire ??

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