Beige Horizon: Canada’s Government Calls for Extermination of Whites (Video)

I rarely say anything like this, but I would enjoy having someone kill the so-called singer in this video.

Published on Nov 30, 2016

Since the US election, alt-right white nationalists feel emboldened in their quest to create a utopian society where races never mix. Shaun Majumder sees a different future: beige.

Wikipedia has an entry on this a**hole. He’s an actor. Naturally, this anti-white piece of shit has a white wife.

Hindu pride, baby! Marry a white woman, you fucking turd.

BTW, apparently “Shaun”‘s real name is Panjeet.

More fucking Hindu pride.

Isn’t it interesting that Twitter allows assholes who demand the genocide of the white race to stay on Twitter, while quickly removing Twitter pages that defend the right of the white race to exist?

The Red Ice video below analyzes the situation.

8 thoughts on “Beige Horizon: Canada’s Government Calls for Extermination of Whites (Video)

  1. Does his white wife enjoy being hated by her husband? Is she perhaps caged up in the basement of her home? Police should check on her safety. This mud blood is crazy.

  2. Yeah, dude. Get rid of the white guy. Find yourself unemployed then cause your mudskin brothers don’t buy CDs. They steal them. Oh, I forgot! Under the rule of shitskins everyone will be making $1,000 an hour! It will be paradise on earth! All your dreams will come true! Well, except for the part where you won’t get a white chick anymore.

  3. When I typed “beige” into google the description was “a pale sandy fawn colour.” sandy, that’s right, fits these sand niggers perfectly, other descriptions that come up are “sand, sandy, oatmeal, coffee, and camel”

  4. Saw this the other day on DS, it had about 1 million down votes. The street shitter also was blocking trolls left and right all day as he was smashed for his pathetic Hindu rap. So he’s some kind of entertainer well, the only way he could entertain me was if he was on stage dodging live machine gun fire.

  5. That dark critters feel free to express their racist, hate speech and their Jew mind fook is understandable. Why not for them? The niggerdlies are encouraged to do so by all the Jew run outfits that brainwash them and control them. So it’s not surprising. What else would they do, but vent their spleen?

    What I don’t get, what completely passes over my head, is the GUTLESSNESS of the Whities. Why do the White …? … [fill in the missing word; ’cause I don’t have one], let it happen to them? Why? Why this confusion? What’s this Stunned silence?
    I don’t tolerate this abuse, anywhere! I give it back, loudly, in public for all to hear. I make it known to them with racist, hate speech. I tell them they are racists and full of hate talk. And, they don’t get it! They don’t know what to do. A White Man is giving it back to them; their own muck. And they get confused and stunned.
    The Whities have an advantage, always; their White Skin. Stand up and show it!

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