Saboteur365: Brief Site Announcement on White Extinction

I’ve changed the slogan for the website from:

Sabotaging the System One Truth at a Time 365 Days a Year


The World’s #1 Website Fighting the Extinction of Species

I’ve also changed the pages in the header a bit, adding one called Endangered Species. That page offers videos on elephant extinction, lion extinction, whale extinction, and white extinction.

The white race is going extinct along with a great deal of the world’s wildlife, which I cover in recurring posts on elephants, lions, etc. Without white people to lead the effort, these species will go extinct along with the white race, but before us.

The image above in this post speaks for itself.

This species in the image below is not the only one going extinct, but the passing of the white race is going unnoticed by (((globalist institutions))) including governments, the press, and education. Our job, we enlightened ones, must be to act as town criers, fighting for the right of all endangered species to exist, most especially our own.

8 thoughts on “Saboteur365: Brief Site Announcement on White Extinction

  1. Good idea Paladin and about my favorite subject. I sometimes toy with the idea of starting my own blog or website about demographics but shy away from the workload and perhaps not keen on reading the inevitable insults from whites that want whites to disappear from the face of the Earth. Insults from Jews and Coons do not worry me. I agree that when white people cease to exist civilized mankind is doomed. Whilst the yellow people could survive for thousands more years without whites there is no way that bludgy lazy Muslims and Africans can survive in their swarming billions without white do gooder assistance.
    Much of the world such as Europe and the USA could be living in caves and trees within one thousand years, and chucking spears and rocks. The human population of these non farmers would be tiny. For example Australia had only 300,000 Abos living in a country almost as large as the Continental USA, which has 1000 times more people! Those are the sorts of population numbers I predict for after the disappearance of the whites. Chink numbers will also fall. Without white markets a lot of their industry might collapse. If whites go, who will give free money to Israel?

    • I get a lot of negative feedback that I quickly trash. It doesn’t bother me at all.

      If you decide to start a site, let us know and I’ll put it in the blogroll and give you some publicity.

      It seems to me that all the SJWs worried about saving the whales, etc. have zero room to criticize anything on this site since everything here is dedicated to preserving the lives of endangered species, including whites. I note that dogs and cats would not do very well in a nonwhite world either. Lions, elephants, and many other species would totally disappear.

      • Your site is fine. I come here 4 or 5 times per week. The “World’s #1” part in the subtitle may be a bit too much like Anglin’s Stormer site, but that is small potatoes. I write under various aliases for some well known online publications. I have started a blog and site where I would like people to contribute to and/or ally with. Its primary focus is White Replacement and Cultural Genocide of European nation states. I agree with you that if Europeans go the way of the Dodo, then myriad other species would follow suit as we seem to be the only people on Earth willing to be custodians of the living things here. That says more about WHO we are than anything else…

        My sites are below:



      • Thanks for checking in. I’ll put your website in the blogroll.

        Anglin just changed his slogan again today: “America’s #1 Most Trusted Republican News Source.” For a while it had the term “goal-oriented” in it as I recall. I have a feeling that won’t be the last change.

        I’m going to put your comment in as a separate post. More people will see it that way.

  2. Only whites are fighting to save African animals and a lot of whites are killed doing it. The “Born Free” (lions) authors and movie makers were both murdered by blacks in separate incidents, far apart and long after they were divorced.

    • Very busy since I left Black Pigeon Speaks. I will be dedicating more time in the new year for finishing my sites, and will be enabling commentary and articles for wordpress authors along the way. Thanks for the handshake and I will keep you posted.


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