New Pro-White Website Added to Blogroll as Improvements Start

If you want to give your website a plug in this post, feel free. Several of our regular commenters have their own websites. I think they’re all in the blogroll. If not, I can add them.

I’m going to be making some improvements to the blogroll by hiding some older, defunct sites and sites irrelevant to the current mission of this site. The word “The” is going to be removed from sites listed, which will make them easier to find.

If a site that you like concerns preservation of endangered species, including the white race, and it isn’t listed in the blogroll, put a link in a comment and I’ll consider adding it.

I added a new site today. Commenter R left this comment on my recent site announcement post:

Your site is fine. I come here 4 or 5 times per week. The “World’s #1” part in the subtitle may be a bit too much like Anglin’s Stormer site, but that is small potatoes. I write under various aliases for some well known online publications. I have started a blog and site where I would like people to contribute to and/or ally with. Its primary focus is White Replacement and Cultural Genocide of European nation states. I agree with you that if Europeans go the way of the Dodo, then myriad other species would follow suit as we seem to be the only people on Earth willing to be custodians of the living things here. That says more about WHO we are than anything else…

My sites are below:



4 thoughts on “New Pro-White Website Added to Blogroll as Improvements Start

  1. For your list, P J =

    Can’t get more consistent and to the point than this site.
    I recommend it to Jew trolls who become tedious. It shifts JudeoChristians, too.

      • This one, too. Although it is vehement to the point that there could be a kike in the pile. Hope not. But, the message is fairly clear. Could use it as a conversation starter and an intro to the prob. I would strongly suggest that every article is investigated and double-checked for accuracy.
        However, as an out and out serpent hating site this is at the top of the list.

        For a more considered and investigative approach, then this site =

  2. Hear! Hear! Every little bit adds to the rich tapestry of the WN and alt-right efforts to wake-up and reclaim our society from the dark and brutal elements that seek to drag us down to hell.

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