Narcissistic Mystery Meat Creator of Squalid Burned Out Oakland Ghost Ship Laughed Off Fire Trap Warnings

In the world’s greatest display of “performance art,” 33 hipsters allowed themselves to be roasted alive for the sake of art.

We here at this site pay homeage to their wisdom and to their sacrifice. They put their bodies in the flames of hell for ART.

What amazing kids.

But the most amazing of all is their guru, their leader, Derrick Ion Almena. The mystery man who is mysteriously mystery meat.

Meet the greatest artist in the history of the world.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A friend of Derick Ion Almena claims the venue operator was so ‘arrogant’ that he brushed off any fears surrounding his ‘amazing’ art space.

Danielle Boudreaux, who has known Almena and his wife Micah Allison for eight years, even claims one visitor to the warehouse – known as the Oakland Ghost Ship – was so concerned about the state of the property that she told her fire-fighter husband who arranged for an immediate fire inspection.

She claims the local fire department carried out an inspection two years ago and warned Almena of several fire safety violations, branding the warehouse a ‘tinder box’ – but still nothing was done.
At least 33 people perished at a rave on Friday night at the structure, with many more still missing.

Shortly after the blaze Almena wrote on Facebook to say he and his wife Micah and their three children were okay and then moaned about losing his furniture in the tragedy.

He wrote: ‘Confirmed. Everything I worked so hard for is gone. Blessed that my children and Micah were at a hotel and safe and sound…it’s as if I have awoken from a dream filled with opulence and hope… to be standing now in poverty of self worth.’

This comes as a worrying picture begins to emerge of life inside the Ghost Ship, where several people are believed to live, some in an indoor ‘RV park’.

Visitors have described a squalid scene where cat faeces and used condoms litter the limited floor space, junk and ‘art’ is piled high in every room, nails protrude from stairs made out of old pallets, brick work crumbles in the walls and drug use rife among the party goers who came and went.

Cat poo in a litter box is one thing, but littering the floor is another. The used condoms and cat poo were probably just someone’s idea of artistic expression. You know how those crazy artists are.

Artists everywhere should be thankful that Derrick Ion cooked up this little Spirit Cooking scheme as the ultimate in artistic expression. Cat poo and used condoms are for second rate artists. It takes a real artist to sacrifice his followers to the gods of art.

And has also spoken to the nanny who worked for Almena and his wife Micah who tells how the couple would disappear to wild parties for five nights at a time leaving her to care for their three children.

Almena’s insensitive Facebook posts sparked outrage on Saturday and Boudreaux told that he had repeatedly ignored pleas to make the place safer.

She said: ‘When people told him it was a deathtrap, he would laugh. In Derick’s mind he was creating this amazing art space, and everything going on there was the most amazing thing ever.

Hey, leave these people alone. They are artists, after all. They should not have to be required to live by the rules that us proles live by. They are superior. We have no right to judge them.

Art–it’s such a beautiful thing.



‘I was disgusted by his Facebook post, but it was typical Derick. People were saying ‘maybe he didn’t know people were dead at that time’, no he knew.

‘I’m telling you anybody who was upstairs, if there was a fire started anywhere downstairs, the likelihood of you being able to get out of that building is slim to none. ‘And there were no fire alarms, no sprinklers, nothing.’

As Derrick serves out his life term in prison, the art world will trek to San Quentin to say “Hi guy. Thanks for all you did for art.”

15 thoughts on “Narcissistic Mystery Meat Creator of Squalid Burned Out Oakland Ghost Ship Laughed Off Fire Trap Warnings

  1. If the City of Oakland was functioning properly this place would have been shutdown, but they are too busy dealing with everything but the proper responsibilities of a city. Building code enforcement is necessary, and lack of it indicates a third world city.

    • I’ve never looked at the demographics but I presume it’s heavily black, Mexican, and other third world immigrant. To be honest, I care nothing about the hipster druggie Bernie and Hillary supporters who died. The whole thing is such an obsession with the media, who mostly ignored the Gatlinburg fires. Thousands of hillbillies are homeless and no one cares.

    • My city in the UK had a few of these places when raves were all the rage. They were all shut down for being fire hazards and for various other violations such as sub letting to others to live there when it was not a residential unit and excessive noise at all hours. This guy Derick is exactly like the guy running the place closest to me, a right devious money grabbing bastard that ended up in massive debt. If the authorities has not shut him and the others down then the same would have happened there, it was only a matter of time. In my opinion the city of Oakland is entirely to blame, they should have shut it down and now they are in damage control, and look at all those women officials, make you wonder. Isn’t it a “sanctuary city” too?

      • I found out a little more after doing the post. Derrick is allegedly Puerto Rican, meaning part black.

        His rent was $5000 a month. His tenants got a little space to put a sleeping bag or whatever and paid $500 a month each. Lots of “travelers” came and went. There was probably a lot of drug dealing going on.

        A criminal investigation has been launched today–finally.

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  3. Gee, I do not think that those evil YT oppressor priorities (follow the law, protect your community, consideration for others) was at the top of this guys priorities. More like it was peace and love man. Power to the people!

  4. I notice that the term “Rave Cave” has disappeared and now it is an art gallery. I still maintain that some city officials especially the Fire Dept and maybe the Chief inspector for the Town Council should be jailed for this gross neglect, mirroring Third World standards. it is likely that this crook paid cash on the spot bribes to get the authorities off his back. How could the inspectors possibly have missed the dozens of people living there illegally with all the signs of same, including RVs parked indoors?
    The slime ball running this place should get 5 to 10 years in jail. He could get a lot longer for all the drug pushing going on inside his death trap and probably he was making money this way.
    it is ironic and very telling that the Left does not care about their own, more than thirty weirdos dead and nobody cares. Obama does not care and nor does the Governor of California. The boss of Oakland should be sent to jail for this crime and failure to prevent corruption of the local officials.
    All of California should now have a massive shakedown of all such death traps run for proift. They better check locked nursing homes and psychiatric places also – nobody can get out, and Alzheimers types do not know how to get out of unlocked premises (I have witnessed this, none can remember that the green button opens the door). I would only be lenient if homeless people are trying to survive somewhere. If homeless people die in a fire, nobody cares and I mean nobody.

  5. Seriously there’s no reason to pick on the artists and say they got what they deserved. That’s bullshit, redirect your rage against that piece of shit who ran the place. 36 people died man show some fucking respect.

  6. What REALLY stuns me is that you have to DIG at all to find out how much other areas in here look exactly like a meth/crack house. No stove, kitchen, shower or bathtub. They hooked up some bizarre hot water thing, threw some nasty tiles on a very disgusting cement floor (not bothering to cement them together)…and in a half-bath NEXT DOOR. This warehouse didn’t seem to have ANY bathroom, so they tore a hole in the wall next door to another place. I saw nothing like a furnace, hot water heater, or any sort of air conditioning. To be blunt, you’d HAVE TO be on friggin drugs to tolerate that at all. I know people who were homeless addicts in Chicago at one time (where you WILL DIE if you’re out in winter), and they took a look and said, “Crack house. I’d sleep outside. Go to the Sally (Salvation Army).” The Sally is at least clean, and they have a damn stove that comes out of the wall with actual heat from a furnace, and even hot food and hot water. So to say there’s no help if you’re poor is not the whole story. My friends and I help people get into nice places all the time. They eat better food than I do, when I’ve been asked to join them. Problem MIGHT be, just maybe, that they’ll expect you to work for room and board, and NONE allow drugs or alcohol that I ever heard of. Using some sense, and having decent credit, you can get any number of decent jobs that pay pretty well for minimal training. Real estate is about 1,700. Be a massage therapist, that’s about 4 grand, plus a license. House inspecting, about 4,000. If you have a history of PAYING PEOPLE back, you don’t need money. Most of these won’t allow you work if you have a criminal record or you can’t look professional. Dont do stuff to your body you cant hide, thats nonsensical and stops you from working a consistent job. Sleeping in unheated trailers sucks a** sober, I’m told from people who did it. High, apparently it doesn’t matter.

    Real estate won’t let you work if you owe back child support, but there are an inordinate amount of alcoholics and addicts in real estate. It’s a lot of money, and they pretty much leave you alone. But the expectation that the world owes you everything is childish and unrealistic. You DO have to hold up your end, then you get payoff of having an actual gas line with a real stove attached to it, and live in a clean place that won’t kill you. And hot water and electricity. If you don’t have electricity, you probably don’t have a working stove or furnace, either (electronic ignition). At that, you’d be a friggin moron to PAY SOMEONE anything to live there. I can’t see how you could possibly be at all sober living in this dump (parts you dont see, look under Ghost Ship SQUALOR) There’s always a homeless shelter. It’s unfortunate that people had to die, and it’s obviously the manager’s fault, and the wife, who knew. If there was no lease, the owner’s going straight to jail with them, but I can’t imagine she’s that stupid. Usually, when you have “don’t effing bother me” agreements or leases, there’s alcoholism because it’s often a building that could use SERIOUS WORK. Putting money in and raising rent, or selling, would make the most logical sense. Sometimes, it’s a friend or family that owns the placend in an expensive area, and they only want people they KNOW living there. In ANY event, in most places, if you were LEGALLY living somewhere, and tell landlord you need this and that, and they ignore you, you just have it done by a pro and deduct it from the rent. Landlord doesn’t HAVE TO like it. If YOU do it, and you screw up, YOU’RE going to jail. So there’s no whining about how you’re too poor to get stuff done. DCFS or the cops never looked at the entire building, that’s obvious. They’re supposed to look for working appliances, cleanliness and all that. I didn’t even SEE a bed for children anywhere here. Is wall PAINT that expensive, really? The walls were just disgusting. The floors were nasty. It’s seriously hoarded, in the squalor part you don’t see here. That nobody is reporting THAT, is just wrong. I didn’t say anyone deserved to die, but The Station, ok, the Derderians are CHEAP bastards. They made a gas station employee NOT use her small heater in winter, while paying her under the table to benefit themselves by not having to pay workman’s comp or anything. That was in Killer Show. They screwed people out of money owed regularly. They got took on a “don’t friggin bug me” agreement for 4,500/mo (back THEN. Dummies) and cut MORE corners. Thus, bad fire. Stupid. Can’t imagine NEITHER landlord nor Derek and wife would WANT any legal workmen there if funky stuff was going on…you don’t want them to see drugs or filth or hoarding.

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