More Fake News From Bullsh*tting NBC: Tranny’s “EPIC” Anti-Trump Twitter Rant

NBC doesn’t have the guts to show you what the tranny they’re promoting looks like. I will.

This professional freak and trouble maker deserves no attention from anybody. I’m posting it here to call out NBC News as mixing in bullsh*t fake news with real news in order to keep the sheeple off balance.

Basically, the story at NBC News is that the Donald Tweeted out his disgust with NBC’s “comedy” show, SNL. Then the tranny counter Tweeted with a barrage of attacks on our leader.

This is news? Pathetic.

The real agenda–the hidden agenda–is to gin up obsessive hatred of Donald Trump in hopes that one of these mentally ill creatures will assassinate him. NBC should be ashamed of itself.

10 thoughts on “More Fake News From Bullsh*tting NBC: Tranny’s “EPIC” Anti-Trump Twitter Rant

  1. He looks like a Manchester jew, they essentially look like paki’s, north Manchester is wick with them. This will go nowhere as usual. The people have woken up, thanks to Donald exposing the pathetic media it’s become uncool to believe them.

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  3. We need to make an attack helicopter cult where we all identify as them and DEMAND to be treated with the respect we deserve, because fuck actually looking like one, who cares about simple things like that, if he says he is a woman, then i am the best fucking attack helicopter in the world.

  4. There is a tiny religion whose followers insist they must wear a cooking strainer on their head. They have used this to evade helmet laws for example, like the Sicks (sic). There was a case in Russia where the spaghetti strainer cult member won, but was ordered by the court to wear this food strainer at all times while driving, or else be penalised.

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