“Judeo-Christian” is an Oxymoron: Jews Hate Christ (Video)

The Twitter video below (same video through youtube is at the bottom of the post) was produced in Israel for a children’s TV show or a satire of a children’s show. The Jewish penchant for sexualizing everything is on display. The girl hostess wears a bikini top.

We’re not supposed to see this. I would show it to your evangelical friends who worship Jews as “God’s chosen people,” although you may lose their friendship if you do.

You may remember when this even more disgusting, perverted Jew made news:

sarah-silverman jews killed christ

I found the same video on youtube, if you prefer to watch that way:

There’s at least one or two more of these videos on youtube.

I’ll let you find them if you’re interested in Jewish culture. One video was enough for me.

Slavery was an American invention? LOL. Jewish lies!!!

5 thoughts on ““Judeo-Christian” is an Oxymoron: Jews Hate Christ (Video)

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  2. Indeed – never a bigger or better example of oxymoron than ‘judeo-Christian. Impossible and blasphemous. Maybe the goy will finally start catching on…

  3. That girl looks very young, and under-dressed for TV. They should not mock the Crucifixion, wrong time of year. By the way, do Jews not care about all the Jews who were crucified by the Romans? There were a lot of them because Jews have always been political trouble makers and thieves. if not fighting each other they fight the established authority. They remind me a lot of Afghans.

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