Busted! 23-Year-Old Teacher’s Sex Romps with 16-Year-Old Student Lover Included Sex in Fiance’s Bed

Among the many creative places that Alaina Danielle Ferguson had sex with her 16 year old student was the back of his pickup truck and in her fiance’s apartment while he was out of town. There was also sex on a park bench.

The wedding is off, even though Alaina is out of jail on bail. Her fiance is a lucky fellow in one way. He found out before the wedding that she’s a cheater. She also insulted him by telling cops that she felt nothing for him. Which raises the question of why she would be engaged to him to begin with.

Daily Mail

A Plano, Texas high school teacher has been arrested after a Snapchat flirtation with a 16-year-old boy led to beer pong, nude selfies, al fresco sex and the cancellation of her wedding, police say.

Alaina Danielle Ferguson, 23, was working as an algebra teacher at Plano Senior High School when the illicit relationship began, according to arrest affidavits.

Ferguson allegedly contacted him after he left his Snapchat username on a test paper, Fox 4 reported.

That happened September, just after the beginning of the school year, and quickly led to the pair having sex on a park bench in Lewisville, the arrest affidavit said.

The pair continued their illicit affair both on and off-line, with Ferguson sending nude selfies to the teen and providing the alcohol for games of beer pong that would turn into sex sessions, authorities say.

At one point she allegedly had sex with him in her McKinney apartment while her fiancé was out of town.

The pair had sex ‘several’ more times in the apartment, police said.

Ferguson ‘knew it was not the right thing to do, but it felt right at the time,’ according to the officer who wrote the arrest warrant.

He added that ‘she was going to break it off with her fiancé because she didn’t feel anything with him.’

Ferguson quit the school in October, but had sex with the teen at least one more time, in November, in the back of the teen’s pickup after a football game, police said.

But the teen kept talking about it after she left – and it looks like that might have given the pair away.

‘I heard the kid was just talking about it to his friends and I guess a teacher or a student over heard it,’ Plano Senior High Student, Andy Flores told CBS.

‘She’s kind of good looking… so she’s attractive,’ he added.

Flores has been released on $100,000 bond and must wear an electronic monitoring device, deactivate all of her social media accounts and stop using the web.

In Texas, it’s generally only white teens who drive pickups, not Mexicans and blacks. Thus, it’s probably safe to say that Alaina did not violate racial taboos while she was violating the law.

If I recall correctly, supplying pornography to a minor is a crime in Texas. Those nude photos that Alaina sent would fit the description in Texas law of pornography. But she probably won’t be charged with that.

There is a solution (although imperfect) to the epidemic of student/teacher sex in America. Hire only ugly old women teachers.

Teen boys like bragging rights related to shagging a cute teacher. But what boy would want to brag about sex with a crone?

Although this woman is not a teacher, would you brag about having sex with her?

hillary crazy

13 thoughts on “Busted! 23-Year-Old Teacher’s Sex Romps with 16-Year-Old Student Lover Included Sex in Fiance’s Bed

    • Age 23 and 16….not much of an age gap really, and so what? Yes it sucks for her fiance – she should have just broke it off with him prior to the fling.

      Interestingly, in the whole legend of King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round table, Lancelot, who was sleeping with Queen Guenivere was young enough to be her son. This was in the Middle Ages. He learned to become a man thru her. Hey, beats spanking to porn or listening to a bunch of old horny toads talking about sex.

      What better way for a younger man to learn about how to deal with women?

      • In her fiance’s bed? She deserves a beating, from him, without any recourse. But this is not a just world. At least now she’ll be permanently googlable; good luck trying to find a new guy.

  1. It is true regards hiring an old Hillary, I mean hag, to teach teen students. I look at that Hillary photo, and the last thought through my mind is sex. Would be great for spreading abstinence.

  2. Can a 16-year-old boy get a driving license for a pick up truck in Texas? It is ironic that he is an adult in driving a two tun vehicle, but he is a child when it comes to sex.
    That would not save her though as he was a student in her class, so even if he was an adult aged 18 this is usually legally defined as abuse.

  3. I’d like to see a study to see if the influence of these skanky pop singers (mainly female) have effected the behavior of these types. She’s of an age where she probably buys their CDs and goes to their concerts. If so, that’s some job of empowering women, isn’t it?

  4. Older women used to be teachers, but then greedy tax payers did not want to pay for the higher salaries of older, more experienced teachers.

    You get what you pay for.

  5. Get the old hags away from airline stewardess jobs and replace them with these young hornbags. The old hags can become teachers.
    Two problems solved in one go. I hate being served by battle axe bulldykes, or old men, or poofters while on aeroplanes.
    Restaurants almost never hire old people to serve food at tables.

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