Austria Falls to Globalists, Muslim Takeover to Ensue



Austria’s far-right presidential candidate conceded defeat Sunday shortly after polls closed and preliminary results from the election showed Alexander Van der Bellen to win 53.6 percent of the vote.

Van der Bellen’s opponent, Norbert Hofer of the conservative Freedom Party brought in just over 46 percent of the vote.

Final results will not be certified until absentee votes are counted on Monday, according to the Associated Press. The AP also reports that election officials said the remaining ballots will not alter the outcome, but the percentages each of the candidates received may vary.

Polls going into the vote indicated the outcome would be tighter than what appears to have taken place.

Hofer campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform that cast a spotlight on Austria’s inflow of refugees, while the former leader of the Green Party and now President-elect Van der Bellen stumped on a message of tolerance and inclusion.

As the BBC reports, political watchers took a keen interest in this campaign and were using it as a litmus test of how other populist candidates may fare in upcoming elections across Europe.

“The result is sure to be welcomed by establishment parties and officials in the EU.

“France, the Netherlands and Germany all face elections next year in which anti-mainstream and anti-immigration parties are gaining ground.

“A referendum underway in Italy is being closely followed for further signs of anti-establishment populism, with polls suggesting a setback for centre-left Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.”

Austria’s president is a largely ceremonial role. Sunday’s election was a do-over from May when Van der Bellen won by less than 1 percent of the vote.

NPR’s Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports from Vienna that Hofer called on his supporters to respect the outcome of the vote. And adds:

“Hofer had been poised to become the first far-right president in Western Europe since World War II and says he will run again in six years.”

Doom on. Whatever Hofer’s shortcomings as a candidate, the people of Austria have voted for more Muslims, more rape, more hijabs, more crime, more murders, and their eventual extinction or extermination.


Commenters at Zerohedge believe the election was rigged in the globalist’s favor via voter fraud. Given what was at risk for the (((globalists))) and given their errors in not doing enough rigging in the American election and the British election, it’s very plausible that the ballot boxes in Austria were stuffed in favor of van der Bellen.


11 thoughts on “Austria Falls to Globalists, Muslim Takeover to Ensue

  1. I think their economy is heavily linked to Germany and until they get rid of the traitor Merkel they will never get a favourable, or fair result from the ballot box, Keep on fighting, there’s less than a year to go until Germany, France and Holland have elections.

    • I didn’t go into it here, but one of the articles I read said that the Freedom Party might prevail parliamentary elections next year. So, you’re right. They need to keep on fighting in Austria to keep their country.

      • Like I said before; the North is not going to bring Europe back, it will be the South and East. I’m not remotely surprised by this outcome.

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  3. 46% is a very good result for a far right party. Hitler won with a lot less than that, less than 40% I think. He started by jailing an entire opposition Party, the elected Socialists, or were they Communists, I can not remember. Then he discarded most of his his allies, the center right group. then the Reichstag fire and that was that. Everything Hitler did was legal. e.g. The President appointed Hitler as Chancellor and then named Hitler his successor.

    (((Hollywood))) has made 50,000 movies showing Germans as evil, and stupid. Goebbels only made three movies critical of the Jews. I can not recall any movie where evil stupid baddies are Austrians. Maybe the Sound Of Music, but I will bet the audience thinks the Nazis are Germans not Austrians loyal to Hitler.
    Hitler was an Austrian and not a German.
    Maybe Norbert Hofer could lead the Fourth Reich?

    • This proves that giving the women the vote was a blunder. It happened at all because the wives of British politicians forced them to do it, or no sex. Men will do just about anything for sex, including betraying the future of their own country and their own genes.

  4. I seem to recall a recent election in Austria (don’t recall what for) that was heavily tainted with allegations of fraud originating with the candidacy of the Left.

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