(((Atheists))) Deliver Merry Christmas Message to Christians

A Jew named Fish stirs the pot.

What an evil bastard!

Washington Times

A national atheist group has parodied President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan to encourage people not to attend church over Christmas.

American Atheists has unveiled billboards that will have local commuters and holiday travelers in Louisiana, Colorado and Georgia doing double-takes.

“Make Christmas Great Again. Skip church!” one of the organization’s new ads says in giant letters against an orange backdrop.

A local CBS affiliate in Louisiana talked to both motorists and American Atheists on Dec. 2 about the ad campaign.

“Part of stirring the pot is getting that conversation going,” said Nick Fish, American Atheists’ national program director. “You don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to believe in God to be a good person. And we want to use humor, we want to use a little bit of people driving by these billboards and say, ‘Wait, what did that just say?’ “

Mr. Fish added that Christians “do not have a monopoly on having a great meal and spending time” with loved ones over the holidays.

Naturally, for me to point out that this useless eater is a Jew makes this post a hate crime.

tips.fbi.gov is the place to report me. Go ahead. I’ll be waiting for that nice FBI man to knock on my door, you SPLC scum.

2 thoughts on “(((Atheists))) Deliver Merry Christmas Message to Christians

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  2. Fish, yes of course. I would like to do a study as to how many useless Juden are “employed” as activists, organizers, advocates, national program directors, administrative directors, executive presidents, CEO’s, ad nauseum of charities, foundations, 501 (c)(3), 527 groups, again ad nauseum? I am sure the number would be in the hundreds of thousands of useless-eater agitators. Of course, we can not discount all of the Juden who fill such “necessary” social positions as journalists, academicians,jurists, lawyers, entertainment, etc. Yes, they have been a real boon to our culture and way of life.

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