WTF! Parents of Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Collected Money for Muslim Rapefugees at Her FUNERAL


Less than 12 hours ago I posted the story of the death of Maria Ladenburger at the hands of an Afghan teen refugee in Freiburg, Germany.

Now this!

Paul Joseph Watson is a reliable source.

If PJW stays on this story, we’ll learn in the future that the parents of Maria Ladenburger visited her rapist/murderer in jail, had a group hug with him, and then demanded his release in the name of justice.

Liberals are mentally ill. Germans too, it’s sad to say.

A real man would kill his daughter’s rapist and murderer.


27 thoughts on “WTF! Parents of Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Collected Money for Muslim Rapefugees at Her FUNERAL

  1. Afghans and Somalis seem to be the most murderous refugees. Could it be because they have been hardened by years of rape, killing, torture and other nice Muslim activities?
    Why are there any Afghan refugees at all, other than terrorists, Taliban or those who oppose the growing of opium? Are they not all safe under the protection of the most powerful military in the world? The only superpower, the only do goodniks spreading Democracy and opium growing everywhere?

    I hope Clem Ladenburger has some more children to sacrifice to The Cause. He also should be executed, for Treason. These days, in the West, Treason is national policy directed by the (((you know whos))).

    Maybe these Hate Crime laws are an example of the takeover of The Law by (((treasonous forces))). Loyalty and Nationalism are almost crimes, and are punished as real “Hate” Crimes if any foreign outsider or group trying to destroy Germany is mildly criticized.

      • They wrote she was a single child.

        The girl you mention seem to be from Brussels, she does resemble the victim slightly and bearing the same family name is really a interesting coincidence, but I doubt there is anything there.

        What is disgusting and distressful, is the fact these ppl seem to be like zombies.
        Even the death of their own daughter, they are that much gone.

        I have read multiple stories about left wing female activists trying to cover up their own rapes by migrants, and being caught or changed their mind, but I can’t understand how you could feel that insensitive towards the many thousands female victims of sexual assault from these “migrant” invading rapefugees, and not take action or even seem to care about the females, who are more than few. They even have made anti-rape trouser/shorts. -_-

        Even after such a thing, like the rape and murder of your own daughter.
        I am not a relative to her, but even I was utterly saddened and upset seeing her pictures and the news.

        I mean fuck politics and refugees, but honestly, how can you not hate whoever did this to this girl? Be it white, non-white, migrant, male, female, trans gender, gay, straight or a fucking alien?

        Not only that, but they go on and continue to support these rapists?!? o_O

        See, I am not pushing for anyone to hate middle easterners and ACTUAL refugees in general, but these are obviously vile savages that have no remorse and would not care to rape and take away an innocent life like it’s nothing.

        Think about all the women and young girls out there ffs. -_-

      • All rapists/murderers should be executed. That’s my simple solution to this case. A speedy trial and then a quick execution. But from what I understand, Europe no longer has the death penalty. If he had done his crime in his homeland, he would be executed, I believe.

  2. The Germans are cucks to the core

    We killed off all their hard ass genes during ww1 and then again after Hitler started killing other Whites like it was his favorite past time

    • It seems to me that it would be natural to at least not help the scum being imported into your country. I hope Clem is not the typical German, but your point about the best being killed in war is undoubtedly true.

      • Women are all about the out group. Basically evolved to leave their family and to start favoring strangers over kin

        And the whole war bride deal. They don’t give a fuck about race or family. Their surrival doesn’t depend on it.

        German men are basically women these days. Can’t expect any better out of them

      • Hmm, allow me to butt in here.

        I’d rather say that german females have exhibited more “typically male” traits compared with german men recently. Just look at Merkel, she looks more man than many men ever would. 😛

        The GDR women were always man-lish, but that’s another thing.

        I doubt the was is so much to blame as much as the left wing policies going there for decades now. Even starting with Hitler, despite him claiming to be right wing, for anyone with a decent brain can see his policies were left in it’s core.

        What made this crisis possible is not only Merkel’s open doors policy, but even more was the “regressive progressive” policy being shoved more and more with ever decade for the last like 50 – 60 years and more.

        Be more “tolerant”, every year, more and more.

        Generally, this sounds like a very good thing.
        Why wouldn’t you want to be more tolerant?
        That’s really nice, there are very nice ppl from other countries too.

        Well, yeah, but there’s a point at which “too good isn’t good”.

        When you are absolutely “tolerant”, accepting anyone foreign, regardless whether they are the nicest persons or beheading killers, I believe you can see the problem starting to appear and develop?

        What the left has been shoving for decades have started riping and these are the fruits.

        Let’s talk real refugees f.e.

        Ppl who would be killed or jailed for mere stuff like dancing or having a different opinion not aligned with islam, ppl who live and have to run from the middle east.

        Before they have a place were they could hide and find asylum.

        Now, I ask, where that place would be?
        Will there be any such place for anyone not wanting to live and be killed under islam and other uncivilized ideologies?

        Where are the “dirty white europeans” to go and live their “decadent” secular life styles?

        I’m sure countries like Japan and South Korea would love to take us, right? <- sarcasm

        And them what?

        Allow the leftist to ruin their countries too? 😛

        There is nothing less I want than for us to go back to the fundamental religious doxtrines/regimes, like christianity was or chauvinistic naZionalists, bcs we see how well those worked and work right?

        But I don't want to have sharia and caliphate/kalifart forced on us neither.

        So, what do we do we do to get there?

        For starters, maybe the EU and Europe should start applying the proper regulations that regards any normal person regarding immigration and asylum.

      • Thanks for giving us additional insights into this important issue. Germany seems to be a mess from what we observe here in the States. We found our (hopefully) savior in Trump. I wish that Germany finds its savior too.

    • Germany has been an occupied nation by (((US))) forces since 1945. The German males are not so stupid as the Swedish ones, who are not occupied except by a few (((aliens))) who direct the policies that matter, like Immigration.
      German males have known for their lifetimes they can go to jail for questioning any Jew policy and any aspect of WWII.

    • This is incomprehensible indeed. What is behind all this? Money? Power? Ignorance? Certainly denial. Who as a parent is not willing to give their life for their child? What has this world come to?

  3. Like I said before; the renaissance will begin from the south (of Europe) or the east (of Europe) or both, but not from the Northwest.

  4. Hey guys, calm down. Her parents wrote that friends could donate money to the refugee help center BEFORE they knew a refugee killed her. They did that because she has been involved in refugee work, so it is natural to support a case she beleived in. They probably wouldn’t collect money for them now.

  5. check your sources mate. they collected money for catholic church organisation to support schools and education in bangladesh. that is exactly the way to avoid more refugees.

  6. I hope this is not true about her parents. Because how can you insist on helping those demonic muslim pieces of shit if they killed your daughter? On the balkans, for 500 years, people were tortured by the muslims, they killed the men, raped the women, destroyed towns and villages… NO HELP OR SHELTER FOR THESE INVADERS. Furthermore, It is a CRIME to cross a border illegaly, so they all belong in PRISON, not in some “camps”.

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  8. Perhaps the parents can achieve Sainthood now, while on earth. Knowing what the general public knows, especially in Germany since Saint Angela Merkel decided to open the doors of Germany to the illiterate rabble. These parents must have thought their beautiful daughter must not have been worth too much. To allow her to go and associate with these uncivilized barbarians, for what? To allow them to accumulate more points as sanctimonious, holier than almost every other guilt ridden German?
    ” Green party mayor Dieter Salomon said: “It is good for the police to have [worked on] this cruel and terrible murder so fast… [people should] not use the origin of the culprit to make generalisations about migrants, but instead to see this as an isolated case”.
    Excuse me while I puke.
    So a nineteen year old medical student is sacrificed on the altar of PC mumbo jumbo and yearning for holiness they can display on their escutcheon.
    I can’t believe the idiocy of Germans these days.
    Maybe the parents will invite the piece of dung who murdered their daughter after raping her to move into their house after he gets out of jail.

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