Video: Thousands of Black as Coal Africans Suddenly Appear in Mexico

God help Mexico! Save the Mexicans from the black hordes.

Ooops! The Africans aren’t staying Mexico. Can you guess where they’re going?


Thanks, Obama.

North Koreans called him a monkey.  Sorry, guys, but you weren't the first.

Here’s another video in Spanish that covers the same story:

This story isn’t making much of a wave in the national press. I guess Obama’s parting gift to white America isn’t considered newsworthy. Unless Obama amnesties all of them before he leaves office, they’ll have to go back.

5 thoughts on “Video: Thousands of Black as Coal Africans Suddenly Appear in Mexico

  1. “Primate in Chief”? “Commander n’ Chimp” would sound more appropriate. If you don’t believe it check out:
    This was a term used to describe his predecessor and so should be used in all fairness today:

    ” Commander in Chimp

    The most incompetent, very simian-like so called Commander in Chief of the United States of America. Also known as Dubya.

    The Commander in Chimp made up the word “misunderestimated” in his speech today!’ ”

    Today, used in a sentence, an example would read: “The Commander n’ Chimp betrayed our nation, in a Quisling-like manner, by enabling the invasion of international trespassers to sabotage our American way of life.”

    Fairness and equality in the application of ridicule. HAH!

    • So true. I had a pic of Bush as a monkey up in one of yesterday’s posts. Liberals claim it’s not racist if you call Bush a monkey but it is if you call Obama a monkey. Liberals thus prove that they think that blacks look like monkeys. LOL.

  2. I have a real-time heads-up regards this story. I must reveal that I am half-Mexican, but thank God very little evil vicious Aztec/indio, and I do not speako Spanisho, so I am a harmless little fuzzball. My father, though, lives in a border town in California and goes across the border frequently for visits, medications, etc. I just got back from visiting him during Thanksgiving and he advised me that he saw hordes of Haitians at the border crossing being escorted across the border and processed to awaiting buses to be deposited upon unsuspecting evil YT’s or in my case evil half-YT’s somewhere in the U.S. Of course, it is not just that border crossing, but all along the Mexican border. So get ready to embrace the vibrant diversity.

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