THE BLACK ATTACK: Texas Homeowner Beaten by Fake UPS Delivery Driver

Beware of fake UPS delivery men.

Ask to see ID though the door’s peephole. Call UPS if in doubt that the person claiming to be a package man is real.


HOUSTON — A Houston homeowner was robbed and severely beaten after he opened his front door to a man posing as a UPS driver.

Police say a man dressed in a uniform worn by full-time UPS delivery drivers rang the doorbell, a package in hand. He claimed to need a signature.

When the door was opened, the man and three others stormed inside and assaulted the homeowner with a pistol. At some point during the struggle, a shot was fired, but no one was struck.

Two other females in the home grabbed two small children and were able to lock themselves in closets. Police say the men stole several pieces of jewelry and collectible firearms.

Authorities say they fled the scene in one of two possible vehicles – a dark-colored, four-door sedan or a white four-door sedan.

The homeowner has been identified as Lawrence Berry.

Berry suffered severe neck and head injuries and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Berry told ABC13 that he was beaten and shocked with a taser four times and suffered serious head trauma.

Thursday, Berry had 28 staples removed from the back of his scalp. He has stitches in his lip and a fractured skull.

Berry said he fought the men long enough for his wife and 4-year-old twin daughters to get to a safe place in the house.

If you don’t see one of these, he’s not a real delivery man.

5 thoughts on “THE BLACK ATTACK: Texas Homeowner Beaten by Fake UPS Delivery Driver

  1. So, the guy was black? The only time I ever saw a black UPS driver was around Christmas several years ago.

    This could happen to anyone. It’s rare to receive packages requiring a signature, though. If so, homeowners should know about it beforehand since they ordered it. 99.999999% of the time UPSie drivers run to the door, drop the box, then fly back to their trucks. Lol!

    • Around here I mostly see Mexicans driving UPS trucks. I think I saw a female one time, but I’m not sure about that. Basically, I posted this story as a warning. It’s not the worst crime blacks have ever done, although the victim suffered terribly I’m sure.

      By the way, Melanie Austin dropped by with a comment earlier today. I did a post on her a while back. She’s the woman sent to mental hospital for supporting Trump.

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