NO SYMPATHY: Internet Condemns Mystery Meat Operator of Rave Cave, While Trolls Ridicule the Dead to Friends and Relatives


We have the baseball equivalent of a grand slam homerun in Oakland, California following the outbreak of a deadly fire in a Rave Cave.

The vaguely Jewish, Spanish looking promoter of the rave where at least 9 were killed and as many as 40 are expected to be found dead is going to go to prison for a long time, possibly for life. Unfortunately, the taxpayers in California will have feed him, but the liberals who populate California won’t mind.

As the Internet unloaded on him, it was also ridiculing the victims, who are a motley looking bunch for sure.

First, let’s take a look at the whiny Derrick Ion Almena.

Daily Mail

A man who allegedly organized the illegal artist commune where up to 33 people died in a fire late Friday night is being heavily criticized for a Facebook post about his own material losses following the blaze.

Derick Ion Almena has been identified as the operator of the Ghost Ship venue and Satya Yuga Art Collective in Oakland where the fire broke out.

Shortly after the blaze erupted he wrote: ‘Confirmed. Everything I worked so hard for is gone. Blessed that my children and Micah were at a hotel safe and sound… it’s as if I have awoken from a dream filled with opulence and hope…. to be standing now in poverty of self worth.’

On Saturday evening, authorities confirmed that at least nine people had died and another 24 dozen were still unaccounted for as investigators continued to recover bodies from the wreckage.

City officials also revealed that the warehouse had no permits that allowed for a party to be held or for residential occupation.

Those who were able to make it out to safety told of how they struggled to get through the cluttered warehouse while fire crews noted the were impeded by a massive amount of clutter, including furniture and art, as they tried to tackle the fire.

Almena had lived in the space with his wife, Micah Allison, and children who were staying at a hotel during the electronic music party held there on Friday night, SF Gate reported.

The event featured musician Golden Donna’s 100% Silk West Coast tour.

None of the Golden Donna videos have many views. The so-called music must attract only the weirest of the weird.

Almena’s Facebook post on Saturday was quickly hit with criticism over his concern of his ‘material possessions’ rather than mentioning the lives that were lost in the deadly blaze.


Trevor Shane added: ‘Only someone who would be worried about their s**t burning in this kind of situation is the kind of person who would run an unkempt, unsafe space. So shocked that you are mad about your s**t burning.

Here’s a view of the sh*t that burned up.

I guess some people never left the 60s behind.

While these kind of people hold the white working class families of Gatlingburg in utter contempt, they’ve now experienced the joys of being mocked and ridiculed themselves.

The Facebook page that deals with victims has seen its share of trolling.

Let’s look at another Daily Mail story on that.

The Facebook event page where the missing once clicked that they were ‘attending’ musician Golden Donna’s 100% Silk West Coast tour has since turned into a lifeline for relatives searching for any news or updates.

But peppered in between posts of heartfelt condolences and parents searching for their children, are others writing disparaging comments about raves and ‘Oakland hipsters’.

It’s healthy to let your contempt hang out for those who hold you, your family, your life, your home, your religion, and your country in contempt. So, all the trolling (only a small sample is offered in this post) is a good thing, I think. These Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters can take their raves and shove them.

Actually, now that the fire department is on to them, these events are going to be harder to find. There also won’t be as many attendees. The dead and/or missing include these freaks.

I’ve only been able to find photos of two of the 13 Gatlinburg fire victims, which I have in a post done a few hours ago. The press has no interest in publishing the photos of decent hard-working Christian white people.

And since thousands of people were displaced by the Gatlinburg fire, where is the media coverage on that to match the caterwauling over displaced blacks driven out their homes by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Karma. It’s a bitch. Hipsters who were mocking the “hillbilly” fire victims earlier this week have experienced it firsthand.

48 thoughts on “NO SYMPATHY: Internet Condemns Mystery Meat Operator of Rave Cave, While Trolls Ridicule the Dead to Friends and Relatives

      • Geee, after looking at those photos of some of the extinct, I feel depressed just looking at them; Bernie and hildabeast voters for sure, and to quote my dear late mother “here’s a cheerful thought! these will be YOUR caretakers.” Creatures like these will insure the extinction of the white race

  1. I thought all that rave nonsense died in the late 80’s early 90’s? There were a few places like this death trap in my city back in the above mentioned time period, they were all closed down after long legal battles for one reason, they were all fire hazards and their 2 bit renters of the properties were too tight to pay for the necessary exits and other work that would bring their death traps up to some kind of standard. Ah well, nothing of any real value lost.

    • Went to my last rave in 1995. I still remember it being vaguely unhip without any novelty left in it. The mindlessness of the robotic dancing in particular still gives me the creeps. No wonder we had to take so many drugs…

  2. Looks like there will a few less Democrat voters BTW, what exactly is that skeezy, mystery-meat building-owner? I am sure my first few guesses would be wrong.

  3. Many of them died on the 2nd floor, where a pile of stacked wooden pallets made up the “stairs.” This asshole needs to be tried, convicted and executed, by fire. Watching him burn alive will be the only closure these families get.

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  5. You’re the definition of idiot. As someone who grew up in the Midwest, spent 10 yrs living in the deep south, and now live in the Bay Area for work. I have yet to hear anyone anywhere in this country “mock” the situation or the people in Gatlinburg. It’s unquestionably horrendous – as is this situation in Oakland. Your post reeks of jealousy and a perceived (albeit, unfounded/unbased/uneducated perception that people on the coasts are “liberal and bad cause their elitist”). Classic try for further incensing the “haves and have nots” debate of which you clearly are the latter. Give me a break. I’m sorry that you feel such a void in wanting more of your life. Please do the rest of the world a favor and keep your unenlightened, intolerant, ultra-right stories among between you and your like-minded friends. You are a joke to this country and your fellow mankind. If you are unable to spread positivity, love, and encouragement leave the rest of us who actually care about our fellow citizens and are tolerant of others opinions regardless of background, ethnicity, and political lean out of your small-minded and narrow-viewed rants. I pray that you can expand your world someday.

    • I obviously live in a different world, where one can discuss ones perception of reality without any fear of harassment; a world of tolerance and respect, a world of intellectual debate and honesty.

      Some of You apparently don’t.

      If you had read the About, you’d know that I am a former academic, so I know liberals quite well. You guys let your guard down around me because you thought mistakenly that I was one of you. Oh yes, I know your hatred of the white, Christian working class whites who “cling to their guns and Bibles.”

      No one on this site is invading your space. You liberal/progressive cultural Marxists come here and hector us. You think you can shut us up, but you can’t because at the end of the day we’re right and you’re wrong.

      We deplorable hillbillies didn’t crowd into a firetrap and get our asses roasted. You progressives did that because you think you’re immortal. You’re not. You’re just immoral.

      • There’s no question you live in a world on your own. There are medical diagnoses for these behavioral issues. I’m sorry you feel such a deep hatred and anger along with the need to justify yourself. It comes out loud and clear in your postings. I am someone who identifies as “White, Christian, and Conservative” and find your line of commentary disgraceful. I don’t have to add anything further as it speaks volumes on it’s own and is beyond sad that in your anger you strike out against what you consider to be “your own type”…I truly feel for you and your intolerance. I hope someday you can feel some element of kindness and acceptance beyond where you believe your “hillbilly education” has led you. If not in the USA, somewhere on this Earth before your soul departs.

      • If you are a Christian, perhaps you remember Jesus getting angry with the Jews in the Temple? Righteous anger is a healthy emotion. Jesus wasn’t very tolerant there, was he? Remember, besides being a man, He was also God. God gets angry. Maybe you can recommend a Jewish headshrinker for God to see.

        I just write news analysis here–alternate analysis that strikes a chord with thousands of readers every day. You know that the Satanic press is giving 666 times more coverage to the Ghost Ship fire than to the Gatlinburg fire. Damn right it pisses me off. I can’t even find pictures of the dead in Gatlinburg to post here. The press doesn’t give a shit about those good, hardworking people.

        Since you’re in California maybe you guys will get your own country and leave us alone to live in ours without interference from you libs. We need our own institutions, not institutions that are biased, bigoted, and enemies of free thought and free speech. It’s only words, after all. As mama used to say, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

      • AM, where did you get your pretentious quip. “I am sorry you feel…”

        You JOHN 3:16 CHRISTIANS are an upchuck to the saviour. You claiming to be white, Christian…no fruits.. all lip service … Make me sick..imagine the saviour telling servants ( like me) ” bring those, my enemies, who would not serve me and slay them”
        What great pleasure Master! (Luke 19:27 Here next is a phoney called AM..well, here’s his head at least. As for his (((children))) I dashed them against the stones..Happy I was!!! Psalm 137:9 ” happy shall he be that taketh thy children and dasheth them against the stones”

    • AM, I will respond here. This is not your site. You are the visiter. Don’t wait until I arrive and show you the door. (Hint: leave the same way you came in…unless you need ‘help’)

  6. Humans died. Why can’t we all just get along without prejudice and the need to make oneself out to feel good about ourselves at the expense of others. Life was lost.. let that be the story.

    • Graham, ” why can’t we all just get along…”
      Surely you Don’t gargle that spew ?
      Would you Like a glass of milk, Mr. Boone? After Frosty gets into town there will be chestnuts roasting on an open fire, one horse open sleighs and you can deck the Muslim halls with boughs of Ivy
      Wait, Pat, there is more!
      At the Monument for slaughtered white people in South Africa, Scrungee, the Gibs dat king will sing the soul searing,” Kumba Ya”. Then, Paul, The Walrus Beatle, will do ‘ I get by with a little help from my friends’
      Oh, do be there, won’t you?
      Bring a fag friend! We will certau

      • I’m willing to bet you feel good about yourself at my expense. That’s ok.. I feel good at no ones expense.. and I stand by what I said.. life is life.. whether that life falls into the parameters that you set to be considered worthy.. or whether that life fails in your eyes to live up to expectation.. a bunch of emotionally detached people mocking the dead.. really sad..

      • Life is life, eh? So tell me, do you feel sorry for the blacks, jews, Mexicans, muslims and all the rest of the mud races that are destroying and out-breeding Whites? Do you think Whites deserve to live the way they want? Without jungle trash destroying everything we’ve done and given them? Do you realize that the jews’ Marxist Culturalism has twisted your very thinking, as shown in your remark?

      • Are you for real??? You have so much hate in you. Are you getting all your ideas from the little book of cliched ideaology of the narrow minded .. do you have anything original.. life is life.. regardless of colour.. geography.. religion.. beliefs.. wealth or whether that life lives by the means that a well travelled and experienced life like yourself can understand or appreciate.. even with all your hate.. your life is precious too .. I would be sad for you if you lost yours in that fire

      • Finally an original question.. “am I white” I’m concerned that’s a trick question.. very cleverly disguised as a pathetic and mindless insult. . My colour is irrelevant.. as is your opinion.. you can quote any cliched argument you can find to try and colour your opinion with some degree of intelligence.. unfortunately it’s not working.. regardless of where you place varied lives in order of there importance based on your cliched beliefs.. they are still just life.. they bleed.. they laugh.. they cry.. they hurt.. they love.. they make mistakes.. they are treated cruelly or treat others cruelly.. and they also.. unfortunately burn.. come back to me in a few years after you have developed a sense of tolerance for all life.. or explain to me why you have such a disdain for certain beings.. not with cliched versions of others thoughts.. but with your personal wisdom that is yet to emerge

      • Graham cracker, no one on this site is emotionally detached but you, because you are a mudskin.
        You have some quips in front of you you picked up at Starbucks ‘chtristian fag hour’ ” Wow! I wish I’d said that!”
        and you are all set. You have some sites that promise more favor to your l(((hypnosis complex)))?
        Why aren’t you there?
        Do I feel happy at your expense?
        Your ego trip is amusing at first but until you get some original material Don’t expect applause.
        I suggest again that you leave this site if you are unhappy.
        I am sorry that you feel displaced here. As paludan justice succinctly said, ” this is not a gun fight.”
        I will add, ” not until you bring a gun, Graham cracker.” šŸ™‚

    • Can you explain why anyone should care about them? I don’t know them. The Tweeters on the Internet don’t know them. They were stupid, drug using, hipster, holier-than-thou parasites who knowingly lived in a fire trap. The Internet meme is called the Darwin Award. Look it up.

    • Really?
      How sickening to publish pictures of burn/ dead victims at Dresden, Germany and call them ‘ holocaust Jews.
      You sure are screwed up!

      • Homer, for the record this not the same D as the nice lady who usually comments here and puts out a like once or twice a day. I just wanted you to know that when our D comments again. This guy is not her.

      • Thank you for that alert. I did not think the same D was responsible for the irresponsible.:)

    • Good sleuthing by you to come up with this info. I can answer your last question: Nothing. They were parasites. I wished them no harm, but at the same time, I’m not going to sit here bemoaning their extinction.

      The only thing I’ve seen on the cause of the fire was some speculation by officials or reporters about electrical wiring.

  7. Stop using the same old rehashed excuses to condemn groups of people that are based upon other people’s experiences.. don’t use the Jews.. cliched.. the bible.. cliched.. coloured people.. cliched.. in fact most of the examples you use are gross generalisations of other people’s experiences.. haven’t you got your own life experiences to back up your claims that some lives are just a waste of space.. using wow words such as Jews.. the bible etc.. just don’t impress me much.. sounds like you borrow ideas because you lack the ability to actually form your own.

    • How about you quit using the same cliches rehashing the worn out proverbial squalor enhancing useless lives?
      Perhaps you have something to add other than ” he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”?
      Perhaps at your ‘brother’s” next fire alarm, you will be there?

    • Life is life?

      I am going to call you on your hypocracy. Google images of poached animals in Africa. Study those horrid images then realize the truth staring right at you. See the White man with the clip boards? He is not the poacher. Your Negro brother us the poacher. Now pull up the images of White women raped in South Africa. They were hanged upside down and gang raped before being gutted with a knife. You are not white Graham..I will answer the question you refused.
      You are not white. You cliche insults that you target whites with.
      Never mind the worthless monsters that come out of NIGGER CREEK every day

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