K9 Officer Banjer Stabbed During Confrontation with Deranged Man, Suspect Shot After Taking Hostage

You stab a cop, you pay the price.

NBC San Diego

A short standoff in Rancho Santa Fe early Saturday ended with a man being shot by deputies after he stabbed a K9 and forced his way into a man’s apartment, taking him hostage.

Deputies with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO) Encinitas Station were called to 6012 Paseo Delicias at Via de Santa Fe shortly before 5:30 a.m. to investigate a disturbance in the area. SDSO Lt. Kenneth Nelson said the caller told deputies a man was yelling in the street and possibly slamming or breaking things.

Upon arrival, deputies discovered a man, armed with knife, making loud noises near a staircase on the street. That man has now been identified by officials as Edward Ray Nett, 50.

Deputies approached Nett, ordering him to drop the knife. Nett yelled at deputies that he was going to stab them and refused to drop his weapon. Nelson said deputies deployed pepper balls at the suspect, to no avail.

Deputies deployed a K9. At that point, the SDSO said Nett struggled with the dog and stabbed the K9 under his left eye.

Nett then ran into an apartment complex behind a Wells Fargo bank in a commercial lot on Paseo Delicias.

He forced his way into an apartment and allegedly threatened a man living inside the home with a knife, taking him hostage.

Deputies surrounded the apartment and a short standoff ensued.

Officials said the resident was able to run away from Nett by locking himself inside a bathroom in the apartment during the standoff.

Nett then began yelling that he had allegedly slit the hostage’s throat, Nelson said.

Deputies tried to negotiate Nett’s surrender. A short time later, the suspect walked out of the apartment and confronted the deputies with his knife.

Nelson said one of the deputies fired four rounds at Nett, wounding him and ending the standoff. Nett was taken to a local hospital just after 6 a.m. Nelson said he did not have an update on the suspect’s condition.

Good news for SD’s K9 officers:

Officer Banjer, we salute your bravery and wish you a speedy recovery.

6 thoughts on “K9 Officer Banjer Stabbed During Confrontation with Deranged Man, Suspect Shot After Taking Hostage

  1. I was not there at the scene, but I question why LE officers constantly give these crazies the opportunity to escape and harm innocent citizens. I know that the answer is vibrant diversity, and that the officers are afraid of being crucified for doing what needs to be done e.g. terminate the perpetrator. If I were that apartment-dweller who was taken hostage, I would be mighty pissed. Well actually, I would have been armed and simply have done the officer’s job for them. For what it is worth, know that our LEO’s are hampered/bound by the current PC insanity and that you and I, innocent, law-abiding citizens do not factor into their equation: My life/pension >/≠ average innocent citizen. The truth ain’t always pleasant.

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