American Vanguard Triggers Cucks at Purdue University


One of the several photos of Professor Linda Prokopy on the Internet shows her holding a Koala. I can’t bring myself to be too hard on a woman I’ve seen holding the delightful little marsupial. But she is a liberal (you can tell by looking) and a feminist, so there’s no sense in ignoring her ridiculous efforts to trash the right of the white race to exist.

The liberal Linda (Jewish by any chance?) was disgusted by Purdue University President Mitch Daniels (former Republican governor of Indiana) earlier this week.

What caused her panties to twist into a wad?

Mitch Daniels’ response to so-called white supremacy posters put up on campus by American Vanguard was not strong enough for her.


Called out for ‘lukewarm’ response to white supremacist fliers on campus, Mitch Daniels clarifies his stance

A day after Purdue University faculty and students called out Mitch Daniels and promised to protest outside his Hovde Hall office for his “lame, lukewarm” response to a white nationalist group’s fliers cropping up on campus, the school’s president sent a letter Thursday to clarify his thoughts.

“My condemnation of the apparent motives behind the poster at issue wasn’t sufficiently strident for some, and that’s fair enough,” Daniels wrote in a letter sent Thursday morning to Purdue faculty, staff and students.

Several dozen fliers touting American Vanguard, a white nationalist group listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch list, were found on Purdue kiosks and around Stanley Coulter Hall on Wednesday morning. Members of the University Senate’s equity and diversity committee pressed Daniels to condemn the fliers and those who put who them up.

This was Daniels’ initial statement, released Wednesday afternoon:

“Reading the dozen or so words on the posters in question, it’s not at all clear what they mean. But if one looks behind them, as I did, to the organization’s website, there are views expressed there that are obviously inconsistent with the values and principles we believe in here at Purdue. This is a transparent effort to bait people into overreacting, thereby giving a minuscule fringe group attention it does not deserve, and that we decline to do.”

On Wednesday night, about 150 faculty and students gathered at the West Lafayette Public Library to plan ways to counter the white supremacist messages of the fliers, even as American Vanguard promised more to come as it recruited supporters at Purdue and other campuses. Much of the night was devoted to blasting Daniels for not being strong enough in his response. The group promised a rally outside Daniels’ offices at noon Monday.

Talk about miniscule groups, eh Mitch? Well, 150 faculty and students at Purdue is about as miniscule as you can get. Yet you caved to these frightened cucks. Grow some big ones, boy, and start kicking ass like a real man.

That brought on Daniels’ follow-up. Here’s the rest of his statement, sent to Purdue email accounts around 10 a.m. Thursday:

“Each person can choose the language he or she thinks best meets an occasion like this. But Purdue University’s opposition to racism in all its forms couldn’t be more clear, both from yesterday’s statement and a host of others that preceded it. No action by a self-promoting fringe group can do anything to change that; in fact, it only furnishes another opportunity to underscore our commitment to equal access and opportunity, inclusion and respect for all people.”

Linda Prokopy, chairwoman of the University Senate’s equity and diversity committee, on Wednesday had said Daniels’ initial response was “not enough.” Prokopy said Thursday that Daniels made a stronger statement.

“President Daniels has satisfied my concerns,” Prokopy said. “I am delighted that he publicly underscored Purdue’s commitment to being an inclusive and respectful community. I am also very pleased that he listened to the concerned faculty, staff and students and responded to us.”

More background on this story can be read at JSonline, which goes into American Vanguard in more depth.

Link to American Vanguard posters page

7 thoughts on “American Vanguard Triggers Cucks at Purdue University

  1. Ugh! That female professor has that ugly (((Debbie Wasserman-Schultz))) Medusa ringlet hair-do. I can not see her hands but suspect there is no wedding ring. Also, it is hilarious to see these weenies flip out over some hand-bills. What lame-o’s. In two months, when I retire, I think that I will seek to become a clandestine saboteur. Got to do something to stay busy.

    • When I looked her up I saw that she had won some kind of award at Purdue. I suspect she has lots of energy and uses it to stir the pot. She’s a professor of agriculture, which suggests she’s not Jewish since Jews have no interest in farming or forests. With a nicer hairstyle and makeup she would be an attractive woman physically. I fear that her personality may be warped by feminism and other forms of leftist thought like Melissa Click at Mizzou.

      She probably thinks that we sit around dreaming up ways to trigger nonwhites when all we want is to be left alone by a hostile government and hostile elites who hate our guts and our way of life. She doesn’t understand that white genocide is real. The woman who posts here as Dark Side of the Moon could educate her very firmly about the truth of our situation.

    • I had looked up the origins of the name as I usually do when my jewdar goes off and I have the time. I guess she’s some kind of Molokan Russian, whatever that is. I didn’t venture into the history of Molokans, although that would be an interesting thing to do.

      Yes, she’s badly Jewed even if she’s not a Jew. I would reiterate to her that white genocide is real and that we have a right to exist. Would she disagree? Probably. Sad that an attractive woman like her makes herself unattractive on the outside and on the inside.

  2. I’m looking at her response to the response and thinking she already had a script ready. Given that virtually every political machination in today’s America involves some variation on the “false-flag” media portrayal, I would suspect she knows a bit about how and why these flyers came to be where they were.

    Notice how it always seems to be Universities?

    • You have hit the nail on the head. Far right wingers would know they are wasting their time recruiting at Universities, due to Groupthink and Parrot Fashion learning required these days. . The Brown Shirts chose the beer halls to gain new members, not the Universities. So probably Jew trolls or libturd tricksters have laid these all over the campus. Better to place them in pubs, and maybe libraries.
      I always leave public computers (airports, libraries etc) connected to this site, or Pat Buchanan or Brother Nathaniel. Naturally not if my real name is known.

      • Nazis, neo-confederates, and the alt-right /pol are trolls at heart. There’s probably no serious effort to recruit at Purdue, but rather an effort to trigger administrators, blacks, etc. into going overboard in response.

        Trump does this kind of trolling all the time. He did it the other day when he talked on the phone to the woman president of Taiwan. He enjoys upsetting liberals because he knows that they will respond in excessively stupid ways.

        Purdue president Mitch Daniels didn’t take the bait, although I’m sure some students and faculty did.

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