Afghan Teen “Refugee” Raped and Murdered Lovely Young German Student, Suspect in Second Rape and Murder


Frau Merkel has so much blood on her hands that it will never wash off. Likewise, the Marxists and their useful idiots who worship so-called refugees are also blood-spattered.

This is what your victim, one of them anyway, looked like. Take a good hard look, my useful idiots and know what you have done.



In the murder case of Maria L., a 19-year-old female student from Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, was found murdered and raped on 17 October 2016 on the banks of Dreisam River near Schwarzwald-Stadion of the Bundesliga football club SC Freiburg. On 3 December 2016, the arrest of a 17-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan under the suspicion of being the perpetrator was announced by Freiburg police. His DNA already was analysed and the man was identified unambiguously.[1]

he victim was a 19-year-old female student of medicine, who was named as Maria L. by the police according to German privacy law. She was the daughter of a high EU official.[2] Originally based in the Enzkreis in Baden-Württemberg, she came to Freiburg to attend the university. On the day of the crime, the night of 15/16 October 2016, she had been visiting a party of her faculty which she left at 02.37 a.m. and was on her way home by bike. She was raped near or inside the stadium and died of drowning in the Dreisam river shortly after 3 a.m. There were no witnesses of the crime. A female jogger found the body the next day.[1][3]

Freiburg police formed a special commission consisting of 68 officers. It questioned more than 1,400 people and checked more than 1,600 clues.[4] DNA of the perpetrator was found amongst others on his bike, which was discovered 500 metres off the scene.[1][3]
A 18.5cm long hair that he lost at the murder scene and which portended on a conspicuos hairstyle – a bleached undercut – identified the perpetrator, a 17-year-old asylum seeker. His original haircolor was black. A policewomen recognized him on a CCTV recording from a streetcar which was taped in the vicinity on early 17 October, though he had partially changed his hairstyle. Besides the hair, also a black scarf that he wore identified the man, as DNA traces were also found on it. The arrest was announced on early 3 October. Freiburg police held a press conference the same day.[3][1]
The case was subject of the ZDF TV programme Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst.[3]

The suspect is a 17-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan, a so-called “underage unaccompanied refugee” who immigrated into Germany in 2015[4] and lived in the home of a family in Freiburg, which was also questioned after his arrest.[1]

It is still under investigation if the suspect is also responsible for the murder and rape of 27-year-old female jogger Carolin G., who was murdered three weeks later near Endingen, Baden-Württemberg, 30km outside of Freiburg. Police didn’t find DNA there up to now.[3] Both cases were subject of the same edition of the TV programme Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst. More than 400 people called in to give clues to the police.[3]

On 3 October, Martin Jäger, Secretary of State in the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Interior, sent 25 additional police forces to Freiburg to increase police presence. Politicians had also demanded improved equipment for the Freiburg police for some time. Guido Wolf, Minister of Justice of Baden-Württemberg, called for a change of code of criminal procedure to allow the police to determine also the colour of hair, eyes and skin during a DNA sample.[2]

There had been problems with “underage unaccompanied refugees” in Freiburg for some time; several crime cases were recorded, predominantly around the square of Stühlinger Kirchplatz, including some cases of sexual assaults, but mostly drug dealing and bodily injury.[2]

The rape and murder of Carolin Gruber was reported by The Local Germany on November 11. She was out jogging when she disappeared. The same Muslim is under investigation for her murder.

We’re going to have to keep reporting these crimes since there are so many bad apples among the rapefugee population. Few if any of them are capable of assimilation. The devastating effects on Germany will never go away. To the German people I say that we in America wish that you will find your own Donald Trump, or even your own new Uncle Adolf.

See more pictures of Maria here.

11 thoughts on “Afghan Teen “Refugee” Raped and Murdered Lovely Young German Student, Suspect in Second Rape and Murder

  1. Curious how most of these so called “children” are always the ones commiting crimes, or just over 20… I’m pretty sure he was lying about his age.

    In any case, just another crime on the hands of liberals. I’m pretty sure she was one herself to be honest, especially since her father is someone that works for the EU.

    • It also makes one think about charities that, daily, run appeals for cash for children. When you consider who they regard as children.

      Just babies, really.

    • In doing my research, I found pics of a Barbara Ladenburger who looks just like her. Barbara (a sister?) is holding nonwhite children in one or two of her pics. The whole family would be liberals, I suppose. To be harsh, as she was being raped and murdered, perhaps she was so brainwashed that she thought she deserved it. So sad!

      • The daily stormer just covered this case as well, apparently what i said is actually true and i’m not sure if her father supported donations for afghan migrants before or after she was murdered.

        It’s either an extreme case of the cuck syndrome or his daughter’s blood is on his hands.

  2. This is an awfully sad story. I spent a number of years stationed in Germany. My observations from thirty-five years ago were that the rest of the world had beaten down the proud German peoples Teutonic aggressiveness. The ones I met and associated were very intelligent, industrious, courteous (in their unique Teutonic way) but they all seemed docile and Eloi-like. We can only hope that they reclaim the mojo they had during WWII which enabled them to take on the world’s combined might and still kick a**. It is either that or go down to oblivion.

  3. RIP Maria. And to fellow commenters so inclined; please resist the urge to try and find silly ways that attempt to try and make Maria out to be a non-caucasoid, please. Thank you in advance.

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  5. Very sad, I can’t even remember how many times I’ve read this same story of a beautiful white girl, living in the land she was born into after who knows how many generations, and alien freaks with a penchant for rape and murder are brought in to deliberately do this. I wonder how her EU high official relative is squaring this with their conscience? I am at least happy to know that something like this hit one of them because it usually hits us, the plebes, the great unwashed and so maybe these idiots might have an epiphany that this shit can happen to them too. A future detroyed and a life snuffed out – for what? So a creature from another civilization can have a few moments enjoyment of his savage nature. Send them all back and the rest just herd into the ocean. And don’t show me a photo of a kid face down on a beach. I’m over it. I could see hundreds of them and I wouldn’t change my mind.

    Paladin: I believe you are onto something. I believe the very best and brightest were wiped out in Europe through a series of wars set up by outside forces, shall we say…. But there is no doubt that the entire continent has been greatly weakened by having the majority of its alpha male types cut down young on the battlefields, before they could leave their genetic material to another generation.

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