Woman Doctor Who Called Michelle Obama “monkey face” on Facebook Forced to Resign


The Denver Channel

DENVER – An anesthesiologist accused of posting a racially-charged comment on Facebook resigned from Denver Health Friday.

Denver Health says that Dr. Michelle Herren and the hospital “mutually agreed” to voluntarily part ways. Dr. Herren worked as a pediatric anesthesiologist for 10 years at the hospital.

The post that caused Dr. Herren to resign from the hospital was made public after a Denver7 story Monday. The Facebook post shows a picture of a yelling Michelle Obama with Dr. Herren commenting, “doesn’t seem to be speaking too eloquently here, thank god we can’t hear her! Harvard??? That’s a place for “entitled” folks said all the liberals!” Dr. Herren goes onto comment, “Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! There! I feel better and am still not racist!!! Just calling it like it is!”

Dr. Herren told Denver 7’s Molly Hendrickson over the phone that her comment was taken “out of context” and insists she didn’t realize the term “monkey face” is offensive. Herren said she was responding to another post pointing out people say whatever they want about Melania Trump, but if they do the same about Michelle Obama they’re considered racist.

The comment has since been removed and Dr. Herren has taken down her Facebook page.

Before Friday’s announcement, the hospital told Denver7 Tuesday that it couldn’t control the opinions their staff expressed as private individuals. On Thursday, the hospital said Dr. Herren was not seeing any patients. She resigned Friday. Her salary at the publicly-funded hospital was $363,600.

The University of Colorado School of Medicine has also begun the process of terminating Dr. Herren’s faculty appointment.

“She has expressed values that are at odds with ours and she has compromised her ability to meet the teaching and patient care missions of the School of Medicine,” said School of Medicine Dean John J. Reilly, Jr. in a statement Thursday afternoon.

Legal experts said for public entities such as Denver Health termination procedures must consider First Amendment Free Speech Rights.

“It’s a little bit more complicated than you would think, and it really is going to depend on the facts as to whether that employer can take action,” said Lorrie Ray with Mountain States Employers Council.

Ray said the actions would have to have a matter of public concern that disrupts the workplace to take adverse employment action.

She should have made them fire her. Now that Herren has resigned, she really has no grounds for an unlawful termination lawsuit.


I had forgotten about all of the Bush is a monkey pictures that appeared on the Internet when he was president. Apparently, it’s OK to call a white man a monkey, but not a “lady” (tranny?) of color.

18 thoughts on “Woman Doctor Who Called Michelle Obama “monkey face” on Facebook Forced to Resign

  1. “An anesthesiologist accused of posting a racially-charged comment on Facebook resigned from Denver Health Friday.”
    Who will replace her? A Coon, an Arab or a Hindu?
    How many lives will be lost due to this thought police action? Probably several Americans will die due to this foolish and unjust decision. Maybe some Holy Negroes will die due to having an incompetent anesthesiologist.!
    Folks, (((Facebook))) is evil and dangerous and a NWO shill spying outfit. Using a word like “nigger” there can get an Australian a term in prison for “hate”.
    Fucking niggers.

    • Jewish comedian Joan Rivers ended up dead a couple of months after being caught on tape saying that Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny. Rivers even said, “Everybody knows it.”

      Coincidence that a wealthly, famous Jew died while in surgery after saying these things? Possibly, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      Every white person should comment under a screen name, not his real name. My Twitter is under the Saboteur365 name. I do not have Facebook, but if I did, it would be under a screen name.

      • I have seen Youtube footage of Joan Rivers mocking the HolyCause and even Holy Anne Frank during a stand up. The Jewish audience were laughing. They are probably sick of hearing the bull propaganda everyday also. But maybe one or two in the audience were not amused. She must have done this many times at other shows.

    • Here in Jew England (especially Eastern MA), they’re replacing most doctors and nurses with coons, hindoos, arabs and chinks. Doctor Herren should be immediately reinstated with a promotion …..one in a million who sees reality clearly.

  2. Monkey faced nigger obama, there I said it and I’m not racist it’s just a fact. The first amendment is dead, you have hardly any rights left and you will none if you do not stand up. This is Orwellian thought crime, this can not stand, we must fight back, name calling doesn’t hurt anyone unless they let it and boy do the niggers let it.

    • She didn’t even say “nigger.” Monkey face is just an opinion. They called George W. Bush a monkey and did the monkey photoshop on him too. I should have put up one of those Bush as a monkey pictures. Calling someone a monkey isn’t racist.

      She blew it by resigning. Make them fire you then spend a ton of money suing them. You might win your job back.

      • That is true, many monkeys are white. Only lefties think that monkeys are always black. Lefties are monkeyists, or monkeyphobes. They hate monkeys!

    • The first amendment is still alive, but only for shitskins (oops sorry peoples of poopy color)

      I have fought back, not be flailing about and yelling but with clam clear English, which I am told angers the secion8/ebt club card holders to no end. I have been threatened both physically and verbally including gang stalked.

      The far left is much more organized and betting backed and funded, plus they will not give up until they vanquish us totally, plus they have the majority of white gen-x and millenials in their pocket.

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  4. Let’s hope those that call Trump and his wife names suffer a similar fate. I’m sick of Whites being abused without consequence.

    Whites should be protected by the same hate laws.

  5. If I am going to hope for something it’s not going to the punishment of name callers

    It would be for something awesome like…… being invaded by hot Russian chicks in thongs and high heels while armed with Wild Turkey and cigars

  6. What a sad Indictment against our right to freedom of speech. Personally I didn’t find her post to be nearly as offensive as the ones from the left. Because many were extremely vitriolic I’ve followed several. In the initial post election days, Matt Harrigan, CEO of PacketSled, a cyber-security firm in CA, threatened to assassinate DT on Facebook during the course of several postings – even wrote about using a sniper rifle , finding a bedroom window to shoot from and when warned to tone down his rhetoric by another FB user he shot back for the secret service to “bring it on”. He resigned after being placed on administrative leave. Then Monisha Rajesh, a freelance columnist who often writes for the UK newspapers the Guardian and Telegraph, tweeted “It’s about time for a presidential assassination”. Breitbeg and other outlets reached out to both UK publications for comment and both used evasive rhetoric but made it clear she was not on staff thus they were not responsible for her tweet. Interesting. From reading her articles and blog “Around The World in 80 Trains (now a book), one would never suspect her capable of such hateful thoughts. The one that truly horrified me however was a tweet on Nov 13 by Don King, a senior banker with BNP Paribas in which King wrote ” Rape Melania then decapitate the bitch. Cmon ISIS where you at when we need you”. The next day he tweeted his account had been hacked and on Nov 15 his Twitter account had been suspended. Curious if this human hubris was a real person I dug in a bit and he is indeed. I was surprised to learn that BNP Paribas is a French multinational bank and financial services company with global headquarters in Paris, and the third largest bank in the world in total assets. I haven’t been able to determine if he still works for them but my gut says he does.

  7. Never, ever post under your true identity. Your opinion may be your own and well within your rights as a free individual but that’s not how the powers that be view it. For one thing use FB only for family & friends type conversations. If you go for the political or social jugular then do it by stealth.

  8. I hope and think there is a principle at work that posting words like nigger here is OK. Same for any site with the name “Storm” in it that gives the lefties the idea they are not welcome. As a group using this site we are aware of the intention of this alt-right site. This site is not for softcock liberals who need crying rooms at Universities. Facebook on the other hand is a leftist Jew run site which hates White Nationalism with a passion, and whites in general. Facebook could also be called Thoughts Book in the sense that only left wing views are legal and tolerated, Any right wing view on FB or Twitter can get a person fired for hate speech, even though the New President is a right winger who is not afraid to give offense.
    I can only hope Trump bans all US residents from using Facebook and Twitter, that would be fantastic. Or, maybe jails the bosses for blackmail and extortion of their users, which is exactly what they are doing

    • Take a look at Micro while he’s still up on Twitter; he’s been banned 24 times now and comes back since he knows how to do that kind of stuff using “burner” phones or whatever.


      I pull leads to some of my posts from his Tweets. Twitter hates him but as he comes back he picks up his old followers pretty quickly.

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