NOT GROIDS: Oakland Rave Fire Roasted White and Mystery Meat Degenerates

nigger head

A “Rave Cave” fire has claimed the lives of up to 40 Hillary and Bernie supporters.

I see on some of the forums that “roasted groids” on the menu in Oakland, California is making some white folks happy.

The only problem with that speculation is that it’s wrong. The 9 dead and a fluctuating number of missing and presumed dead are primarily white and mixed race mystery meat degenerates, aka “artists and musicians.”

White supremacists or Trump supporters are already being blamed on social media for starting the fire. Later, when it comes out that an angry ghetto dweller, upset with light skinned people invading his neighborhood, started the fire, then the truth will be swept under the rug.

Alternatively, perhaps a person of color wasn’t paid for the drugs he supplied so he did what blacks do, aka “Burn the bitches down.”

Of course, it might not have been a Black Lives Matter arsonist who set the fire. It could have been a Muslim terrorist. As if it’s not natural to think that Muslims often are involved in mass casualty events.

Alternatively, the fire might have been accidentally started by a “performance artist” playing with fire while stoned out of his or her mind on drugs.

Photos of many of the feared fire victims at the Daily Mail show face tats, pierecings, dead eyes, and the effects of a lifetime of drug use.


Really, if you’ve seen one victim, you’ve seen them all, with only slight variation. There’s not a Trump supporter–a decent hard working white man or woman–to be seen among them. There seem to be a significant number of Jews however. Jews are often drawn to degenerate artistic movements.

There’s going to be some real heavy lawsuits hitting soon. The Rave Cave was not up to legal fire code specifications. Jewish lawyers are going to have a field day feasting upon the remains of the dead.




6 thoughts on “NOT GROIDS: Oakland Rave Fire Roasted White and Mystery Meat Degenerates

  1. “Trump supporters are already being blamed”.
    There is a logical error in blaming all crimes and accidents on which way a person votes and thereby fingering the politician as somehow responsible, this is absurd. Raping, robbing, killing. drunk driving goes on every day and nobody ever says “The black perpetrator votes for Hillary” as though somehow the way someone votes leads to non political crimes.
    Using the same logic, 98% of serial killers have a TV set. Therefore, owning a TV leads to a person becoming a serial killer. Same for refrigerators, 99%.
    Probably much more than 50% of criminals vote Democrat, and many would not vote at all.

    The real crime is this. “The Rave Cave was not up to legal fire code specifications. Jewish lawyers are going to have a field day feasting upon the remains of the dead.”
    At least one person in each of the Local Council and the Local Fire Department should be jailed for this serious crime. Both would have known about the Rave Cave and both did nothing. Fort example there would have been many noise and behaviour complaints about the place. Why did the Police ignore this fire safety issue? All in all, a pretty Third World thing to happen, no fire exits etc – and in California, the place of advanced technology. I guess fire technology is not so advanced in California.
    The (((owner))) and lessee of the Rave Cave should be jailed for several years for negligent homicide.

  2. Also no insurance should be paid, so the property owner should not profit by what may have been intentional murder, like 911. This crime may well have been a Jewish BBQ. Cashing in on fire insurance, and having people burned makes the fire look less suspicious. Did the insurance policy exceed the current market value of the property as Larry Shekelsteins did? This should be void due top the deliberate flaunting of fire safety regulations. E.g. were there any extinguishers, could people get out, or were doors locked?

  3. Rather than presume the Fire Marshal was not doing his job it’s fair to figure this guy was circumventing the law to make a buck and the plan went south. These incidents occur in Atlanta frequently and the findings are usually substandard accommodations, too many people in a small space and no permits or licenses because the owner/organizer wanted a big profit for little investment. The type of crowd is generally the same: misfits and outcasts meeting to connect with their own kind, drink, do drugs and thumb their noses at the establishment. Unfirtunately, it’s us establishment types who comb thru the wreckage, remove bodies and have the task of attempting identifcation. I am yet to see one of them on hand when the charbroiled body is determined to be a male 18-21, recently broke his left arm. Tag him John Doe #4 until we get a dental. Usually, the owner/operator is wringing his hands over whether bail will be permitted or not.

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