Missing White Mom and Two Daughters Died in Gatlinburg Fire



The media response to the Rave Cave Oakland fire today versus the response to a far more devastating fire in a white working class community tells me all I need to know about the media’s hatred of white working class people.

The pumping up of the Oakland fire into a national tragedy scenario today is despicable. I don’t give a damn about the degenerates who perished in that fire. MY sympathies go to the honest, hard working white people whose hardscrabble lives don’t matter a bit to the (((media elites.)))


Family tells WATE 6 On Your Side two bodies were found near Constance Reed. Grandmother Jeannie Gardner believes they are her granddaughters, 9-year-old Lily and 12-year-old Chloe, but she is waiting on positive identification from the medical examiner’ office.

Pastor Philip Morris at Parkway Church of God says they have received confirmation through the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office that the body of Constance Reed, Michael’s wife, has been recovered.

“Our hearts are broken to receive this news. We ask for everyone to continue in prayer for this family,” said Morris.

A fund has been set up to help the Reed family. It is called the Reed Family Relief Fund. Donations can be made online or by dropping off or mailing check or cash donations to the church office at:

Parkway Church of God

1103 Dolly Parton Parkway

Sevierville, TN 37862
Make checks payable to Parkway Church of God and note on the memo field “Fire Victims Fund.”

The Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountain fires are being investigated as human caused. I stronly suspect the media and investigators are aware that Muslims started those fires, but are holding back that information because the hillbillies in that area would massacre the Muslims, perhaps sparking off a national race war.

Whoever started the fires, regardless of his or her race, ethnicity, or religion, is now a mass murderer and should be treated as such. The death toll currently stands at 13.

9 thoughts on “Missing White Mom and Two Daughters Died in Gatlinburg Fire

  1. Cute little girl. Tragic!

    Nowhere to go to be safe anymore! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone threw gas around the town making sure it burned. Everything caught fire so quickly.

    • Tennessee real estate is prime due to the Hollyweird invasion of Nashville. It is now “cool to be country”. Would not be surprised if some rich azzzz real estate developer paid some down and outer to “do the job” to get the poor “white trash” out of there.

      No one will give a damn about these people.

      • A muzzie was shot and killed planting bombs in the forest about a hundred miles away. That was in August. I had a post on that a day or two ago. My money is on a muzzie arsonist.

      • That muzzie was a paid distraction. It was a developer. Rich people do this all the time to communities. Take away jobs. Flood them with drugs. Soft genocide. And if that does not work, burn baby burn.

        This country has been taken over by Autistic Affluent Azzzholes.

  2. A common cause of wildfires in hot dry weather is discarded burning cigarettes. The ciggie makers include chemicals which keep the product burning without the need for constant drawing, as pipe smokers need to do. Even on top of winter snow a cigarette will burn all the way through. My proposal is that these chemicals should be banned from all tobacco products. Slight inconvenience to the smokers vs lives and forests saved.
    Naturally non whites are the most likley to throw burning fags out the window of a car. Only whites like to keep their own rubbish inside a car for later disposal. In the case of the local “hillbillies” not one of them would throw a butt from a car during a dry period, they know the wildfire risks.

    • Very good points. I fear the Gatlinburg fire is now forgotten in the “national mourning” over the hipsters who were roasted in the Oakland fire. The hillbillies are too straight for anyone to care about them, other than a few of us pro-white dissident bloggers.

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