Activist: We will come by the hundreds of millions and we will turn Europe BLACK (Video)

An arrogant bastard that I presume to be a Muslim invites hundreds of millions worldwide to come to Europe to exterminate the white race.

If you’re white and you think you can ignore these kinds of a**holes, you’re wrong. If you’re white and you approve of his message, then just go kill yourself now, you useless eater.

Published on Mar 4, 2016

RT Commentator Sukant Chandan called for “all Black and Asian people” to flock to Europe “by the hundreds of Millions” to turn “Europe black” for the past “crimes” of colonialism and alleged exploitation of Muslim nations on an Interview called “Human Tidal Waves” on RT Crosstalk. He refers to the quote by Muammar Gaddafi who has warned that Europe runs the risk of turning “black” unless the EU pays Libya at least €5 billion a year to block the arrival of illegal immigrants from Africa back in 2010. Europe refused the payment and Gaddafi was eventually assassinated.

In one of his published articles, “Taking over the West”, Chandan calls for the complete obliteration of European culture as way to make things right for “past crimes”.

Read and see more at RT.

More of this brown supremacist here.

7 thoughts on “Activist: We will come by the hundreds of millions and we will turn Europe BLACK (Video)

  1. I think the mud man may be a British born Paki, an especially angry group.
    Using his argument, only former Colony residents can emigrate and they should only be allowed to emigrate to the country that colonized them. (Portugal and Spain will have a few problems if this happens).
    Australia, Canada and NZ are all former colonies of Britain. China was never colonized by the West except tiny enclaves in Hong Kong and Macau. So what “right of return” do any people have to go to Australia, especially Chinese?
    Why does an African from a former British Colony have any right to go to Australia and say he is a refugee and a child soldier who is weary of killing and torturing? Why should anybody from Somalia or Ethiopia have any right to go to Australia or Canada? These Coon countries were never colonized by the British.
    In fact, native born white Australians have less right to live in England than Coons from Mozambique or the Congo. Australia was a British Colony and those two dark nations were not.

    Lastly, when Europe falls to these horrible “hundreds of millions”, who will feed all the billions of Coons swanning about all over the world? I predict mass starvation on a scale never seen in history – and within one hundred years from now, no matter who is President of the US or Chief Mandarin of the UN. Only sterilizing all blacks, and dark browns, ASAP can prevent this coming calamity for the human race.

    • In case of nuclear war, I hope a few errant nuclear missiles are lobbed at the big population centers in Africa. Perhaps the Chinese would be most likely to do this in hopes of moving hundreds of millions of Chinks to Africa in order to exploit the natural resources and help with the Chinese population problem.

  2. Did we learn anything from this, YT? The Bible warned severely against even dealing with mudskins..But Naw, YT missionaries and colonists knew more than God.

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