U.S. Military Intelligence Wants to Talk to Mark Dice (Video)

Mark states in the above video that his youtube channel receives a billion hits a day! That popularity has attracted American military intelligence, which according to Mark, is looking for ways to shut down alternative media. That billion hits a day must add up to some serious advertising income for Mark.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Dec 1, 2016

A U.S. Military inteligence group wants to study me and my YouTube channel to figure out why I’m so popular. United States Special Operations Command reached out to me requesting to send a team of researchers to my studio to watch me work for days, and to talk with me about my popularity.

Mark writes:

They’re trying to study the rising independent media outlets like myself, in order to try to stop us, because we’re getting too powerful. This is getting creepy as hell. Subscribe to my channel if you’re new here because you’ll get new reports every day exposing the liberal lunatics and their manipulation of mainstream media.

There’s always the chance that Mark Dice is controlled opposition, paid to be a distraction from the real issues involving Jewish globalists and their desire to enslave the world. What do you think about Mark Dice’s contribution to what he calls “the resistance?”

If he ends up having a “heart attack” like fellow Jew Andrew Breitbart, I suppose then we’ll know he was the real deal.

8 thoughts on “U.S. Military Intelligence Wants to Talk to Mark Dice (Video)

      • While I was pondering your perceptive answer, the FBI knocked on my door and wanted to ask my permission to re-post my Stand or Die work in their FBI manuals. . He told me that my articles are so popular that the FBI uses them to teach their agents about race relations. After getting my autograph he left.

  1. Well first off, it’s not a billion hits a day but 1 million.

    First thing that strikes me is that in the video, he says he buys his books using cash in used book stores so that his book-buying habits can’t be traced, like not buying them on Amazon yet, at the end, he suggests to people to go ahead and buy his book… at Amazon.

    His real name is Mark Allen Shouldice:

    He used to write under the name John Conner:

    If you hover your mouse on the blue contact link, it shoes SHOUL001@CSUSM.EDU

    That was probably the email he was given when studying at California State University San Marcos

    Some people suggest he is in ‘fact’, River Phoenix

    Aside from his conspiracy books, he wrote a book on how to date hot chicks, and one on training oneself to improve your memory.

    • Haha. You’ve done extensive research on Mark. I congratulate you for your diligence.

      Good catch re his book buying habits versus his advice to buy his books via Amazon.

      Re: dating book–I knew he had been doing a lot of different things before he found his current groove.

      From what I understand, he’s featured sometimes on the Alex Jones show.

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