Nasty Negress “Comedian” Booed on Stage After Calling Trump a Racist (Video)

Half the time, Obama favorite Wanda Sykes seems to be talking in ebonics. What the hell is she saying?

The interruptions that provide commentary are pretty good in this video. Wanda Sykes is called out by the white male commenter as the real racist.

The disgusting thing is that there are white people (or Jews?) that pay to see this disgusting creature on stage talking stupid.

Hang out with the average Negro and you’ll get as many laughs. Wanda responds to her audience by shouting, “Fuck all of you.”

Published on Nov 14, 2016

Wanda Sykes is in self-destruct mode after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency she is booed on stage after calling Trump a racist bigot a misogynist and and islamophobe

This youtube comment summarizes my feelings about Wanda.

Wanda is the perfect example of the modern black woman . Vulgar , venal , volatile and unable to articulate with out having to resort to using the word fuck . What is worse is the pathetic people that make up her audience .

4 thoughts on “Nasty Negress “Comedian” Booed on Stage After Calling Trump a Racist (Video)

  1. While I have never been a fan of moon cricket comics, I stopped going to comedy shows about 10-11 years ago. Couldn’t stand the injection of politics into the routine

    While home on mid tour, at a club a few miles from Ft Bragg some White chick went on stage and started running down, Bush, soldiers and the war on terror. Then wanted to play the pussy pass when shit got ugly.

    Haven’t been back to a comedy show since. Nor will I

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