Israel Becoming “safe haven for pedophiles”

Given all the problems that Zionism has caused, the fact that a few pedophiles find safety in Israel is a small problem. If the Jews want to welcome Jewish pedophiles into their midst, who cares?

This story offers some anti-Zionist material but deflects attention away from the destabilization and war that Israel foments in the Middle East.

Activists fear Israel is becoming a safe haven for paedophiles thanks to the country’s unique Law of Return for the world’s Jewish people.

A Jewish person from anywhere across the globe can be fast-tracked for citizenship in Israel, as well as their spouse, children and grandchildren.

An 1954 amendment to the law bans “a person with a criminal past, likely to endanger public welfare” but campaigners say sex abusers are slipping through the net.

“Israel is becoming a safe haven for paedophiles due to the unique opportunity available to all Jews from anywhere in the world to immigrate there,” said child abuse survivor Manny Waks, founder of child sex abuse advocacy group Kol V’Oz, speaking to The Independent.

“This provides a relatively efficient and effective way to evade justice from other countries. It also provides a sanctuary to those who have already been convicted.

”It’s important to note that while there are some criminal background checks as part of the immigration process, there are multiple ways to overcome this requirement – for example, convicted Jewish paedophiles may enter and remain in Israel as tourists indefinitely.“

Jewish Community Watch says that 32 paedophiles in their database have moved from countries around the world to Israel over the past decade.

It says 12 Jewish paedophiles, from across the globe, have moved to countries other than Israel.

The Law of Return allows Jews living outside the country, other than those with “a criminal past, likely to endanger public welfare”, to live in Israel

“I really genuinely understand and respect that there is great reluctance to tinker with the Law of Return,” said Mr Horowitz.

“The Law of Return is a beautiful concept, it’s really part of the DNA of the Jewish state. There’s a feeling that if you amend it for sex offenders, what about someone who did domestic violence? Or a Ponzi scheme? Where do you draw the line?”

But he added that in his opinion “at the very least, the [sex offenders] should be supervised if you’re letting them in”.

Avi Mayer, spokesman for the Jewish Agency, which brings Jews into Israel, reportedly said that approval for a convicted criminal’s visa depends on “the nature of the crime, when it was committed, and what has transpired in the interim”.

4 thoughts on “Israel Becoming “safe haven for pedophiles”

  1. The (((ladies))) at the bottom are lying. There is a great deal of proof that the opposite is true, and it costs the community (tax payer) a great deal of money treating the victims. A lifetimes health and happiness is exchanged for the sexual pleasure of one predator, usually a male, which may last only a few seconds.
    I read a book by a female whose own father was a pedo, but one who never molested her. He molested about 110 girls, which is the average number of victims per pedo. Many of these were still babies, others were aged 7 and 8. Hardly an age to give “permission” to be groped, forced to kiss or fondle his penis etc.
    Almost all of these 110 victims had unhappy lives afterwards. Almost all could never trust men afterwards including their fathers and husbands. All felt shame and guilt and could not tell anybody, which is usual.
    Eventually, one of these new young victims died and was disposed of. Her father was never charged or convicted, nor the other men who had tied up and accidentally asphsyiated a young girl. They transported her in a cavity in the back of a public bus, she could not breathe so died. The cops accepted that a young girl, under 10 years of age, had “run away”.
    BTW, the killer dad was exceptionally charming and almost all adults and kids liked and trusted him. He had a car also, unusual in those 1950s days of UK austerity so girls were keen to have a ride.
    He confessed the truth to his daughter on his deathbed, aged over 70, never convicted or charged with any crime. The wife of the pedo knew a lot but said nothing – it gave her a rest from having to give him sex.

    • The Mexican lesbian dean at the University of Texas at San Antonio Lynda de la Vina, was I believe raped or molested by a close relative as a child. The woman she represented as her wife (before sodomite marriage was legal) accused her of molesting or raping the two little girls they ILLEGALLY adopted. De la Vina is borderline clinically insane with her hatred of whites and men. Both the little girls grew up to be lesbians with a radical look about them. Big surprise, eh?

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