White Golfer Suffers Brain Damage from Golf Club Attack by Mystery Meat Player on 16th Green

Here we have another example of the joy that diversity has brought to America–now even on the golf course.


CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A barbaric attack on the Indian Creek Golf Club in Carrollton left one man bloodied with a brain injury and broken ribs.

Michael Plumlee, 27, and three friends were wrapping up putts on the 17th hole Friday afternoon when it happened.

Witnesses said another foursome, including suspect Kevin Keo Sivilay, broke golf etiquette by hitting their fairway shots at Plumlee and his friends.

When Plumlee threw the ball off the green, witnesses said Sivilay swung an iron at the back of Plumlee’s head; hitting him repeatedly with his club. The attack continued even after Plumlee fell to the ground with serious injuries.

“We went to the hospital and found out he had a fractured skull,” said Plumlee’s mother, Sohnya Suarez-Cope. “Nobody should have to go through something like that when you’re having a fun day of golf.

Plumlee was knocked unconscious and the remains hospitalized.

Carrollton police said Sivilay tried to leave the golf course before they arrived but was blocked by golf carts. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His family wants the other golfers who were with Sivilay to also face charges since Plumlee’s prognosis is uncertain.

“We don’t know long-term what is going to be like and it concerns me that any of these violent people can be out there free,” said Suarez-Cope.

Police confiscated several clubs to determine which one was used as a weapon.

Sivilay has a previous criminal conviction for car burglary but his violent round of golf could send him to prison for 20 years.

“Golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s sport and for something like this to happen is unheard of,” said Brandi Plumlee, the victim’s stepmother.

6 thoughts on “White Golfer Suffers Brain Damage from Golf Club Attack by Mystery Meat Player on 16th Green

  1. Jeeeeezzzzuuuzzzz you cant even enjoy a nice peaceful few rounds of golf without some feral sub human attacking you for sneezing.

    One thing I have learned through my own observations and research bovver the past 50 years is that all of the mystery meat sub-species up through the inky black Africans is that they have nothing to offer a society. What they do wave around at whites or anyone outside their tribe is “you have dishonored a (insert favorite zoo animal; negro, latrino, muslim, mexican Asian or any other off white product of a turd world wading pool) and you must pay for your racist insult we is kangs in our homeland.

    It’s reached the point where I avoid contact with almost everyone. The sad thing is whites do not band together like the primitive voodoo masses, which is one reason they will wipe us out with almost no resistance and if anyone fights back the full force of our global communist jew gubmint will support the primitives in their quest of “kill all da yt’s cuz dis ahhh world now”

  2. And it’s only going to get worse. I am an avid golfer and fan of the sport. HOWEVER…………having watched the direction the PGA has taken over the past 5 years, I’m losing interest fast. The promotion of golf into third world hell holes and third world cultures is over the top!!! It is so bloody obvious…………………it compares to the Big Lie. It is so big that your average White person will never recognize the true aim. This is not about the promotion of a sport. This is about White Genocide period. They did it with Tennis and one of the outcomes is Nick Kirios.

    If this world continues…………….you just watch 10 years from now. In 50 years, professional golf will look something like miniature golf on steroids.

  3. Looks like a Filipino mongrel to me, you know 30 different breeds from Chinese to Portuguese and everything in-between. Ugly looking thing with no self control, in a sane society he would be burned at the stake. We have been conditioned to act as individuals to make us easy targets for our enemies and this is reinforced with large helpings of self hate and being told the when 3 or more white gather you have a Nazi meeting. We must come together as a people and fight back in whatever way we can. I only buy from white outlet’s, I even travel further than necessary for some items rather than patronise a dark store owner.

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