Rape Culture: White Coed Who Told Police She was Raped by Latino Admits to Hoax While Spate of Rapes Plague Campus


Less than two weeks apart, three different girls at the University of Alabama reported being raped. Two of these reports involved nonwhite male rapists.

Emma Mannion, above, admits to a false rape claim.

The second girl, unidentified, tells the story of going home at 1:45 AM after a night of drinking to find a Negro sexual predator in her apartment.

The problem when girls like Emma make false rape claims is that it’s more difficult for others to believe the real ones.

Universities need to do a better job with discouraging girls (and guys) from heavy drinking that leads to voluntary debauchery and false rape accusations.

First, Emma’s story. Then the story of a black attack, followed by a third … hmmmm.


A University of Alabama student who claimed to have been raped Sunday morning by two men was not attacked, authorities said today.

The student, 18-year-old Emma Mannion, made up the incident and now is under arrest, said Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Capt. Gary Hood. Mannion is charged with filing a false report, a Class A misdemeanor.

The teen told police she was forced inside a red Jeep Cherokee in or near the parking area of Solomon’s parking lot at 650 Wallace Wade Ave. at 2 a.m. Sunday. She reported the assault occurred inside the vehicle by two men, one of them a Hispanic male with a wiry build.

Hood said today detectives interviewed witnesses and recovered video surveillance of the area which did not support Mannion’s initial account of the incident. After confronting Mannion with this evidence, Mannion admitted to investigators she falsified her report.

“She confessed to making up the report,” Hood said. He declined to go into the reason gave for doing so.

In all honesty, the kind of poster seen below, says that girls can drink themselves unconscious, but should expect no consequences from their behavior. That’s not realistic. Tough love dictates telling the truth. The truth is that shit like the poster is as much anti-female as it is male. It’s just more lies told by the left (Jewish feminists in particular) whose intent is to destroy the ability of our youth to form stable opposite sex relationships in marriage.

Mannion was with a group of people around the time of the alleged incident. Investigators spoke with people she was with immediately before and after she said the attack happened.

Fortunately, Hood said, there are multiple surveillance cameras throughout Tuscaloosa, both on and off campus. “It disputed what she told us early on,” Hood said.

Hood said his unit has investigated 104 sexual assault crimes so far this year – 27 of those from University of Alabama students. Of those 27, only two have resulted in an arrest. Many have been unfounded, or investigators were not able to obtain enough information and evidence to secure a warrant.

“A common denominator is underage drinking,” Hood said. “Not social drinking, but drinking to the point of losing consciousness or losing memory. It makes it very difficult for us to…find out the details of what happened.”

He said indications are Mannion had been drinking. He also said she knew the man she identified as a possible suspect.

Authorities said false claims take away from valid investigations, and cost everyone in terms of manpower and overtime. Lt. Kip Hart said it’s disheartening.

“The biggest thing is the entire University of Alabama campus has been on edge,” he said, adding that authorities have received phone calls from concerned parents from across the country. “The fact that she made this up, for whatever reason, we had a lot of undue fear in our community because of this.”

The University released this statement following Mannion’s arrest: “Tuscaloosa County investigators today arrested the female student who reported the sexual assault in the parking area near 6th Street and Wallace Wade Blvd. The report triggered a timely warning being sent to the campus community and numerous news reports. After interviewing witnesses and viewing video surveillance, investigators confronted the student who admitted falsifying the report. She is being charged with a misdemeanor by police, and the report is being forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct.

Al.com reports a second alleged rape. This one involves a black perpetrator.

A University of Alabama student was followed home and then raped at gunpoint early Sunday morning, authorities said.

The attack happened in the 1200 block of Convent Street. Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Capt. Gary Hood said the 19-year-old student told investigators she walked back to her apartment from The Strip area at approximately 1:45 am.

Shortly after returning home, an unknown black male walked into her apartment and sexually assaulted her. The victim told authorities the assailant threatened her with a firearm during the incident.

She described her attack as a black male in his early to mid-20’s. The suspect was further described as approximately 6-feet tall with a heavy build and wearing a dark-colored hoodie and dark-colored pants.

So, is the second girl telling the truth or are girls at UA making up these stories? It’s impossible to say, but we know that Negros like to hang around where white college girls drink heavily. Until proved otherwise, there’s a Negro rapist at UA preying on white girls who needs to be stopped by any means necessary.

There’s a third rape at this one campus within two weeks, this one involving a white alleged perp. More heavy drinking is involved.

Most recently, just two weeks ago, another University of Alabama student was arrested in connection with the rape of another student. Tuscaloosa investigators respond to DCH Regional Medical Center that Sunday about 10:30 a.m., where they met with an 18-year-old female who said she was raped.

The victim said she was drinking with Joseph Tyler Pitts, also a UA student, in a dorm room when she lost consciousness. The victim said she was awakened by two friends, who came into the dorm room and saw Pitts on top of the victim, having sexual intercourse with her. Police charged Pitts, 19, with first-degree rape.

That same weekend, another student reported a sexual assault, but police said those claims were untrue. She was arrested after falsely claiming to have been raped by two men. The student, 18-year-old Emma Mannion, is charged with filing a false report, a Class A misdemeanor.


Pitts is going to find his life in tatters from his poor judgement, if the story as reported is true.

Our once chivalrous white culture would have prevented any of this insanity from happening. How we get back a decent culture is a real problem until some catastrophe occurs (wars, economic collapse) that shakes things up.

There is no rape culture in America. There is an alcohol culture where drinking and sex go together. And sometimes rape. And false rape stories to excuse bad judgement. It’s a lose-lose culture.

9 thoughts on “Rape Culture: White Coed Who Told Police She was Raped by Latino Admits to Hoax While Spate of Rapes Plague Campus

  1. So many points here. So much BS. It doesn’t matter if it’s untrue; they’ll still go after the non-rapist. She will not get in serious trouble really. This is the result of liberation/sexual revolution plus prosperity and party culture. It used to be that people would automatically believe a rape accusation, I don’t know that that is the case anymore.

  2. There are some women who intentionally get drunk, at say a disco, as a signal to alert me that they are “up for it” as it were. This happens even more often when the woman is ovulating, i.e. likely to get pregnant – she is acting according to hormones and natures design. This drunken female still prefers to choose a good looking guy (a stranger) and go home with him for sex. If she wakes up with a nigger she will not be pleased. I would include Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) women as those who use this strategy – whether consciously planned or just acting on instinct, impulse and mood as women often do. When women are 18 they probably do not know why they get drunk in the company of say one man like Pitts. In many jurisdictions her decision to get drunk with him amounts to permission for sex – as long as he did not do a Cosby on her. This Pitts is a good looking guy and that girl gave him permission by drinking herself in to oblivion. Maybe he even asked her and she said yes, but forgets it later.

    BPD women forget the whole thing within one or two years at most. If they remembered they would feel shame and that is not something that they do. Some of these women live with a husband or boyfriend. This behaviour by itself (reckless sex) is not BPD, it takes several other symptoms. If a woman carries a condom or two in her handbag she probably is not BPD.

    • I once witnessed a firm Mexican male (whitish Mexican) repeat to a drunken fat but pretty Mexican girl, “You want it. I know you want it. You want it.” Actually, he was correct. And she got it. This was after a night of drinking. Getting drunk often signals availability.

      Re Pitts. We should get his defense lawyer your comment. I suspect that in his case that they already had sex once, fell asleep, and then woke up and went for seconds. I know of cases where that happened.

  3. Oops pretty bad (((Freudian))) slip[, I wrote “alert me” instead of “alert men”. Mea culpa. I am too old for discos, honest! I hate loud noise in any case.

  4. Anyone under 25 is too young to drink, better yet, under 30. Abstinence until marriage should be taught by parents, schools and colleges. Yes, I’m old-fashioned. That won’t solve all rape crimes, but I suspect they would be dramatically decreased. Women wouldn’t give of themselves so easily, then cry foul the next day when guilt creeps in.

    Since laws will not be changed, universities should throw out all claims of rape by anyone drinking, don’t care if it’s one sip. Too bad for those who were raped. They shouldn’t have been drinking.

    These suggestions would never be accepted in this culture, so we must live with it until it’s changed! If males don’t want to be accused of rape, don’t go to college drinking parties. Do you really need to drink to have fun? No more whining…”Why are men always falsely accused? Why does it have to be this way?” You go at your own risk. If falsely accused, you are at fault for attending parties where liberal women (most college females) are out to get you. You wouldn’t walk alone through a black community at night. You alone can’t change violent black behavior and you can’t change liberal female behavior.

    • It takes me about a year to drink a six pack of beer. That’s the extent of my drinking. Thus, I have no ability to identify with the “party culture.” I do identify with you comment 100 percent. Trump doesn’t drink and neither do his children. Role models? I hope so. But university administrators need to start talking more realistically about this mess that we’re in. It would help, I think.

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