Flashback: Negro Raped a Horse


This older news report is one of the craziest things you will ever see and hear. The Negro horse rapist contacted the TV station so that he could APOLOGIZE on camera. The featured white woman farmer wants him behind bars and to stay away from Sugar the horse.

Sex with animals by humans is in the process of being normalized by the left. It’s already legal in some places. You know the shit slogans the left likes to come up with: Love wins.

But the animals can’t defend themselves. Horse rapists, dog rapists, etc. ought to be executed.

Uploaded on Aug 1, 2009
Just when you thought you heard it all. A man who was recently found molesting horse returns and gets caught on camera raping the horse.

3 thoughts on “Flashback: Negro Raped a Horse

  1. Ahhh it would have been poetic justice if the horse reared back and kicked the monkey into the afterlife

    >>Sex with animals by humans is in the process of being normalized by the left
    Unfortunately I agree, and hardly a white bat an eyelash over some primate buggering a neighbor’s poodle. Anyone reporting the act is labeled a racist, unless the buggering party is white, then the left will all utter “EWWWWW that is so sick. It figures a white did it” in lockstep

    T’is a sick sick demonic world we are living in

  2. Good grief! Surprising Sugar didn’t kick him out of the barn. She needs to take self-defense classes and get a stronger name. Sugar is too sweet!.

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