Tucker Carlson Unleashed: Confronts BLM Radio Host Over OSU Terrorist Attack Comments (Video)

Former cuck Tucker Carlson turned in his bow ties in favor of real ties. Now, he’s a tiger.

The black radio host in this video is horribly outmatched by the genius of Tucker’s interrogation and commentary.


Published on Nov 29, 2016

Tucker Carlson interviews Tariq Nasheed about his controversial tweets regarding the OSU terrorist attack. (November 29th, 2016)

The old Tucker:

The story of how Tucker was falsely accused of rape is told at the Daily Mail.

12 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Unleashed: Confronts BLM Radio Host Over OSU Terrorist Attack Comments (Video)

  1. Tucker Carlson is the smartest, most insightful addtion to the Fox news network!….At least untill they “reign him in” which I hope they don’t. I have his program DVR’d as all good Americans should! I’ve been watching him a long time and I’m very happy he got his own show. Perhaps, someday he’ll bump O’Reilly for the 8 o’clock time slot!

    • I used to not like him when he was at CNN, but he’s a different guy now. Much more aggressive, more alt-right and not such a wimpy conservative. He’s proof that people can change for the better. I hope to be running more of his clashes with leftist idiots here in the future.

  2. Ha! The negro actually thought he had the intellectual credentials to go on national TV and put up a virtuoso performance against a white man, he failed miserably as anyone with an ounce of sense could have predicted. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and for Tariq here, it was.

  3. @ OH The misinformation combined with hatespeech that Nasheed is dispencing is troublesome at best, dangerous at worst. That racist moron needs to shut up…..or just put a white hood on and burn crosses…only opposite….why is it ok for blacks to have groups or TV channels and its ok but if whites do it they’re labeled “white supremacists”???? I’m still trying to figure out why blacks get 5 free points on NYS exams for being black(affirmative action) when I know them and they went to the same school and got the same education as I did!!!!!! How fair is that????? (I still scored the 2nd highest on the test,lol)……..I hope many changes are in store for the next 4, hopefully 8 years!
    The liberals can’t get anything right, they have no “Life experience” beyond what they read in a textbook, they have lost the common sense our forefathers had that made this country great!

  4. That thing on Tuckers head looks a lot like a rug to me. Take the rug off and he suddenly has zero respect or credibility in the USA. Why are bald journalists never seen on US TV, except in finance sometimes? Wigs are a fraud, just like so much of women’s makeup tricks.
    Baldness is a sign of high testosterone and alpha male – like Trump. A wig is a sign of a less manly man when you think about it. Yet women fall for it anyway and prefer the faker.

    • So what’s that got to do with his intellectual or journalistic ability? I’m not sure where your going with your comment but I don’t care what he looks like… he’s got a great agenda and interview capability! What makes a “good looking” agenda??? Is a blonde agenda better looking than a Brunette agenda? or visa-versa??? Help me out w/ the optics as apparently your a wig expert? Thx…….

    • I’m pretty sure it’s his real hair, Robert. Longish hair and the bow tie were his trademarks (along with khaki pants and navy blazer) as he knocked around various news networks for years without any real success. I think his producers at Fox have helped to create a new man out of him.

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