Heroic General Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, Praises MILO

General Michael Flynn was fired by President Obama. That makes him great in his own way. He’s also highly critical of Muslims, which makes him a racist and bigot to the mainstream press. You can read about a guy who seems pretty nice and normal at Heavy.

Flynn has been a harsh critic of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Iraq War. Like Trump, he’s very outspoken on Twitter. He’s already serving as an adviser to Trump, and retweets him on Twitter, CNN said.

It may seem unlikely that a tough military guy would like “dangerous faggot” MILO, but he does.

Slanted, anti-Trump news that outright lies about people is what the Daily Dot is doing here.

Daily Dot

A man who lead the charge in online trolling against women and people of color was praised on Tuesday by Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, President-Elect Donald Trump’s pick for national security advisor.

Flynn called Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos—a leading voice in the anti-feminism Gamergate and white nationalist alt-right online movements—a “phenomenal individual” at a conference for young conservatives held at Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C.

Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter in July after inciting his thousands of followers to flood Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones with racist attacks. A Twitter campaign to #FreeMilo, which blamed the social media outlet for attacking free speech, quickly followed. Since then, the openly gay 32-year-old British journalist has toured U.S. college campuses as a part of his “Dangerous Faggot” tour.

According to CNN’s K-File, Flynn told the college-aged attendees of the Young Americans for Freedom conference that he and conservative author Dinesh D’Souza met with Yiannopoulos on Monday night.

“[Yiannopoulos is] one of the most different, one of the most brave people that I’ve ever met. We have different views on different things, but he is deeply, deeply conservative in his views about this country,” the retired Army lieutenant general said during his remarks.

(Disclosure: Yiannopoulos was the founder of the Kernel, a publication the Daily Dot acquired in January 2014.)

You can watch Flynn’s remarks in full below:

General Flynn praises MILO at the beginning of his talk, as soon as the introduction is over.

Flynn’s meeting with Yiannopoulos is the latest sign of the once fringe alt-right movement of white nationalism being accepted by the conservative mainstream. Critics of Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon—who’s on leave as head of Breitbart News—as White House chief strategist say he will bring anti-Semitic, racist, and misogynistic views to the White House.

Jew MILO is not a white nationalist. However, he says he’s sympathetic to normal, white working people who have had no voice in government for decades. Although he’s a notorious self-promoter, I have no reason to believe he’s lying. His faggot brand is built on making rebellion against political correctness cool.

It looks like conservative, homosexual Jews are as popular with the press as conservative white and black heterosexuals. As long as the left demonizes MILO, we should defend him. The smear job at the Daily Dot on MILO translates to a smear job on Flynn, Steve Bannon and then to Donald Trump.

6 thoughts on “Heroic General Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, Praises MILO

  1. Guys, listen: the reason people like Milo is simply because of his ability to trigger libtards, period. He is good at being an a#shole and a troll and many conservatives/rightists like that sort of thing. He has caused a bit of apoplepsy to occur and people think it’s funny. He’s good at it, and if he used it against us it would’ve worked very well. It’s as simple as that.

  2. Might Flynn also be an anal reamer?

    “his “Dangerous Faggot” tour.”
    Are there any faggots who are not dangerous to boys, young men, and the health of the overall community?
    Faggots on tour are the worst, spreading AIDS and hepatitis between the Third World and the West.
    Homos should be banned from entering high AIDS countries like many in the Continent of Africa.

    • Flynn has children and grandchildren. MILO is popular on college campuses. Flynn was speaking to college students. I assume he wanted to connect with his audience by offering a bit of praise for MILO. However, I’ll take your theory under advisement. If Flynn is a closeted gay, it would explain his hatred of Muslims.

      • “In like Flynn” was the tern used to describe the Australian actor Erroll Fylnns bedroom success with females.

      • One of my few actors I ever cared about. I’ve had several posts on Errol Flynn here in the past. The story goes that he was disgusted by the horses being killed in Westerns at Warner Bros. He put a stop to it. I know all the dirt on him, but I’ll hold him in respect for his work on saving horses.

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