BOYCOTT: #DumpKelloggs was #1 Trending on Twitter on Wednesday

Link to earlier Kellogg’s post on saboteur365.

When Kellogg’s decided to go public with politically correct reasoning for dropping the company’s advertising from conservative news site breitbart, it made a huge error.

We deplorables, who make up about half the country, don’t have to buy their products. There are alternatives.

You can see that Breitbart News matters. I sent this information to one of the most popular conservative Tweeters on the Internet:

All of us on the alt-right or even old-fashioned conservatives and patriots should boycott Kellogg’s products. Please think about doing so, especially if you have children.

To be clear about why this is important.

It looks like we’ve already laid some hurt on them, but there’s going to be more.

I like to post a little yellow sticky note on Kellogg’s boxes with the message: Deplorables boycott Kellogg’s.

Do what you can. Companies need to be taught a lesson. Bringing down a big boy like Kellogg’s will be a real victory.

3 thoughts on “BOYCOTT: #DumpKelloggs was #1 Trending on Twitter on Wednesday

  1. If you haven’t already, stop buying anything made by the National Biscuit Company. Not long ago they announced their plan to close their US plant and move move operations to Mexico. Besides protesting the loss of US jobs you will avoid the danger of eating things that were made by filthy Mexicans in filthy Mexico exclusively for export to America.

    • With all the US companies fleeing to Mexico the past 30 years and employing dirty spics, why are they still fleeing over here??? Isn’t there economy better now?? Maybe, when jobs go over there, we should flee to Mexico.

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