13 Year Old Post on Skinheadz.com May Have Caused Sherri to be Abducted and Tortured


Since I posted my pinned piece (below on homepage) on Sherri Papini last night, speculating that Sherri’s anti-immigrant beliefs led to her kidnapping, enough news has broken to justify this update.

First, I have to say that liberals are out in force in some of the comments boards claiming there couldn’t possibly be any racial motive by Mexicans to kidnap and torture Sherri. These disgusting f*cks apparently don’t know how Mexicans behave. It’s almost like George Soros is paying to put up comments that deny the anti-white racism and the violence that exists in Mexican communities.

There’s also other shocking news.

Specifically, taking matters in order, we now know what was said in an old post on a racist website that was attributed to Sherri.

Excerpt from Sacramento Bee

Stephanopoulos asked Bosenko about a widely circulated online post on a now-defunct website called “Skinheadz.com that allegedly was signed by a “Sherri Graeff” – Papini’s maiden name.

In the post, the writer said that while growing up in Shasta Lake, she got into two fights with Latinos who targeted her because “she was drug-free, white and proud of my blood and heritage.”

Though the website since has been shut down, it’s still available through an online site that archives old web pages.

“We are familiar with that posting,” Bosenko told Stephanopoulos. “That is about 13 years old, and our investigators are looking into that as well.”

The author wrote in the post that in one fight, she slammed a woman’s head onto bleachers and was “pounding her face.”

“It took three full-sized men to pull me off of her,” the post reads. “I broke her nose and split her eyebrow.”

In another confrontation, the author said, she was jumped by a group of Latinos. During the fight, the author wrote, someone broke her leg with a board.

“Being white is more than just being aware of my skin, but of standing behind Skinheads – who are always around, in spirit, as well – and having pride for my country,” the post concludes. “Being white is my family, my roots, my way of life. It’s always there. There’s no denying it. It’s nobility. It’s strength. It will be there to lift me up when I really need my pride, when I need to ‘keep walking.’ ”

Papini’s ex-husband, David Dreyfus – they divorced in 2007 – said in an interview Monday that the post was written by someone else.

“That was not her,” he said. “There was someone who made a malicious post. That is entirely uncharacteristic of her and not her at all. As long ago as that was, people of that age are malicious. People are bullies, and it’s easy to poke at people online. With as diverse of a friends group as she and I had, that’s not her.”

Papini’s sister, Sheila Koester, told The Bee the Papinis are “very private people and they do not post things on the internet or on media.”

Also fueling online speculation about whether race might have played a role in the abduction, Papini maintained a public Pinterest account that contains a section marked “Cultural Differences” featuring memes expressing concerns about illegal immigrants and Muslims.

Before Papini was found, investigators said they had spoken with her friends and acquaintances, as well as “people Sherri has had past relationships with” in their efforts to find her. Investigators said they went out of state tracking leads. Detectives have submitted close to 20 search warrants – some of which are sealed – and said they’re examining cellphone records, bank accounts, email and social media profiles.

Investigators have declined to discuss what prompted them to file the search warrants or why detectives have traveled out of state.

Just a few hours ago, Sheriff Tom Bosenko released another fact. We knew Sherri was branded, but he stated this morning that she was BRANDED WITH A MESSAGE. Not a symbol, but a message. He won’t reveal what the message said. One can speculate that it’s anti-white racist and so he’s keeping it under wraps for now. He probably doesn’t want a race war in his community.

Read more, including over 2,000 comments at gma.yahoo. A new update is also available at ABC7 Chicago. The BBC also offers much the same information.

If this story breaks as a Mexican hate crime against a lovely white mom, then it’s going to get worldwide coverage. Our job will be to push the truth about Mexicans in order to help President-elect Trump in his deportation efforts and his promise to build the wall.

30 thoughts on “13 Year Old Post on Skinheadz.com May Have Caused Sherri to be Abducted and Tortured

    • Because somebody discovered it recently and tied it to her. There’s also a mention of her anti-immigrant (pro-Trump???) postings on Pinterest. There are still those insisting this is a hoax, in spite of her broken nose, branding, starvation, etc. There are others blaming the husband. To me the simplest theory is Mexicans, which jibes with her story.

      The police have executed in secret 20 search warrants. They have leads. We will know the truth.

  1. “If this story breaks as a Mexican hate crime against a lovely white mom, then it’s going to get worldwide coverage.”

    No it won’t.

  2. How would faking this crime against a White women and blaming it on beaners help the jews? All it would do is turn more Whites against immigration which would be counter to jewish designs

    • This one is going to be solved and when it is, the demand to seal the borders will soar. OK, I may be wrong, but if Sherri’s story is a hoax, it’s one of the most elaborate, sickening hoaxes in history. Lots of Mexicans have it in for white people. That alone would motivate this kind of crime.

    • “All it would do is turn more Whites against immigration”…..duh….

      Have you ever known the Jews to fess up or admit to a wrongdoing or reveal their plans? They make money off of racial disharmony, which is what this event would stir. Furthermore, they would NEVER admit their whole goal is to kill off the Germanic woman, which is what they want.

      Kill the queen, kill the hive.

      • Germanic does not equate with just Germans. Ethnic Dutch are Germanic.

        I love authenticity, not people who resort to fakery to get their way. Deception is evil.

      • Come on VB, give the poor woman a break until we find out what really happened. If it’s fake, then by all means have at her.

        My jewdar isn’t going off looking at her, and if not, I’m sure the mestizos who kidnapped her couldn’t begin to tell if she’s not White so she might as well be for the purposes of determining how we deal with the situation.

  3. So they can find old posts from more than a decade a go and make them relevant to an investigation? If they can do this then Papini will be made out as the villain. God help us.

  4. Although adding ‘delusional’ to conservative is redundant, it must nevertheless be said that this delusional conservative Sherri Papini is just another hypocritical headcase lying through their back-teeth.

    When she is exposed, I will come back here to laugh at you morons.

  5. “jewdar” you & your white ignorant group of garbage need to wake up and accept you have become a minority in this Country. Your insecure lazy white trash that lost jobs to hard working people. Grow a pair & make something of yourself & stop blaming others for your mental issues.

  6. Even if she did write it I didn’t see anything in it that sounded racist. Sounds like she was getting picked on by a specific group of people. I think if she was emaciated, bruised, chained that would be pretty hard to stage. And you have to be a pretty sadistic pos to put yourself through that. I think it happen. Do I think she wrote the blog. I don’t know the name Graeff is not a totally common name. I don’t see anything wrong with the blog. I have ranted about rednecks in blogs myself. I was picked on by rednecks a lot growing up. So I can understand why someone would call attention to the group they were getting hate from. Personally I don’t care. It was horrific what this woman went through. There is a timeline and physical proof of what she endured. It sucks she will never get over it. I believe it was a hate crime and should be treated as such. You don’t have to be white to be a racist. I’m sick of people saying I can’t be racist because I’m a minority. So not true. I had a Hispanic friend who absolutely hated black people and was not shy about saying so.Given we were only friends briefly due to this it still happen. It is hard to be around those that hate other people for no good reason.

  7. “Our job will be to push the truth about Mexicans in order to help President-elect Trump in his deportation efforts and his promise to build the wall.”

    The truth about Mexicans? What truth?! You sound like a bigot, like a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion, except your own.

  8. Paladin Justice
    What are you insinuating, that the 99 percent of the population are idiots and the 1 percent with letters after their names, like yourself, know everything and are smarter than everybody else. Anyone who brags about their degrees and claims to know more than 99 percent of the population is pretty damn stupid.

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