Trump Baits Liberals Again with Flag Burning Tweet

Liberals took the bait and pointed out the Supreme Court has ruled flag burning legal and has ruled that citizenship cannot be taken away.

But they forgot one detail …

Liberals love the Supreme Court when it rules in their favor. Their worship of the Court ends when guys like Scalia carry the day.

Today, libs are dissing Donald Trump for his Tweet about punishing flag burners.

New York Times

Mr. Trump wrote the post shortly after Fox News aired a segment about a dispute at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, which removed the American flag from its campus flagpole after protests over his election victory; during one demonstration, someone burned a flag.

Even if Mr. Trump could persuade Congress to enact a criminal statute, a dramatic shift in the balance between government power and individual freedom, anyone convicted and sentenced under it could point to clear Supreme Court precedents to make the case for a constitutional violation.

The obstacles include the precedent that the Constitution does not allow the government to expatriate Americans against their will, through a landmark 1967 case, Afroyim v. Rusk. They also include a 1989 decision, Texas v. Johnson, in which the court struck down criminal laws banning flag burning, ruling that the act was a form of political expression protected by the First Amendment.

David D. Cole, a Georgetown University law professor who co-wrote the Supreme Court briefs in the flag-burning case and who is about to become national legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union, said he wondered if Mr. Trump’s strategy was to goad people into burning flags in order to “marginalize” the protests against him. But he also called Mr. Trump’s proposal “beyond the pale.”

“To me it is deeply troubling that the person who is going to become the most powerful government official in the United States doesn’t understand the first thing about the First Amendment — which is you can’t punish people for expressing dissent — and also doesn’t seem to understand that citizenship is a constitutional right that cannot be taken away, period, under any circumstances,” he said.

After the 1989 decision, supporters of a flag-burning ban tried to enact an amendment to the Constitution to make an exception to the First Amendment, but it twice fell short in the Senate.

The issue flared again a decade ago. In 2005, Hillary Clinton, a senator from New York at that time, co-sponsored the Flag Protection Act. Arguing that desecration of the symbol “may amount to fighting words or a direct threat to the physical and emotional well-being” of onlookers, the bill would have banned flag burning if abusing the symbol was “intended to incite a violent response rather than make a political statement.”

The crafters of that bill sought to frame it as a compromise and an alternative to an amendment, saying “the Bill of Rights is a guarantee of those freedoms and should not be amended in a manner that could be interpreted to restrict freedom, a course that is regularly resorted to by authoritarian governments which fear freedom and not by free and democratic nations.”

But Congress did not act on the legislation. The following year, when the Senate again tried to approve a constitutional amendment to empower Congress to ban flag desecration and it fell one vote short of the necessary two-thirds majority, Mrs. Clinton was among those who voted against that measure.

13 thoughts on “Trump Baits Liberals Again with Flag Burning Tweet

  1. And the stupid cunt legacy media is reeled in again. F*ck them. It serves them right, and I find it all very entertaining.

  2. Oh don’t get me started on flag burning!!! Took me weeks to settle down after seeing pink kids burn them after the election!
    First in 1989 they tried to make it legal in Texas v. Johnson by saying that it violated the free speech of that little communist prick Johnson and his groupies when they burned a flag at the RNC in TX calling Reagan horrid names. Apparently the Supreme Court agreed but then before President Bush could intervene, legislation beat him to it by passing the Flag Protection Act of 1989. I remember the protests of flag burnling as a way of retaliation against the Supreme Court. Then in DC Johnson was at it again with other communist friends and general leftist burners. That led to United States v. Eichman (Shawn Eichman being one of the people involved, an “artist who was also a communist groupie). Both cases were piggybacked off each other and their lawyer was none other than the now deceased William Kunstler. He was at one time director of the ACLU and made his legal bones on representing ~ OMG he represented the Chicago 7, Attica Rioters, Black Panther Party and that wench whose African name I refuse to write ~ JoAnn Chesimard who executed a NJ State Trooper, Werner Foerster, in 1973. She was found guilty, eventually escaped and Castro offered her sanctuary in Cuba where she starred in a movie biography, earned a masters degree and wrote books. Oh yes she’s also the aunt of that murdered rapper Tupac Shakur. The DVD of her biography is currently on Amazon for $12.95 and her books are on both Amazon and Barnes & Nobel for $12.72

    • It is that attitude that makes it so. The flag is but a symbol of this country settled by heroic White men which made it great. Just because we hate the current government and our invaders, doesn’t lessen it’s greatness. We need to become those ancient heroes we have so long admired. Think of this as new territory that needs to be conquered again and resettled, by White men.

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