HuffPo LIE: Woman Goes On Racist, Pro-Trump Tirade In Michaels Store

pepe is girl

The Huffington Post lies again. There is no racist rant here.

Black employees at a Michael’s store fuxate a white woman customer and she roars back at them. That’s the extent of it. She loses her cool a bit, but really, why not?

Huffington Post

A Chicago shopper was filmed having a meltdown inside of a Michaels craft store, during which she accused the staff of discriminating against her for being white and for voting for Donald Trump.

“And I voted for Trump, so there. You want to kick me out because of that? And look who won,” the unidentified woman is heard yelling at employees.

According to the 10-minute video uploaded to YouTube, the woman believed that a black employee had tried to “force” her to purchase a $1 reusable bag. Employees can be heard telling her that they offered her the bag because they were out of disposable ones that met the size of her larger items.

Jessie Grady, who filmed Wednesday evening’s profanity-laced tirade on her phone, told the Chicago Patch that she broke out her camera so that it wasn’t just the angry customer’s word against the employees’.

It didn’t take long before the shopper spotted Grady’s camera and turned on her. Among other things, the woman accused Grady’s toddler of shoplifting.

“I was just discriminated against by two black women and you being a white woman and you literally thinking that’s OK,” the angry woman tells her. “Why don’t you go home to your husband who’s cheating on you.”

Throughout the video, an off-camera employee is repeatedly heard asking the shopper to calm down and stop using profanity in the presence of children.

“I have been discriminated against twice by you,” she says to the employee, before turning her attention to another woman farther in the store.

“This woman came around and screamed at me from across the goddamn store like an animal! An animal! Animal,” she says. “You screamed at me from across the store like you were in your own living room. You’re an animal.”

The Huffington Post is not a source of truth, but is rather a MSM “fake news” outlet.

The story goes on to say that Michael’s is supporting their black employees. Add the store to your boycott list and sabotage their website with complaints.

13 thoughts on “HuffPo LIE: Woman Goes On Racist, Pro-Trump Tirade In Michaels Store

  1. Just reading the comments over there…..

    “”Mikel Wintermantel · Head Honcho / The Big Cheese at Mikel Wintermantel
    Golly, did she get all her craft items before leaving? I hope so. Those hand-made, bedazzled Swastikas are going to make great stocking stuffers for her family. They will love them!

    Why is it when they see White skin they scream Nazi ? Bloody (((Bolsheviks))).

  2. “”I VOTED FOR TRUMP”: White Man SCREAMS At Black Starbucks Employee, Claims WHITE DISCRIMINATION! ”

    Such discrimination has been going on for some time. People are now standing up and saying it.

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  4. I get the frustration, but it is better sometimes to let it go, in the age of recording everything. As a woman too, she can be easily hurt. She is quite comely in that non-porny, normal kind of way. The Scarf is a nice touch.

  5. Accusing a customer’s husband of cheating and the child stealing?

    I’ve been told by White Michael’s cashiers they were out of large bags at Christmas after a very busy weekend. One suggested I buy a bag, but it was $5!!

    The only thing that helps her is that Burberry-like scarf. HA! Come on Trumpsters! If you think there’s a problem, go to the manager’s office and discuss it like an adult!

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