Disgusting White German Guy Teaches Muslim Scum How to Pick Up and have Sex with White Girls


I have no hesitation in calling Mr. Flirt, Horst Wenzel, the teacher who’s tutoring “refugees” on how to meet, pick up, and bed German girls, a race traitor who ought to be tried and then executed for his crimes against the Caucasian race.

You have to suspect that he’s heavily involved in watching interracial porn. Cuckold porn has got to be one of his interests as well. There’s no way that Mr. Flirt is normal in his sexual tastes. He probably gets off to watching his sand turd students having sex with his wife or girlfriend, if he has one.

Some of the monsters Horst is tutoring will end up raping and murdering the German girls who fall for the lines that Mr. Flirt is teaching the migrants. Their blood will be on Mr. Flirt’s hands.

Daily Mail

Migrants are being taught how to attract women and sexually arouse them in German seminars run by a pickup expert known as ‘Mr Flirt’, it has emerged.

Horst Wenzel usually makes his living teaching German men how to approach women but is volunteering his skills to help the country integrate more than a million refugees who have arrived in the last two years.

The 27-year-old teaches asylum seekers lines including ‘You have a beautiful voice’ and gives tips on how to arouse women.


Hostility towards asylum seekers has been on the increase ever since groups of foreigners – mostly young men from northern Africa – robbed and groped dozens of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

Most of those in Wenzel’s classes are from war-torn Muslim countries with vastly different relations between the sexes.

One class of Syrian and Iraqi refugees were given examples of pickup lines including ‘I really love the scent of your perfume’. Other lessons include the differences between male and female orgasms.

Last week, in Dortmund, Wenzel offered his third installment of ‘How to fall in love in Germany,’ taking 11 young men through their paces. The students conceded they had a lot to learn.

After inviting his students to give examples of pick-up lines, Essam Kadib al Ban, 20, raised his hand.

‘God created you only for me,’ he said, then tried another: ‘I love you. Can I sleep over at your place?’

Horst Wenzel winced, but caught himself quickly.

‘Don’t tell them you love them at least for the first three months of your relationship, or they’ll run away,’ he explained patiently. ‘German women don’t like clinginess.’

‘Finding a relationship is the best way to integrate, and that’s why I’m giving these classes,’ Wenzel said.

Most of the hostility towards refugees in Germany targets young male asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, who make up the majority of the migrants reshaping Germany.

Last year alone, 890,000 people applied for asylum, with hundreds of thousands more applying this year.

Violent crimes against migrants and arson attacks on asylum shelters and mosques have increased in frequency, and refugees say they have experienced discrimination and abuse since the Cologne attacks.

Merkel must be paying for these classes. Get rid of her, Germany, and kick Horst Wenzel out too.

16 thoughts on “Disgusting White German Guy Teaches Muslim Scum How to Pick Up and have Sex with White Girls

  1. Just a glimpse on his face reveals a genuine Fagg-Cretin. Hopefully someone will put him down next year when climate in Germany would change, because it has to change. The best way would be if one of his trainees would do that job. It won’t be the first time that this sort of scum ends their career being killed by own pets.

  2. Sad but not surprising. The renaissance (of Europe) will begin with resistance in the south and east (of Europe, to be clear), the northwest is on another planet at the moment.

    • It seems to me that Northwestern European women have more of a sense of ethnic identity that their women possess. I believe that much of this stems from the fact that those areas were typically more Protestant and hence “father” oriented and patriarchal. This is why the Normans just married off their daughters to the Jews as the jews saw this as an opportunity to get a foothold into Europe and the Patriarchs there just did not care because their lineage transmits through the Male.

      Interestingly, Judaism USED to transmit via the male, but they changed that because the Jews saw their culture disintegrating via intermarriage.

      And here we again, you would think these guys would learn, but they do not. Their approach to life is about maintaining The Patriarchy that they forget about the value of their own women. Duh azzzes, it takes women to bear men. But they do not care. THEY are Germanic Genocider soldiers with legs and arms.

      But on SECOND GLANCE, this guy looks JEWISH, so that explains alot. He is pimping out German women.

      • Yeah, that spell corrector thing is ruining everyone’s comments, lol.

        But yeah, the Protestant thing, but I would also add the distance too. The South and East provided nice buffers from the ‘other’ for a long time; time which the north westerners wasted fighting against each other and trying to be friends with the ‘other,’ while the South and East struggled against them all this time. The NWs don’t seem to be suspicious of them.

  3. It’s about time people like him started to ask themselves some searching questions. Like what the hell do they think they are doing.

    Is it worth it ?

    Am I and my family, prepared to pay the cost ?

    Just how bad can payback be ?

  4. Italy: Luigi Fogli tries to protect his hotel confiscated to host asylum seekers [ENGSUB]

    As well as his business, this is Luigi’s home. They were better off with Mussolini.

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