BRANDED, STARVED, HAIR CUT OFF: Shocking Updates on Sheri Papini, The California Supermom Abduction Victim




Wow! Super mom Sherri Papini apparently suffered horribly during the three weeks she was missing.

It now appears that she was abducted, tortured, and released to send a message to white women opposed to the Mexican takeover of the United States.

We shouldn’t jump the gun because that’s never a good idea when you have incomplete information. But soon we will know whether Sherri’s kidnapping and torture were part of plot by Mexicans to punish white people opposed to their extermination of our race.

If Mexicans in the US want a race war, then let it be in defense of lovely moms like Sherri. In any ensuing racial conflict, we would hold the moral high ground.

My God, these fucks branded her!

Wake up to the Mexican menace white man.

CBS News

REDDING, Calif. — The husband of a Northern California woman found bound along the side of a road three weeks after vanishing says the woman was “branded,” burned, had “chain marks” and her hair cut off and weighed only 87 pounds after her rescue.

Keith Papini said in a statement released to Good Morning America that investigators told him to “brace himself” before he was re-united with his wife at a hospital Thanksgiving Day because of her battered condition. Investigators say Sherri Papini, 34, was abducted Nov. 2 after going for a jog near Redding.

Her husband told Good Morning America the woman’s captors threw her from a moving car with a chain around her waist and a bag over her head, and she used the bag to flag down a passing motorist. She was found about 150 miles south of where she disappeared.

“Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see upon my arrival at the hospital, nor the details of the true hell I was about to hear,” Keith Papini said. “The mental prison I was in over the past three weeks was shattered when my questions of my wife’s reality became known.”

Keith Papini said the woman was emaciated, her “signature long, blond hair” had been cut off, and her face was “covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings, the bridge of her nose broken.” He said the woman had “severe” burns, red rashes, and scabs.

“Sherri was taken from us for 22 days, and suffered incredibly through both intense physical agony and severe mental torture,” Keith Papini said in the statement. “My reaction was one of extreme happiness and overwhelming nausea as my eyes and hands scanned her body. I was filled with so much relief and revulsion at once. My Sherri suffered tremendously and all the visions swirling in your heads of her appearance, I assure you, are not as graphic and gruesome as the reality.”

Speaking on Good Morning America, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko confirmed the details about Sherri Papini’s condition, but said his office had not yet publicly released the information. He wasn’t able to confirm Keith Papini’s account of the woman being thrown from a moving vehicle, saying the information he had indicted the woman was dropped off, bound, by her captors.

Investigators were on Sunday able to conduct their first in-depth interview with the woman, Bosenko said. Based on information she gave police, investigators are searching for two Hispanic women armed with a handgun and driving a dark SUV.

Bosenko said investigators still haven’t been able to determine a possible motive or whether the abduction was targeted or random.

In the statement, Keith Papini blasted those who had speculated on social media that the woman’s abduction was a hoax.

“Rumors, assumptions, lies, and hate have been both exhausting and disgusting. Those people should be ashamed of their malicious, sub human behavior,” he said. “We are not going to allow those people to take away our spirit, love, or rejoice in our girl found alive and home where she belongs.”

Sadly, Sherri’s ordeal might have ended earlier. A woman believes she spotted a frightened Sherri in a truck with two men, but that the woman in the truck was too afraid to speak. You can read that report at US Magazine.

There was nothing wrong about gently speculating about the possibility that Sherri’s disappearance was a hoax. That would be natural and normal given the circumstances.

But now the evidence is accumulating that her disappearance was triggered because of blonde, beautiful whiteness.

Never forget that Sherri possessed something her Latina female captors could never have: Beauty!


The Sun is reporting another bizarre development in this case.

It was revealed on Tuesday officers were looking into the possibility Papini’s kidnapping may have been racially motivated.

Detectives have been looking at a racially charged blog post, which is said to have been posted by someone saying they are Sherri.

It was written by someone called Sherri Graeff, which is Papini’s maiden name.

The post has been circulated online since she first disappeared.

It was originally on a pro-white website called which is no longer active.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko told it had been discovered in the last few days and they were looking into whether Sherri’s abduction could be related.

He said: “There was a post under her maiden name of Graeff and that was posted, kind of like a little bit of history of her growing up and then some cruelty that may have occurred to her father and that she was basically proud to be white.

The mystery deepens. Why would someone impersonate Sherri at a skinhead website? Did that someone incite her Mexican abductors to take revenge on her? We have questions only now. We need answers.

More as events unfold.

22 thoughts on “BRANDED, STARVED, HAIR CUT OFF: Shocking Updates on Sheri Papini, The California Supermom Abduction Victim

  1. Why no photos of her injuries? The husband and Sherri could release these, it might help a snitch to come forward. Especially if she is “anti Mexican invasion” as alleged. No mention of rape or sexual torture. Why so coy in 2016? Why hide the facts and help the guilty? For example, if she was raped one of the alleged Mexican women involved may be furious that her boyfriend was raping the gorgeous blond.
    If raped it is likely that the guilty recorded it to sell to wealthy sick perverts, so this would be evidence. Maybe that is why the police and the family are keeping quiet.

    • I put up an update just now and I have a new post in draft that I’ll put up later today. To speculate answers to your questions, it appears the police have suspects that they don’t want to spook into running to Mexico. The cops are upset that Keith put out as much info as he did. They like to play their cards close to their vests. We’ll see, but I don’t think it will be long before we have a group of Mexicans under arrest.

    • I hope Trump is aware of how this story is playing out. More reason for an ethnic cleansing by DHS and ICE. I also hope her abductors put up resistance when arrested. They could use a good beating.

    • Lies, lies, lies…..poopaganda.

      Check out the vic’s maiden last name Graeff…it is Jewish German. Sorry, but a RACE WAY HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES. Why is it that everyday regular Goy women who get raped by Cosby since the 70’s never get press? Why is it that since the late 80’s, more than 300,000 Poor European-American Women get raped by DieVersity, but get no airplay, no publicity? Yet this JEW pretending to be Germanic coupled with fake bolt ons and botox injections gets publicity on Good Morning America?

      Good morning azzzes, this war has been going forever, but because a Hebrew Hag with Botox, Bleach, and Boobs gets kidnapped now there is press. A Jewess politician, Jo Cox, gets shot and all hell breaks breaks loose, but what about those poor “White trash British girls” in Rotherham? Ooops! No press there.

      Mexicans do not do that shyte. Latinos keep their head down USUALLY. They have their own wars in Mexico.

      Poopaganda stirred up by the Jews.

      • I see them around but don’t deal with them much

        My last taco bender interaction was chasing a couple of them away from this rural gas station. Couple of them were drunk and acting aggressivelly toward some elderly Whites. Got off my bike and introduced them brass knuckles driven by Southern muscle. Don’t think they much enjoyed the experience

        The time before that was monkey stomping the two drunk beaners who hit my Harely. They never have insurance so I took out it on there hides.

      • I live in Redding and have for over 15 years now and know some of her friends. Most of us have believed from the beginning that this was hoax. LLE here have been promising a police composite drawing of the suspects since she was found on Thanksgiving Day, nearly 3 weeks ago. Apparently the Papini’s have no interest in doing that despite that some in the community believe her and are scared to death. Keith said in his hour long interview on ABC that he didn’t care of the abductors were ever caught or not. Does that sound like a grieving husband that wants to get justice for his wife being held captive and according to him was beaten, starved, burned, branded, nose broken and her “signature long blonde cut off” (Quote by Keith Papini) for nearly 3 weeks? Why is it that one can go to her mothers FB and see a pic of sherri and the children taken on the 28 NOV (6 days after she was found) that does not show any bruises, cuts, burns AND there are locks of long hair hanging out of her hat? And for all of you that don’t know- her hair is brown and is bleached blonde. Check out some of the dark roots in her pix. There are many more details to prove she was not kidnapped. If you really want to know, visit Redding and ask around. $1.5+million dollars in paid interviews plus GoFund accounts is a good motive!

      • Interesting. Thanks for a detailed, informative on-the-ground report. If this thing is a hoax, I hope it’s found out and that both of them go to prison for trying to start a race war. Your point about the money is new information not widely available. Thanks.

  2. Race war is the natrual order of things. There is a finite amount of resources and everyone wants what is best for them and theirs. Their family, their tribe… which is merely a collection of families

    It’s Whites that don’t realize this, and at this point most likely never will or don’t want to realize this it’s always a race war reality that bothers me the most. Lestwise on the macro level

    • Her maiden last name is Jewish-German. I call bullshyte on this story. Most poor Mexicans are fighting their own war in Mexico…why would they start a race war? WARS ARE ONLY FOR THE WEALTHY.

      Scroll down to the bottom of the post on this link and read about young germanic men ending up missing yet no press:

      Read about the Germanic looking men getting kidnapped in National Parks about the USA yet NO press. Why? They are not Jews.

      Fake hair, botox, fake boobs, fake story

      • Wow! Can’t find a more perfect German specimen than Sherri!

        If a Jew stole my last name, does that make me a Jew? Graeff is a rather common German surname in some states, most found in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Some in Texas and California.

        Sherri is a natural blonde, possibly highlighted…look at her blonde eyebrows. Most women don’t bleach or dye their eyebrows.

        Jews have olive skin, not pale coloring. While some Jews have blue eyes, most don’t.

        German maiden name, blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, European nose, Christian cross necklace…first photo.

  3. “I will put enmity [ in hate] between thy seed and the woman’s seed”
    God told the Serpent in Genesis 3:15 Why Christians can’t sound the depths of that, but can track a submarine, is tragic.

  4. The Blacks are ones conducting racial violence across the Nation. Mexican cartels are also becoming a problem as organized crime. The US is declining fast.

  5. I’m always skeptical of such cases as this. Too many times the first story is just that, a story. But this woman’s account so far is holding together. One thing strange is the slow leisurely pace that characterizes the investigation. I think the ole sheriff knows he has a racially hot potato if her story holds true. You see, the more he delays, the more likely the culprits will flee to May-he-coe. He can let the case go cold, get re-elected and return to kissing messkin ass.

    I’ve noticed that the highly overrated FBI has not been the least bit interested. Kidnapping is a federal crime as well as state. I guess it takes a lot to get agents away from their internet porn research or to break away from looking for those illusive five remaining KKK members that still exist. (Hint to FBI: These Klansmen are scattered around in various old folks homes. If you hurry you may be able to arrest one for saying nigger fifty years ago).

    On the surface at least we have in Sherri’s case a hate crime. Where are the DOJ Civil Rights investigators? Where are the statements of concern from Mark Fuckfacetok of the $PLC?

    Two Messkin women as abductors is strange. Spic women aren’t into this type thing unless they think Sherri was actively trying to steal one of their greasers. A pretty white girl such as Sherri going to high school around a bunch of beaner hombres no doubt was harassed and insulted daily. In their lair,spics are smartass, arrogant, envious, turds (and that’s 100 percent of them). Alone, not so much especially if you talk to them in Spiclish.

    This case sounds more in line with a Negro SOP than spic procedures. Motorcycle gangs in the past have been known to kidnap pretty white girls, use them up, pimp them out, and sell or trade them to other gangs.

    If it turns out true, Sherri’s account, the average Callifornicater white voter will apologize to Mexskins and demand more invader grease to show that good whites like them ain’t ray-cysts. After all, there are some real good messkins don’t you know. Apologies are in order too for being white and for stealing California from Mexico ten trillion billion years ago.

    Not too long past, Dindus invaded and rampaged through the Mall of Americas next the twin Shitties in Minnesota. I think one buck was shot and killed in the brawl. To apologize and grovel to the Apes, Mall directors hired a Nigger Santa this year to represent the merchants. I suspect the Mall administration paid millions to the fambly of the dead dindu.

    Michael Savage, my house Jew, has it right: “Liberalism is a mental disease.”

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