4-D Chess: Trump Picks Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Wife for Secretary of Transportation

Like all traditionalists, for me it would be preferable for Donald J. Trump’s cabinet to be made up exclusively of white males.

If Trump has to pick nonwhites for political reasons, then what better choice than the wife of the Majority Leader in the Senate. Like many feminists, she didn’t bother to take Mitch McConnell’s last name. He’s obviously a cuck. Looking at that picture above, can’t you picture ole Mitch groveling, “Whatever you want, baby.”

Mitch the Cuck is also no great fan of Donald Trump.

Until now. LOL.

I have a strong feeling that getting the wall built and other tasks related to rebuilding America’s infrastructure just got a lot easier with Elaine McConnell as Secretary of Transportation.

You can read the story at Zerohedge. There’s not much to it. Chao held a cabinet position during the Bush II years. Really, she’s just a manager, not a policy maker. She’s probably going to do an OK job, especially if Trump puts some competent people around her.

4 thoughts on “4-D Chess: Trump Picks Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Wife for Secretary of Transportation

  1. Just because the Glorious Leader is not some skeezy, calculating, life-long politico does not mean that he just fell off of the turnip truck. Those poor suckers will not know what hit them. They are playing against a grand-master.

    • I agree with you Truth-hammer. I think Trump is deliberately appointing some no hopers so he can loudly shout at them – “You’re Fired” in front of a cabinet meeting, just to show the rest of them who is boss. He will not fire just one, but several within the first 12 months I predict.
      He may also promote, and keep, some mediocre people so he can dominate them. Has Trump read a biography of Stalin? Trump claims not to read books, but I wonder.

  2. The guy has Cuck written all over him. Which Turd world dump did he find his slanty eyed mail order bride? Can not the leader of the Senate, a rich and powerful man one presumes, afford a good looking white wife?
    Surely the top Senator in the USA must be by definition an alpha male?

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