The David Duke Show 11/23/16

Dr. David Duke talks about Russia, Jews, and Zionism.

Published on Nov 23, 2016

Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof on Trump’s America First Foreign Policy

This long comment appears on youtube:

The Alt-Right Manifesto(I wrote this prior to the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States of America, yet it still holds true today!)All readers of this Manifesto realize that if Donald Trump doesn’t win the election that we will be hunted down by the Satanic Zionist and Atheist Communist Jews of Israel.

We shall be arrested, put in prison and possibly executed.

Our families will be murdered, all our possessions seized. Even our pets will suffer crucifixion!

We have been very verbal about our hate of the leftist, but realize, as those of Palestine and other Arab states in the middle East, and the Eastern Ukraine…we shall perish at the hand of Israel.

Many of you may have thought that it was a fun pastime to slam the Left, but the Left isn’t laughing, for they seethe with anger and hatred for us, our families, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your fate is in danger, more than you can imagine.

Be prepared to fight a fight that we will probably lose.

Your lives are up and ending.

Everything you know and love with be ruined.

If Donald Trump looses this election we will cease to exist as a people and a race.

Look at Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine.

Dr David Duke has discussed these issues in his books.

Adolf Hitler lost the war against the Jews and Germany has paid a detrimental price. To this day Germany has been forsaken by all
White Christians.

The Jews have hated Christians since the time of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Atheist scoff,” well, I don’t believe in God, so why will they persecute me”?

Because they are of Satan, the Dark Lord of Evil.

Look at what is happening, Muslims murdering Christians. The Zionist are laughing at us. The Gentiles (Goyim) fight amongst themselves. We are doing their work for them, as usual. Jihad is not Muslims fighting Christian or even True Jews (who believe in God).

Jihad is the lovers and worshipers of God against Satan!

But all of us are to stupid to realize this. We are self-loathing!

Arm yourselves for the coming Holocaust against the Gentile (Goyim) by the Zionist-Communist of Satin.

We shall all perish.

Jesus said that you can only worship one God, not money. The Rich shall not enter the Kingdom of God. As the Quran calles it,”A garden of figs, dates, and flowers with rivers flowing underneath.

We must not wait till it is to late, arm yourselves today, for we shall suffer a horrible death!

The world is watching this upcoming election, for the USA is one of the greatest world powers. The Satanic Zionist are trying to get our government to go to war with Russia. This must not happen. Putin is a Christin who expelled the Jews from Russia, for Russia suffered horribly at the hands of Atheist Communist (False-Jews).Over 40million Russian Christians were murdered by the servants of Satan. 11million Ukrainians died in 1932, thousand of Lebanese, Palestinians and Egyptians.

Israel wants to enslave use, our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations of Gentiles. If the USA doesn’t elect Donald Trump, we are doomed.

Laugh if you want, but I am old and will not suffer much, but my children will be enslaved by this scum of Satan!

Listen to Dr David Duke, for he has read the writings of the Satanic Zionist and their “Talmud”.

This is the most monumental time in Gentile history. If we loose, we are doomed!

Go to the website of David Irving, Kevin MacDonald and others.

The Holocaust is a lie perpetrated against White Christians to hate themselves. The murder of the Palestinians is proof of Satanic Zionist persecution.

Go to the website of Rabbi Weiss and learn how true Jews are persecuted by Satanic Zionist in their own country of Israel.

Look at what is happening in Gazza and the Ukraine.

Open your eyes!

Those who have spoken out against the New World Order, you shall be imprisoned, so live in fear, for our time shall come to an end.

If Hillary Clinton is elected we will be destroyed by Satanic Jews.
Muslims, Christians, and true Jews must unite against the Satanic Zionist and Atheist Communist.

I make this call to save the enemies if the foul demons of Satan. Atheist beware, for you may not believe but they won’t care.

Time to revolt against Satan and his worshipers on Earth!

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