Reporter Quits Journalism Over Muslim Death Threats


The volatile nature of the Middle Eastern male showed itself when Heidi Hemmat reported a story about a Muslim-owned business that was ripping off customers.

USA Today

A Denver TV reporter has quit journalism after she says her life was threatened by the subject of one of her stories and her bosses failed to take it seriously, Mediaite reports. Heidi Hemmat was an award-winning investigative journalist with a focus on business fraud for KDVR. In February 2015, her investigation led to fraud charges against a local business owner. According to Raw Story, Muhammed Murib of AAAA TV Electronics Repair and Vacuum started harassing and threatening Hemmat. Then it got worse. In a blog post revealing what happened, Hemmat says she got a call from Murib’s therapist—under an exception to HIPAA laws that allows health providers to violate patient privacy when the patient “presents a serious and imminent threat of harm.”

Hemmat says her boss at KDVR balked at the cost of providing security for her, saying, “If he was going to kill you, he would have done it by now.” Hemmat took out restraining orders against Murib, who was required to wear an ankle monitor. “But my sense of safety was gone—and the way I viewed my job forever changed,” Hemmat writes. “I couldn’t keep ambushing people who did bad things to other people…My physical and mental health were unraveling.” Meanwhile, Hemmat says her boss treated her like she was “overreacting” and characterized Murib’s actions as a “temper tantrum.” Finally, Hemmat quit. But despite the end of her journalism career and fear for her own life, Hemmat says she has found a reason to be thankful in her husband and young children.

Her supervisors should have never given a dangerous job like hers to a woman reporter. For that matter, the job shouldn’t be given to a small, weak male either. Some jobs require an aggressive, hard-nosed personality, with a physique to match.

Ratings are everything in TV. If Heidi was popular the station should have considered giving her lighter assignment, like covering PTA bake sales or whatever.

But that’s avoiding what should be the point here. Which is that the Muslim should not have been in the USA to begin with. And why hasn’t he been deported.

There’s no need for white women to be subjected to the curses and threats of Muslims, who contribute little or nothing to the country.

3 thoughts on “Reporter Quits Journalism Over Muslim Death Threats

  1. “a story about a Muslim-owned business that was ripping off customers.”
    That would be all of them I think. Plus certain other nationalities, near the Mediterranean. Joos for example, Lebs.
    The same oily dark people, who are often what I call Wogs, are big on insurance scams and fake claims for back injuries and the like. This highly profitable injury is known as “Mediterranean Back”.

    Re this crook, why was he not caught by Govt inspectors? Catching a wog cheating is pretty easy. Take in a good vacuum cleaner with just a blown fuse. All those wogs (and whites) who charge $200 are crooks and should be charged with fraud or get their license revoked. Doing a job like this would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe the inspectors take bribes from crooks??? These days the inspectors are also likely to be non white, like many/most spongers working for a Government. This is a trend I have feared for may years. What happens when the food inspector is not white when he finds a restaurant full of botulism or similar nasties? The non white person will often take a bribe to say nothing. Thus a country goes downhill towards the Third World standard these creeps came from.

    Note this story where a good white person is punished. The evil criminal Muslim is not punished. Why is he not in jail? All this girl did wrong was to tell the truth.

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