Muslim State TV Shows Women How to Hide Domestic Abuse

An inside look at life for women in a North African Muslim country was exposed on TV when a woman’s show featured a segment on how to cover up bruises on your face so that no one would know your husband was beating you.

The country is Morocco. In response to criticism, the TV station has apologized for normalizing domestic violence.

A state television channel in Morocco has apologised after airing a tutorial advising women how to conceal bruise from domestic violence .

The how-to guide appeared to treat assault of wives as a normal part of daily life in the African country.

The host is said to discuss the best make-up brands for “heavy coverage”.

“We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life,” the host said in the video.

“Make sure to use loose powder to fix the makeup so if you have to work throughout the day, the bruises don’t show.”

The segment appeared on a women’s daily show on November 23.

However, the website reports the piece attracted criticism for the way it normalises assault and sent a message to women to simply cover it up.

The channel, 2M, later apologised and took down the footage from the internet.

“The management believes that this section is completely inappropriate and was an editorial error of judgement, in view of the sensitivity and the gravity of the subject of violence against women,” the channel said on Facebook.

“This approach is a complete contradiction with the editorial line of the channel.”

“The channel offers its sincerest apologies for this error of judgement.”

There are at least two issues with Muslims in the West.

The first is that although their complexions are sometimes light, they are not white people. They do not possess the genes that created Western civilization.

The second is that aside from looking different from Europeans, they act very differently as well. Their culture suits them. That culture includes a toxic, hair-trigger propensity to violence.

They are not white. They will never assimilate in the West.

The West does not need them. They seem to need the West though, as their invasion continues, much to the growing dismay of those Europeans who are awake to danger.


5 thoughts on “Muslim State TV Shows Women How to Hide Domestic Abuse

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  2. This is appalling! I’m not a radical feminist however I don’t believe me should physically abuse women or visa versa. Teaching them how to camouflage the bruises with cosmetics doesn’t change a thing. Simply sends the message that physical abuse is acceptable. “Beat me my dear husband because I have learned the wonders of makeup”.

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