Edeka’s Classic 2015 Christmas Ad is Worth a Look this Year (Have Kleenex Ready)

Warning: You just might get in touch with buried feelings after watching this acclaimed Christmas ad. It has over 52 million views.

8 thoughts on “Edeka’s Classic 2015 Christmas Ad is Worth a Look this Year (Have Kleenex Ready)

  1. This fits me to a T. Last year I didn’t even put up a tree (first time ever). As they say ~ it is what it is. And my son only lives 35 miles away.

  2. The old guy has money. So why do his his loving inheritors ignore him? Do they want the cats home to get the lot?
    How could they make this ad if the old guy was destitute? In that case, nobody gives a damn including close relatives. When you have no money, then you find out who really loves you.
    One person is enough. Zero is a hard row to hoe.
    Actually truth is nobody loves that old guy in the ad. They only go to his funeral for appearances sake. And it might help their court case contesting the old buggers Will. Lonely old men are as popular as bacon at a Bar Mitzvah.

  3. Plenty of my relatives ignore me year in and year out, but will go to my funeral as required by custom. My political views do not help. These relatives are mostly PC left as indoctrinated for a lifetime. All those years of (((hippie))) crap. Ironically my parents were both Conservative. Only poor people, blue collar workers and Jews voted left when I was a child.

  4. Edeka started in 1898 in Hamburg, the largest supermarket company in Germany. I see it hasn’t been forced to go multicultural by the Marxist media and doesn’t want to. It’s obvious it’s targeting White Christian families at Christmas. Imagine the backlash an ad like this in the U.S. would cause. It wouldn’t pass the (((National Association of White Haters))) without adding a black male and mixed kids?

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