CNN Slants Voter Fraud Story to Make Donald Trump Look Like A Deranged Liar


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Trump falsely claims ‘millions of people who voted illegally’ cost him popular vote

(CNN)President-elect Donald Trump alleged Sunday, without evidence, that “millions of people” voted illegally for Hillary Clinton and otherwise he would have won the popular vote. It’s an unprecedented allegation by a president-elect.

Trump won the Electoral College and thus the White House, but the Democratic nominee leads him in the popular vote by about two million ballots.

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump tweeted.

“It would have been much easier for me to win the so-called popular vote than the Electoral College in that I would only campaign in 3 or 4- states instead of the 15 states that I visited. I would have won even more easily and convincingly (but smaller states are forgotten)!” he added.

This is the first time he has alleged voter fraud in his own victory and there is no evidence of any widespread voter fraud.

Trump could be referencing a series of fake stories on conspiracy websites that said he actually beat Clinton in the popular vote count. Trump’s transition team did not return requests for comment Sunday afternoon.

He later added: “Serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California – so why isn’t the media reporting on this? Serious bias – big problem!”

There is evidence enough that Trump is justified in making the statements that have CNN in a snit:

1. President Obama urged illegal immigrants to vote for Hillary Clinton.

2. A series of James O’Keefe videos (Project Veritas) caught Democrat operatives bragging about their abilities to engage in voter fraud. Robert Creamer, one such doofus, resigned following the release of one of O’Keefe’s videos.

3. There’s a long history of evidence that Democrats use voter fraud to win elections. Many believe that rigged voting by the Democrat machine in Chicago cost Richard Nixon the presidency in 1960, an election won by John F. Kennedy by a narrow margin. Democrat machine politics control most major American cities.

4. It’s loser Hillary Clinton demanding a recount of votes in states that she lost. If she doesn’t think there’s something wrong, then why’s she doing that?

Link to Wikipedia article on Electoral Fraud

Officially, there are 11 million illegals in the USA. Unofficially, that number is much higher. Why wouldn’t a significant fraction of them vote? Hell, they live in sanctuary cities. They have jobs. They pay few taxes. They get driver’s licenses. They receive welfare benefits.

Of course they voted. The burden of proof should be on CNN to prove Trump is wrong, rather than just imply he’s a kook and/or a liar.

11 thoughts on “CNN Slants Voter Fraud Story to Make Donald Trump Look Like A Deranged Liar

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  2. When D J Trump met B Hussein O, the vids shown were <15% slower than normal. This made Trumps talks seem tired and movements slower, [older?].
    [John Oats told Jeff Rense during 'reverse-speech' disclosures].

    CNN has sponsors = avoid these Cos.

    • They won’t steal anything, this is just distraction and divisive tactics. Pizzagate is real and yet it gets no coverage, just the (((Jill Stein))) nonsense. Don’t forget there controlled opposition sites out there that make out like they are “down with the cause” but are just paid shills. Trump won fair and square and (((Stein))) is running a scam, people are already asking for their money back, most of the money came from people like Sorros evidenced by regular large sum payments on her payment site. It’s a scam and a distraction, nothing more, I wouldn’t worry.

  3. ” Trump’s transition team did not return requests for comment Sunday afternoon.Ha! Nor will he respond to you lying bastards in the future unless he specifically wants to use you to get something out to your pathetic diminishing by the second audience. Trump is using Twitter and You Tube to bypass the media, they are irrelevant and they know it. All they can do is double down as they have zero credibility and little hope of ever regaining it short of firing every current staff member. Do not believe a single thing the media put out, they have an agenda and are totally biased against Trump, if you must listen to them remember they are proven liars and are all working to make your life worse and their’s better, fact check everything you are interested in with other more reputable sites.

  4. Trump should take them on and promise a thorough investigation into the electoral system, prison for those that have cheated and reform in time for the next election.

    It was Hillary who tried to coerce Trump into accepting the result of the election. Seems she was happy about things then.

  5. Trump had no competitors. He has 100% of the Legal Voters’ Votes, worldwide. 90+% of the population of this world are all illegal immigrants (2 Kings 19:35 & Rev 14:11). So, let’s execute “the obamanation of desolation” and its husband, and “move on to higher ground”!!! Ready?

  6. I live in San Diego. By state law they can’t ask for *ANY* ID when you vote in CA. I could have voted for Trump at least SIX times if I was so inclined.

    There are 22 other states with the same laws.

    11 million illegal aliens? Bullshit. That number has been the same since 1965. The way they breed it’s probably 40-45 million, not counting the brown hoards that have come here since.

    11 million? There are at least that many just in Mexifornia.

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