Andrew Anglin Weighs in on Fatal Shooting of Good Samaritan by Attacking Women


Isidro Zarate, the man that Andrew Anglin refers to as a “white knight,” died when he intervened in a male on female assault taking place in a San Antonio Walmart.

Zarate’s last and only words were “Take your hands off her.” He was then shot.

You can read Zarate’s tragic story here.

Two female innocent bystanders were also injured as the gunman fired wildly in the Walmart parking lot.

I’ve been in this Walmart many times. It’s in a Mexican area of town where often I’m the only white person around.

More details on the crime can be read at My San Antonio.

I would not be writing this post since it’s Mexican on Mexican violence except for the fact that the Daily Stormer covered it. Here’s how Andrew Anglin, writing for the Daily Stormer, begins:

I tell you all: do not be white knights.

Despite what the Jewish media has told you, if you see a man involved in a dispute with a woman in a parking lot, it is not your duty to intervene.

You have no idea what is going on in such a situation, but you know one thing: whatever is going on, she deserves it. She deserves it either because she did something, or because she has made the decision to be with a man who beats her for no reason.


Whatever the case: it’s none of your business.

Let me praise Anglin for his advice to avoid intervening. It’s best to call the police in situations like Zarate found himself in.

I say that with some additional context, however.

Anglin, who is from Ohio, doesn’t understand Texas very well though. This is an open carry state, if I recall correctly. It’s also a state where acting as a Good Samaritan is part of the culture. It’s denigrating to refer to bold, manly altruistic white men as white knights.

Urban Dictionary

A white knight is defined as a male that treats woman as goddesses and does nothing but shower then in compliments on how wonderful and beautiful and special they are. Maybe be used as a noun or a verb.

Helping any person who is being beaten by a thug is not white knighting. Usually, the best way we can help is by calling the police. But some of us are big enough, athletic enough, and well enough armed to risk an intervention. Some white men enjoy the thrill of battle.

Perhaps Anglin’s size (he’s 5’4″ tall) influenced his advice.

He goes on:

Obviously, if a man is randomly attacking a woman, you should intervene. But that is not what this situation was. This was some white knight shoving his nose in a situation where a man was dealing with his wife/gf.

The problem is that we often don’t know if an attack is racial, random, or a case of domestic abuse. Thus, nothing is usually going to be obvious. Sometimes it’s not even obvious to the police who intervene and talk to both parties in a dispute involving a man and a woman.

This is the reality facing white women when there are black savages around.  This white woman is taking a beating from her black boyfriend.

Anglin continues, making some common sense points and some that make no sense to me:

We live in an insane society that tells us both that women are totally equal in every way to men, but they’re also pathetic little children who need adults to come and help them every moment.

It can’t be both.

It fact, it isn’t either.

Women are not equal to men and they are not capable of making adult decisions, generally. However, one decision that they are allowed to make – which society has always allowed them to make – is the decision to leave a man who is physically abusive. If you see a woman getting beat in a parking lot, there is pretty much zero chance that this is the first time the man has done this to her. And yet, there she is with him in the parking lot.

So whose fault is it?

Whose business is it?

It certainly is not yours, and it is thus your fault if you get shot for trying to make it your business.

Women are not equal to men? Well, I would put it differently. Women are complementary to men. It takes both men and women to build civilization. Many men want to father children and see their sons grow tall, strong, and successful, while watching their daughters grow up to be beautiful wives and mothers, married to a fine lad of a son-in-law.

It would be useful to a man to learn how his woman’s strengths complement his, in order to enrich his own life and see his family life prosper.

white woman with children

Anglin’s belief is that women are inferior to men. That’s like saying the tires on a car are inferior to the motor. You’re not going to go far without both. Likewise, women’s better qualities are needed, at least according to this old proverb: “Behind every great man there is a great woman.”

The old proverb is only partially true. There are some great men without women. However, a good man can be assisted to become great by the presence of a great woman.


I don’t agree with physically abusing women. Slapping they sometimes obviously deserve, but anything that is going to actually hurt them is obviously wrong, and I don’t think anyone anywhere really disagrees with that, besides I guess Moslems.

However, the fact is that some portion of women like getting beat-up. Or, to be more understanding of their situation, perhaps they like the other personality traits of a man who beats-up women, and thus will tolerate the beatings in order to get whatever real or perceived benefits go along with these beats.

Whatever the case, a woman involved with an abusive man is a willing participant in the situation and deserving of the sympathy of no one. The one exception would be the first time it happens. But that is going to be in private, I am 100% sure. Anyone who is beating a woman in a parking lot is doing that as part of a routine.

Okay. To be 100% fair here, so I don’t get accused of sexist misogyny: the other situation where it would be reasonable to view her as a victim is if the abusive bf/husband is threatening to kill her family members, or is in some other way holding her hostage (no an “emotional hostage” is not a valid thing). However, a woman saying “he’ll kill me if I leave” is just typical “feel sorry for me because of my own behavior” nonsense, generally.

That idea that women are always a “willing participant” in their abuse sticks in my craw. It’s an absurd claim on the face of it.

Let me flip the script on Anglin to prove my point.

I once had a male friend involved with a beautiful, statuesque blonde. She put her best foot forward early in the relationship. Everybody does.

To keep the story short, she turned out to be an alcoholic and a drug user. She was also violent. He tried to break it off with her. She guilt tripped him and so the situation continued for another year or two. Finally, he broke completely free.

Well, not completely. Every six months to a year she would show up at his front door, drunk and threatening to become violent. This went on for another ten years.


A lot of times troublemakers won’t go quietly away.

Anglin misjudges how easy it is for a woman to get rid of abusive male. He’s right that the rest of us should stay out of it as best we can. Still, there may come a time when Jack the Ripper is going to kill somebody unless you make your move.

Illustration Depicting Jack the Ripper Attacking a Woman

10 thoughts on “Andrew Anglin Weighs in on Fatal Shooting of Good Samaritan by Attacking Women

  1. Some women don’t leave abusive husbands because they can’t afford to go it alone. Haven’t developed skills to make enough money to support themselves, let alone kids. Child support is often difficult to get from ex-husbands. In states with “split down the middle” divorces, often the couple doesn’t have much to split.

    I know of a gal who moved to the U.S. from Canada, two years training as a Medical Laboratory Technician, but 4 year college graduate Medical Technologists were paid the same…low! At the time, before nurses went on strike, if I recall correctly in the 1990’s, hospitals took advantage of mostly female staff in these professions paying pathetically low salaries, no benefits other than 80% health insurance and no overtime, yet the large 1200 bed hospital I address below was…rich!

    Unions quickly appeared when nurses throughout the country began striking. Laboratory staff followed. Now, they are paid relatively well, still get 80% health insurance, but get pensions and overtime.

    This gal’s husband was physically abusive. The divorce “no fault.” There was little to split after being married only three years. She bought a house in the black section of the city saying she couldn’t get an apartment in a White area for less than the monthly payments for a house in a black area. She couldn’t afford a car so she chose a house about 1 1/2 miles and walked to the hospital; which was at the time mostly White staff and patients.

    You are right, Paladin. Most everyone is on their best behavior when dating. Then reality may set in shortly after marriage when you don’t recognize the person you married. There you are with rent or mortgage payments, furniture and car payments all in both of your names. If there is a divorce, you are still responsible for half of those payments. Then lawyers decide what is worth what, how it’s to be divided so both get equal value or everything must be sold and divided equally. Think about having had children. It’s a mess! If the wife hadn’t been working because she was home taking care of children, she had no skills to get a decent paying job. If she had been working, remember, many female jobs are notoriously low paying, she’d end up in poverty, as well.

    If both men and women were honest in their relationships before marriage, they might find the right mate. No more pretending they are someone they are not.

  2. The Daily Stormer is tripe. It attracts the Displaced “white males” and attempt to further displace. It condones violence and abuse against White women and normalizes it.

    I used to support the White Working Class, the primary target audience of the Stormer, but I have come to the conclusion the it is THE problem for the cause. Why? Because many of the MEN within it are corrupted to the core. Many back in the early 90’s refused to get educated or further themselves by going to school even though the economy was changing and monetary success deemed them to do so. It was fine for women to go to school and PAY for it, but not “the guys”. Then these women made more money and became more financially independent and this caused fear and resentment within a lot (not all) of these douches. Now most of these ‘lost boys’ are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction coupled with latent porn addiction and whatever else because they cannot find any women or the women that were within their reach cannot tolerate the negativity and abuse. Many of them are no better than the nogs. They hate “white” women moreso than the nogs and DieVersity.

    What were the women in Gen X et al (Millenials, some Boomers, etc.) to do as the economy changed? Not better themselves by going to school? Not make themselves marketable?

    Back in the bad old days teachers unionized. Other women united in neighborhoods via mothers’ groups etc. and in other job sectors. Working Class and Middle Class Women need to unite and fight against the violence against us that is skyrocketing and being made acceptable by POS’s such as Anglin and his ilk. We need to stop competing for men’s attention and fix ourselves by bettering ourselves. We need to focus on our kids and just having families with or without men and stop worrying about whether or not some guy wants to fuck us. Really, in the final analysis, who cares?

    I could care less if Trump wants to fuck me. Really.

    It is all well and good for low brow men to ‘unionize’ and act like complete azzzes and “be boyz”, but women are divided and conquered. Just look at what stupid women do to get just a GLANCE from males today. Inject their lips with stuff, put on fake bolt-ons, undergo surgeries. Fuck that really. For what? An overgrown pale “white man” who drinks his face off at bars and bitches about women all the time.

    The men in the White Working Class are THE problem. They look to Trump because he makes stupid statements like “grabbing” women “by the pussy”. Are these guys “gettin any’ now that the Trumpster is in office?

    Years back my car had a flat on the Beltway in DC. You know who stopped to help me? A group of Mexicans. I will not say that I am not racist at times or have not said racist things….everyone is a racist whether he or she admits it or not, but in the end game, just common decency should be shown. Most so-called White Men today are not decent. The whole institution of marriage in the USA is set up FOR MEN, which is why many women do not want to “go there today.”

    That man cited in this article was decent. I am sorry he is dead. It is a shame that many “of our own” would actually read and support what the idiots at the Stormer regarding “white women”. Many of the “white men” there have no problem with feminism because it is has enabled their mothers to work and make money. If they cannot get action or azzzzz, it is more than likely because of the attitude demonstrated by Anglin in this piece. And then they wonder why White Women are race mixing. Gee, maybe because our own hate us so much.

  3. “Andrew anglin” = a mongoloid-negroid, as the apache and other jews which genocided off Pure Adamites (Pure White People) see photo: [image: Image result for andrew anglin photos]

  4. It might be best to only get involved if a woman (or child, or man) cries for help. A woman being kidnapped would almost always do this unless a knife or gun is being used. In such a case note the registration number and call the police.
    The guy spoke to the man and instructed, gave orders “Let her go”. It may have been safer to say to the woman “Are you OK miss”? Still might of got shot, but less likely. Psychos do not like being told what to do. Police are very wary in all domestic violence situations. They also can get shot.

    The classic white knight and optimistic dreamer was Don Quixote. He rescues ten or more criminal scum from Government captivity, thinking the jailers are enchanters. He might just have got away with this, but Don insisted the prisoners travel with him and praise to her face his Lady Dulcinea (a pig herdess) as the most beautiful women in the world. So the ungrateful crims beat him and Sancho Panza up and steal all their possessions. These bad egg criminals were psychos just like the gunman at Walmart.
    “No good deed goes unpunished”.

    Even as a kid I thought the Good Samaritan story in the Bible was a dud. Those that walked past and left the man in the ditch were a lot wiser. The Samaritan might also have been beaten and robbed – maybe by the guy he was rescuing, who may have been beaten for a reason other than robbery.

    • Its a sometime trick among Australian Aboriginals here in our North to have one of them lie down on the side of the road with the others hiding nearby ready to jump out and rob/beat whoever stops to help. That’s where Good Samaritanism takes you these days.

  5. Abuse is a two way street and always has been. The story most of the “Little darling” types like to push about Women who are being beaten but are afraid to leave is pretty rare in the scheme of things. In many cases the women are the ones who actually start the physical violence until the men stop it by taking it to it’s final conclusion. I have literally witnessed women get into a fight with their husband/boyfriend, claim they were beaten and then tell the story an hour later to a bunch of women bragging about how they gave better than they got while the man is locked up somewhere.

    The old rules of never striking a woman and stepping in when you see a man doing so are long gone. They were social rules yes but they, like chivalry, were NOT a one way street but required the women to abide by rules as well which they walked away from years ago. Therefore if the women do not live by their rules we men do not have to live by ours. I think this is what many know over at the Stormer but do not understand how to put into words. Many brown and black men do not understand the rules ever were or ever changed and still attempt to follow them somewhat in hopes it will get them somewhere with the White Women. It often works especially with the greedy little princess types because those kind long for the one way street myth feminist have been feeding them.

    Let the lights go out for 15 minutes though and women everywhere will be begging for a return of the old ways.

    • This is part of a comment I found on the original article site………”IN my half century on this planet I have learned that there are women, many in fact, who either consciously or sub consciously seek to anger and frustrate men in order to arouse the passion in the men as this turns the women on. They are really mixed up creatures, they actually enjoy bringing out the beast in a man and then they enjoy seeking pity afterwards. This is simply a sort of Munchausen syndrome, with an added aspect of sexual excitement for the woman. Stay TF out of it guys.”

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