White Grandmother Accidentally Invited Black Teen to Thanksgiving Dinner

Grandma: “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”

Children and grandchildren: “Who?”

Grandma: “A Negro teen.”

Children and grandchildren: [crickets]

The “Reactions” as Yahoo now calls comments, were mostly positive, insanely so. However, a few race realists advised grandma to lock up her valuables.

To show you how foolish some people are, I’ve put a few of the comments after the story.


Thanksgiving dinner is traditionally a time reserved for family, but this Arizona teen enjoyed his in the company of strangers after a zealous grandmother accidentally invited him to her home via text.

When Wanda Dench, a white woman, texted her grandson to invite him and his girlfriend to her feast, she accidentally texted Jamal Hinton, 17, who is black.

Despite the mistake, she didn’t rescind the invitation, and insisted Hinton show up anyway.

“I’d never seen her before, and she welcomed me into her home,” Hinton said in an interview with KNXV. “That shows me how great of a person she is. I’m thankful for people like that. “

As Dench welcomed her guests to her home, she also welcomed Hinton, whom she met for the first time, with open arms.

The mismatched encounter came to be after Dench sent a text invitation to Thanksgiving dinner to the wrong number.

When they realized they were complete strangers, Hilton said: “Can I still get a plate tho?”

“Of course you can,” she wrote back. “That’s what grandmas do… feed everyone.”

Sample cmments on Yahoo:

I love this story 🙂

That is a sweet story. I hope they keep in touch.

AWESOME, People are just People !

Way to end racism! While I look at the scenario and see a stranger accidentally invited to dinner, the author of this article found it more stunning that a white person would invite a black person to dinner. Thanks for making whites the bad guy again.

Now that’s a great story, I wish the news wld publish more stories like this, we’d be a more happier america this way and not be so divided..

I am an old white grandpa and I think that this should be going on all across our country. We are all brothers and sisters regardless of skin color. Color is what makes it all so beautiful.

Granny should have locked up all the valuables before having the THUG step
into the house. She should keep the Red Dot of the Gun on the THUG
When he is in the house just as an insurance policy. You can’t trust these THUGS especially since it is Black Friday.

This is when the Majority of these THUGS do their Christmas shoplifting for Christmas.

I sure hope poor old Granny still has the Red Dot on the THUG…..maybe she let the THUG have it…..hope she did one less THUG is a good thing…….

That last comment drew 11 strong rebukes from the sentimental, self-deluded ones who read the story.

5 thoughts on “White Grandmother Accidentally Invited Black Teen to Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Not Dench = DENSE.
    Cover half his face and look at it with your opposite eye. His left/ your right.
    His eyes/ mouth = this ain’t no laughing boy.
    Maybe, this mongrel has a bit of Mex mix = cheekbones/ nose tip/ upper lip.

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