RamZpaul Gives Up Alt-Right Label, Calls Daily Stormer ADL-Controlled Opposition

The demonization of the alt-right over the “Nazi salute” at last Saturday’s NPI Conference has been much in the news. Donald Trump disavowed the alt-right because of it.

Ramzpaul suggests that we who hold to a white identity and oppose immigration and globalism just call ourselves the right. He also expresses his belief that the alt-right brand has been damaged, so why stick with a brand name that is now held in disrepute.

He also expresses his belief that the Daily Stormer is a controlled-opposition website, funded by the Anti-Defamation League, and that a group of people, not just Andrew Anglin, is producing material for that site.

I have to add that some people believe that Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, et. al. are also controlled opposition. I’m also aware that many people know that Ramzpaul is a Jew and believe him to be controlled opposition.

The youtube comments on this video show an alt-right movement at odds with itself. Some are calling Ramzpaul a cuck. Others have a more positive view toward his words.

Reading through a significant fraction of the comments, I think too many people don’t understand the following:

1. We can and should hold to our belief system. Call it identity or White Nationalism or whatever, Ramzpaul is NOT saying that we should change our beliefs because of the NPI incident. Some people seem to think that’s what he’s saying.

2. We should want our movement to grow in numbers and grow in passion. There is strength in numbers. Right now, we are a fringe movement, like the Tea Party was a few years ago. The Tea Party was crushed by the MSM and the Republican establishment. We don’t want our movement to shrink in size, but to EXPLODE in popularity as people understand it better.

3. How to give our belief system a name is proving problematic since the (((MSM))) is going to slander us no matter what we call ourselves. At the current moment I don’t have an answer to this issue. What I know is that what we want, as noted by Ramzpaul, is a basic human right. We have the moral high ground in demanding that right.

4. You can call decent, everyday people by the insulting name “normies” all you want, but unless more of these decent folks understand and subscribe to our belief set, then we’re going nowhere. Recall that Donald Trump never declared himself alt-right in a rally. He expressed a nonracist, nationalist view focused on jobs and wages.

5. David Duke (also accused of being controlled-opposition) is our best role model in my opinion. The media has spent 40 years slandering him, so he’s damaged. But that doesn’t change the fact that his message is a truthful one and that it’s delivered without hate, anger, or bitterness. In a nutshell, Duke’s message is that European-Americans deserve the same rights as other ethnic groups. That’s the right way to push out our message.

6. Fact: Hitler and Nazi stuff are a hard sell. Duke avoids it. That’s why. I avoid it too, although once in a while, just to exercise my right to push back against the lies told about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, I’ll post something “Nazi” related in order to reveal a concealed truth.


We might disagree about how to best grow our movement so that we can achieve our goals. Everyone should think carefully about the issue. Donald Trump was not the goal. He was the means to furthering our end. He’s now disavowed us, although not enthusiastically enough for the leftist press.

As for me, I can assure everyone that I’m not controlled opposition. I like to think of myself as the wise elder who sometimes has to rein in the young hotheads. As my mother told me, “You can attract my flies with honey than with vinegar.” It’s a truism that has been passed down for generations. Let’s use kindness and inspiration to get what we want rather than unkindness and repulsive ideas.

15 thoughts on “RamZpaul Gives Up Alt-Right Label, Calls Daily Stormer ADL-Controlled Opposition

  1. The alt-right was never meant as an extremists group like they are making it out to be. It was basically a bunch of Whites who were race aware or becoming race aware, but they weren’t far right. Most are people who don’t want to be called racist and have non-white friends etc. The problem is it has been heavily infiltrated by Jews etc. When you see non-whites and Jews giving Hitler salutes they are doing it to make the so-called alt right look bad.

      • Yes, as stated in an earlier post, those were Jews and Tila the Gook porn star doing the Roman salute, probably along with a few white “Nazis.” The (((media))) lied and blew it out of proportion to what it was.

  2. So some random dudes put their arm up in the air- yawn- and? That means what exactly? That we’re all gonna die? I don’t care for that aesthetic much either (it’s just not a good fit for America, aesthetically), but whatever, so what.

    Some more arms in the air:

    When hysteria breaks out over that, then and only then should we even consider getting butthurt over this.

    • I really could care less about this. I am all about Black Power as long as they do their Black Power in their space and without harassing me or mine when I do my Germanic slav or Nord power. Or hey pu$$y power!

      When Dylan Storm Roof shot up the blacks in the church, it was an attack against Christ Insanity’s bullshit ideal that we must all live next to one another and like one another. More bullshit

      As far as anyone doing the Sieg Heil, who gives two shytes? Don’t give it air play? Gawd you could tell those dudes are Jooz a mile away and if I would see that shyte I would laugh my azzzzz off.

      Anyway, Ramz Paul fux gook poon so he talks some talk but his dick does not do the walk. Who cares what the hell he says. Moving on…..

  3. Bravo, PJ. I call ourselves the White Right. It’s about the White Race, nothing else. I also think we should stop using the term NAZI, which is a jew inventive term to demonize Hitler. The correct term is National Socialist German Workers’ Party or NSDAP.

    • The Hitler and NAZI yardsticks used to beat on the Right are not the real deal anyway, they are the phony (((Hollywood))) portrayal.

  4. I lost respect for Ramz about a year ago, and I haven’t watched anything of his since. Other groups attack us, yet we are not allowed to attack back. We are not allowed to be confident, abrasive, emotional, etc., yet other groups do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY PLEASE!!

    This guy will never be anything but an Andy Rooney type of satirist, whose real interest is to remain relevant for his own selfish gratitude. I wouldn’t give him any face time here, Paladin.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. Ram z paul is for fucking gook girls. I do not give two shytes about what he says because his dick does not walk the walk.

  6. Oh wise up man. Nazis are just White people who love their race. The only problem with Hitler was he was too nice. He should have rounded up this scum and burned them alive. World War II might never have happened if he was more pro-active and aggressive in hunting down and wiping out his enemies. Letting them walk is how they infested America and England and started this nightmare. No more. This time it ends. Two can play this Genocide Game. I play it far better than they do.

  7. Donald Trump disavowing the Alt Right is the right alternative for him.
    The whole Alt Right stuff is becoming confusing to those on the sidelines who could/might join except for the thoughtless 17 year olds who know nothing about the Third Rich, but do know that they need self discipline and a cause to believe in and a father figure to direct them out of their low self esteem. To have a family and St Adolph to lead them.
    (((MSM))) laches onto this weakness and controls the rhetoric.
    The old guard is now a rocking-chair battalion. Thanks to them this movement is keeping on and with Donald blowing his Trumpet, the young bucks are milling about ready to receive orders. But, who’s in charge of what?
    (((MSM))) laches onto this weakness and chooses words carefully.
    The Alt Right is most definitely infiltrated with Jews, (((CIA))), and queers and perverts, (((Milo Y))), and Jew run agent provocateurs. J Taylor has a Jew family, Anglin has long been suspected of being controlled opposition, [CIA]. Who is (((Evalion))), already?
    J Derbyshire of vdare, has an Asian wife, and has professed sympathy for Jews.
    It’s fracturing, this movement, as per Jew. Good for the Donald to shuck it.
    The Young Right needs the Old Right, like strength needs cunning.
    Change the rhetoric. Challenge the Jews to a battle of words. Really, one word.
    NATIONALISM. = White European Race has NATIONALISM. It’s theirs by inheritance.
    It is what Jews don’t have. Parasites have nowhere to live, except on the strongest Goyim. Nationalism frightens Jews, because they belong nowhere
    (((MSM))) is ALWAYS anti NATION building, and always narrates the story to destroy NATIONHOOD.
    ‘Trump’ is the excuse needed by White People to change the story to suit themselves.
    To dump Hollywood History and to point out the Jew who writes the lies. Trump did it. He told the Jew (((MSM))) that they are liars. No matter what game Trump is playing, Now! is the time for White People to live their own lives.

  8. Nationalism is the answer to the Jewish Question and to our POC problem. Regards RamzPaul, he started to become a popular minor celebrity (invited to speak at forums etc), and I would be a flow of shekels. Sure do not want any “controversy” to interfere with celebrity and shekels.

  9. Nationalism is the answer to the Jewish Question and to our POC problem. Regards RamzPaul, he started to become a popular minor celebrity (invited to speak at forums etc), and I am sure there was also a flow of shekels. Sure do not want any “controversy” to interfere with celebrity and shekels.
    (I had to re-post this comment. I mangled the first one.)

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