BLM Terrorists Try to Shut Down Christmas in Seattle

F*ck it. Nice people can’t even enjoy a Christmas tree lighting ceremony without some large group of blacks trying to stop it while screaming “racism.”

This has got to stop.

Seattle Times

A massive crowd participated in a peaceful protest during the third annual Black Lives Matter demonstration on Friday, meandering through downtown and South Lake Union before dispersing from Westlake Avenue and Mercer Street.

Seattle police officers, riding bicycles and wearing body armor, kept pace with protesters while others stood watch outside downtown stores. No arrests had been made by the time the protest ended around 5 p.m., and police reported no issues at the tree-lighting ceremony downtown, said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.

Demonstrators briefly pushed their way into Zara, a clothing store at Westlake Center, and once inside chanted, “Black Lives Matter, not Black Friday.” Though security guards at first attempted to close the doors, they seemingly gave up and the protesters walked in, then back out, then sat in the middle of Pine Street and Fifth Avenue.

The Seattle protest echoed similar events around the country on the day shoppers celebrate with bargains. Demonstrators seemed galvanized this year by Donald Trump’s election.

One protester, Adriane Ferguson, who is biracial and a Seattle native, said of encountering racism in this city, “We’re very liberal, but it’s here. Now, it’s more hidden, but it’s also in your face.” She continued: “It’s not cool for people who are racist to show it. They mask it, but it’s alive and well. I have a feeling it’s going to get worse, and I hate to say it.”

In Chicago, a crowd of hundreds with similar messages attempted to block access to stores in the city’s “Magnificent Mile” shopping district. An online flier for that demonstration read, “The struggle to stop Trump and the struggle against police crimes are both struggles against racism.”

On the campaign trail, the president-elect offered few suggestions that would change policing or improve relations between communities of color and law enforcement. He also criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for what he described as its incitement of violence against police in some cases.

“And it’s a very divisive term because all lives matter,” Trump said before his election. “It’s a very, very divisive term.”

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