White Woman Explains Why She Sent her Daughter to 98 Percent Black School


Mykenzie Free’s mother, Linda, is one of the most foolish women ever featured on this site. And we’ve had some doozies before.

Not even the most liberal of liberal anti-racists send their children to black schools. In my opinion, the mother of this school girl is guilty of child abuse.


In Orangeburg, South Carolina, white kids don’t go to school with black kids.

More than half a century has passed since American schools were officially integrated, but in Orangeburg there are two schools: Orangeburg Prep (OP), which is 95% white, and Orangeburg-Wilkinson (OW), which is 98% African-American.

Among the 2% at OW is Mykenzie Free. She moved last year from OP.

BBC Three followed her move to OW in new documentary, American High School.

For both Mykenzie and her mother, Linda, their unusual decision was about trying to make a difference.

Among the town of 90,000 inhabitants, Linda is a prominent figure. “I’m always doing these speeches about how Orangeburg should be more united,” she says.

Mykenzie’s mom, Linda

Mykenzie started telling her mother they should practice what they were preaching, and became really serious about moving schools about a year before it actually happened.

“It was only when Mykenzie kept badgering me that it dawned on me – maybe I should be part of the solution, rather than the problem.”

The problem is the area’s ongoing racial divide, which goes way beyond the school halls.

One of the students describes the divide: “The town is split in half. On one side, that’s the hood. But if you live on the other side, they come pick your trash up and everything.”

Linda says, “We were raised in a society that had a lot of racism. Even if that was another generation, I feel like that’s still deeply embedded in us.

“It’s 2016 and we still feel that way deep down inside, whether we want to admit it or not.”

Linda backed her daughter’s desire to move schools completely, hoping their example would challenge the town’s status quo.

Mykenzie and her mum, Linda

“I know there are parents in this city that need government assistance just to pay their bills,” she tells me. “All just so they can send their kids to a private, segregated school. That’s so sad.”

But, she says,“When I enrolled Mykenzie in OW, I had friends come up to me and ask, ‘what in the world are you doing – have you lost your mind?’”

Even Mykenzie’s stepfather had his misgivings (her real father had never been in her life).

“My husband wasn’t too keen on the idea at first. But he came around.”

Linda admits, “I did have concerns, too. I really had to face myself, realising I was worried she might be treated differently as a minority, or that she just wouldn’t fit in and be part of the culture.”

Mykenzie settled into OW and made friends easily. But being one of the few white faces in the school meant she stuck out.

In American High School we see her being stared at in the canteen. “It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me,” she says.

At one point, she angrily tells the camera, “It isn’t someone’s skin colour that makes them who they are. It’s about how they act and how they carry themselves and their morals and values.”

It’s an intriguing moment. Is she objecting to the prejudice faced by African-Americans? Or is she angry at being treated differently herself, as part of a white minority? It’s hard to say.

When Mykenzie turns 16 she throws a party, inviting her friends from OW as well as her (white) family members. It makes for excruciating viewing.

“That was a nightmare from start to finish,” says Linda. “I love my family dearly but they are – what you would say here – rednecks. Redneck country boys.”

A phone goes missing and Mykenzie’s aunt accuses the OW kids of stealing it.

Then Mykenzie’s uncle Jodie busts them smoking marijuana and pulls a gun on them.

“He was very upset,” Linda says.

“Jodie and I spoke about this afterwards. He should have allowed me to handle that. It’s my home.”

Linda describes Mykenzie as “mature beyond her years and not afraid to stand up for her beliefs”.

“I wish more people could be like her. She doesn’t beat to the normal rhythm of society. She beats to her own little drum. And her little drum sees the good in every situation. I don’t think a lot of us do that any more”.

Linda blames her own generation for perpetuating racial divisions in their community.

“Kids will always find a way to get on,” she explains.

“Before we started this, I thought it was going to be the kids that were going to be cruel to each other. But you realise it’s not – it’s the parents.”

As one of the OP girls puts it in American High School, “I don’t think my parents would like it if I had a black boyfriend, because they were born in a different time. But I don’t think it should be that way”.

Enrolling Mykenzie for a second year at OW, Linda hoped to see other students from OP that had followed their example. But there were none.

She has no regrets, though.

“As I say to Mykenzie, we can lay our head down on our pillows at night with a good conscience, knowing we did the right thing. And that means everything”.

Putting your child in danger is not doing the right thing. It’s insane. How many of the white farmers in South Africa would love the chance to tell Linda what happens to whites when whites are the minority. Pardon my posting the graphic image below, but it expresses the truth of what happens to whites when blacks reign supreme.

south africa genocide3

I think we’ll be reading about Linda and Mykenzie in the future. Their obituaries. The trial of their black killers.

Someone should show mom the facts of the Channon Christian and Chris Newsome murders.

channon and chris n

But even if this family avoids murder, does mom not realize that the AVERAGE black IQ is 15 points lower than the AVERAGE white IQ? Why would a mother want to insert her daughter into a group of creatures whose intelligence is so low as to stunt her daughter’s intellectual growth.

In a future American ethnostate, mom Linda would be tried for child abuse. Sacrificing yourself for your silly egalitarianism is one thing. But throwing your child to the wolves is another.

16 thoughts on “White Woman Explains Why She Sent her Daughter to 98 Percent Black School

  1. Wow, just ‘wow.’ Folks, clearly an overwhelming majority of the ladies have a serious lack of decision making skills- an extremely dangerous and foolish lack. Can we survive another half-century of this? Women (especially White) do not seem to take the world very seriously and view it instead as some unreal laboratory. Those you get it are great, but most do not and it has really gone on long enough. Let’s all admit this truth, it has been a failure. I don’t care if I ‘make the white girls angry.’

      • He doesn’t want to ‘make the white girls angry’ apparently. How long would he be in that house if he opposed this plan? I don’t mean to excuse this guy, but he is ultimately powerless. This woman appears very headstrong and determined to go through with this, any opposition would land him a nice divorce. Plus, that isn’t his kid anyway, so there might be some of the old “you’re not the father, you can’t tell anyone what to do” type of thing. Just speculating.

  2. “Mom” looks batshit crazy to me. Probably wants her daughter to breed with one of these negroes to get a little mulatto grandchild.

  3. “mykenzie” is maybe 1/2 white or light-skinned devil (j.e.w.) and the rest of her is negroid / mongoloid (“mom” is Ps 58:3, 100%):

  4. The poor daughter’s name is already a black bastardized scrabble name. I guess we can tick off this white girl’s genes from the Caucasian gene pool.

  5. “No good deed goes unpunished”.
    This will end in rape, beating and maybe murder of the young victim of this child abuse and brainwashing by a crazy mother. She reminds me of the mother of Barrack Hussein O’Bumster.

    “The town is split in half. On one side, that’s the hood. But if you live on the other side, they come pick your trash up and everything.”
    Pick up everything is right, often using guns to do so. The only thing black men give to white women is mulatto babies and sexual diseases. And a bashing now and again.

    I wish all white women would be forced to look at photos like that machete work done to a South African white woman. Fantasy and reality rarely match. Maybe never.

  6. “(her real father had never been in her life).”
    Deadbeat dad = single mother = bad upbringing for the victim child (in most cases).

  7. It’s either on of two reasons why she’s sending her offspring to a 98% black “school”.
    One, big fish in a small pond, she will get better grades even if she’s a dumb white as she will be miles smarter than the idiot blacks. Two, her mother is completely insane and should be institutionalised forever as she is a danger to herself and those around her.

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